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Rendeevoo Dating App Eliminates Small Talk And Goes Straight To Cocktails!

Are you on a dating app? Of course you are – who isn’t nowadays?! Do you find the back and forth exchange of messages tedious and deem it a waste of your precious time? You’d rather be having the conversation face to face with a cocktail for company than with a screen? If your answer is ‘yes’ to the above questions, then this brand new dating app, Rendeevoo, is just for you.

Rendeevoo dating app is a London-based startup product which aims to do away with the tediousness of small talk and cut straight to a cocktail date.

rendeevoo dating app home page

Rendeevoo dating app home page

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Touting itself as an ‘Uber for real life dates,’ Rendeevoo helps set up a date quite quickly. A new user signs up using their Facebook account which automatically fills in the necessary fields like age, gender, and other profile details along with their photographs. You browse through the profiles that the app coughs up, and if you find someone interesting, you can place ‘an order,’ just like you would on any e-commerce website. One difference is that you also select when and where you want to date to take place and then you pay for it. Oh, and your card details are taken initially when you sign up. When they say ‘pay for it,’ they pay specifically for one drink at one of the handful of bars in East London that Rendeevoo has partnered with so far.

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If the prospective date also pays for his/her own drink, then the date is confirmed. And only once the date is confirmed, will your card be charged for your drink. But this confirmation isn’t foolproof, for either one of you can cancel the date up to 30 minutes before without any penalties. So there’s a 50-50 chance of you being stood up.

rendeevoo dating app page showing a user profile

Rendeevoo dating app page showing a user profile

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Co-founder George Christoforakis said that he came up with the idea for Rendeevoo back in 2011, that is pre-Tinder, after signing up for a dating site for the first time.

“We want to allow people to enjoy their real life instead of wasting time in front of their screens chatting with others asynchronously,” he said.

Further, he added,

“I quickly realized that asynchronous communications is an obstacle to the ones who prefer to know someone in person rather than through their screen. I also faced the usual threats that exist in such environments, like fake profiles and spammers/scammers, and started questioning the ethics of these big dating providers whose business models highlight a paradox: they promise to match me with the person of my dreams, but they earn money if I don’t.”

rendeevoo dating app page showing a potential date set up

Rendeevoo dating app page showing a potential date set up

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This quick setting up of dates without any screening and/or conversations other than how their photos and profile appeals to you is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re the type that rates a potential date on their grammar and spelling skills, their lol-speak, or what they talk about, then Rendeevoo is definitely not for you. You’d rather ‘waste’ your time getting to know them – at least to some extent – before agreeing to meet with them, then find some other dating app. Because if the chat seems uninteresting or turns ugly, you can always ignore/block that person and never have to see them again. But if you’re stuck with a moron on a date at a bar, it’s hard to make a quick exit in person. Plus, if you continue to use the Rendeevoo dating app, then your chances of running into one of your prior bad dates is pretty high seeing as only 5 bars have partnered with Rendeevoo till now.

rendeevoo dating app page showing a male user setting up a date

Rendeevoo dating app page showing a male user setting up a date

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The app soft launched in April 2014, but only officially launched in beta just last month, with East London as its target area. When asked who the Rendeevoo dating app is for, Christoforakis said,

“Our main user is not particularly male or female, straight or not. Of course the value proposition addresses more male users’ needs, but there is an increasing number of female users who find our product as a great solution to their socializing needs.”

rendeevoo dating app page showing a male user's paid date

Rendeevoo dating app page showing a male user’s paid date

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He further added,

“A busy young professional, irrespectively of their sex or sexuality, will find Rendeevoo as a great choice for a cheeky drink with someone new. We enforce that perception by not promising a great ‘match.’ We limit our expertise to the overall experience that is a convenient way to meet someone at a great place today. Even if there’s little chemistry between two users, they still had a great time at our partnering bars enjoying a tasty cocktail.”

With about 1,200 users signed up so far, only 13 Rendeevoo dates have happened so far, per TechCrunch. The app obviously hopes to sign up more bars, but it might take off only if this straight-to-cocktail dating appeals to more people though.

Good luck!

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Rendeevoo Dating App Eliminates Small Talk Cuts To Cocktails
Rendeevoo dating app cuts the small talk and goes straight to cocktail dates! Here's a look at how exactly it works.
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