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8 telltale signs that your husband is not interested in you anymore

Let’s face it – any relationship tends to wither after a point of time. It happens when people stay long enough with each other to get bored of their quips and antics. Generally, after some time into a relationship, a couple tends to grow distant; some of them like each other enough to resolve their problems so they can prevent the eventual falling out, while others just grow indifferent towards their partner. This indifference can be the result of him diverting his attention and affection to someone else, or just plain boredom. In any case, you have good reason to worry, and it would be best for you to at least try to set things right before it is too late. Here are 8 telltale signs that your husband is not interested in you as he used to be during the early, rosy days of your marriage:

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1. He takes really, really long to respond

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So your better half is on a business trip, and you are missing him. You drop him a message with a simple Hey sweetheart, how are you? I miss you a lot’ – thinking that he would reply with an equal amount of warmth and affection. But contrary to your expectations, you get a lukewarm I am fine, take care’ after 12 long hours, or worse, no reply at all.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but this kind of indifference is not just a sign of lazy behavior, but is downright mean and rude. It means that the person does not love you enough to acknowledge your feelings and takes you for granted.

2. He is physically and emotionally distant from you

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How long has it been since you shared your last enjoyable, memorable, intimate moment? Well, have you noticed him growing apart from you physically as well as emotionally? Now there is hardly any physical contact, leave alone hot, stimulating sex. Even if you ignore the lust, there is hardly any emotional intimacy. He does not share his problems with you, and you get to know about his whereabouts through other people. Believe it or not, you have plenty of reasons to worry.

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3. He declines public displays of affection

Is he refusing to hold your hand in public? What exactly is he ashamed of now? While he may not be embarrassed to be seen with you in public, he may just simply be disinterested in showering you with love and affection in front of strangers. A major warning sign, dearie!

4. He rejects your ideas and suggestions in the rudest way possible

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I am not saying that he has to agree to whatever you say, but there is a certain way to express one’s disagreements. He can disagree with your ideas and still care about having a constructive discussion over the issue at hand. But if he disrespectfully disregards your perspective, without even taking into consideration your feelings and emotions, then it is a sure-shot sign that something is off.

5. He starts comparing you with other girls, especially his ex

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Well, you’re in a relationship, right? It bloody well means that he chose you over other girls who had come into his life before you. Then why is he comparing you with his ex-girlfriend, his best friend, or any girl for that matter? If he compares your characteristic traits, your behavior, or any part of your personality with another person, this could mean he is frustrated with you and may be falling out of love.

If he makes any comparisons to make you feel less worthy than you really are, this is a major red light.

6. He is spending more and more time with his friends

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Every relationship has to go through its ups and downs. While some couples stay firm even during these trying times and work hard to improve their relationship, some others just take their significant others for granted and tend to grow even more indifferent. If your husband is deliberately avoiding you to spend time with his buddies despite knowing you want his company, then it is a sign that his love for you is declining, slowly and steadily.

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7. He is irritated by romantic talk

Calling each other lovingly and using mushy pet names are habits that characterize any relationship in its nascent stages. This puppy love effect wears out with time, but occasional displays of affection tend to remain. If your significant other expresses disdain over such details, then it is no rocket science – his interest is waning.

8. He doesn’t bother to comfort you when you are feeling down

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Every couple fights and goes through the nastiest of disagreements and arguments, but a sensible and stable relationship requires a couple to stay together through thick and thin. Comforting you when you are in trouble is the least he can do, even if he cannot really offer any tangible help. But if he has grown indifferent to such an extent that your pains and pleasures no longer affect or matter to him, and it seems as if he is oblivious to your existence, then you definitely don’t need me to spell it out for you – sweetheart, he may not love you anymore.

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If your relationship is exhibiting any of the symptoms above, it would be hard for you to digest the fact that your once picture-perfect marriage is now on its last leg. But trust me – you should not lose hope. Try making an effort to rekindle the lost passion in your relationship. Talk to your sweetheart and find out what is keeping him away and aloof. See a relationship counselor if possible. If you feel that this relationship is worth keeping, then well, you should keep working on it. Best of luck!

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8 telltale signs that your husband is not interested in you anymore
Love in a relationship waxes and wanes over time. If you are experiencing any of these 8 signs, then your husband is not interested in you anymore.
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