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8 warning signs that your wife is no longer interested in you

Even the best marriages often waver. With this in mind, it might be a good thing to keep your eyes and ears open to any hint of trouble in paradise. Not only could it save you from unpleasant surprises, but it would go a long way in helping you take corrective measures in time to save your relationship.

Here are some telltale signs your wife is no longer interested in you, that should be reason enough for you to worry:

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1. Lack of proper conversations

couple disagreement

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Most healthy marriages thrive on good conversations. While these may not always be romantic in nature, they often give an insight into a couple’s communication with each other. A couple who has nothing left to talk about except household chores or bringing up the kids could be heading for disaster. Pay extra attention to the discussions you are having, and if it’s apparent your wife is only interested in making functional conversation, it’s time to sit up and take action.

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2. Unnecessary bickering

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Most marriages have their healthy share of bickering and petty arguments, even among the most lovey-dovey ones. But what is not so ordinary is a trend of unnecessary bickering. If you notice that your wife has been indulging in picking fights with you for a while, especially if she’s not the confrontational type, you should smell trouble. Consistently being irritated with a husband at the slightest of pretexts does not indicate a healthy relationship.

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3. Lack of interest in sex

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A rather obvious indication of your wife’s dwindling interest in you is her lack of enthusiasm for sex, or any intimacy for that matter. Sex is often a great binding factor between most couples, and if she is losing interest in having sex with you, that may be indicative of a greater problem. Having said that, there are couples who may not have a great sex life but retain their own intimate moments, like snuggling up with each other or something as simple as holding hands. Beware – if you sense your wife avoiding any and all intimate contact with you, it should set off alarm bells for your relationship.

4. Avoiding any and all romantic outings

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Despite hectic work schedules and children, most couples in love do want to take off for an intimate getaway once in a while. Sometimes it could be something as small as a long walk or as exotic as a second honeymoon, but not making time for each other may signal a lack of substance in your relationship. Keep a look out for signs such as your wife’s hesitancy to spend quality time alone with you – it’s solid proof that things aren’t really that great.

5. Hiding financial matters

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Nowadays it’s commonplace for both partners to have individual spending accounts. While it may seem perfectly normal for your wife to keep her financial details to herself, it may mean not only a lack of trust but total disinterest in informing you about her life that she leads separate from you. If your wife is reluctant to share her bank details or credit card information, find out why. She may even be changing her bank account statement address to her office instead of your home, and evade questions about her credit card use. Take note.

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6. Keeping secrets

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Every individual has their own secrets, and even in the closest of relationships it is healthy to have some personal space to yourself. But if you find, at any point in your marriage, that your wife has developed a tendency to keep even the most basic things from you, something might be off. It’s not always important whether these secrets are monumental or extremely important, but if she stops short of sharing them with you, it may signal the breakdown of trust in your relationship. Of course it’s not necessary for you to confide in each other every single detail of your lives, but remember that marriage means sharing your lives with each other.

7. Not sharing details about her family

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Irrespective of whether you’ve had an arranged or love marriage, most couples share little tidbits or anecdotes about their families. Most women are in fact more prone to do this than men. And if you find your wife not sharing anything about her family or clamming up about them when you ask, it’s not a good indication at all. Families help two people bond, and sharing about your family is a healthy sign. Keep a check on this front.

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8. Lack of interest

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Every marriage thrives on making that extra effort for your partner from time to time. If you notice the lack of effort in your relationship on both your parts, you may be nearing trouble in paradise. The lack of effort implies disinterest and indifference, which are disastrous for any relationship.

Remember, relationships are never smooth sailing no matter how long they have been running for. None of the above are sure shot signs that your wife is actually disinterested in you, but nevertheless they are indicators that tell you that you might want to be a bit more aware of how and where your relationship is going.

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8 telltale signs your wife is no longer interested in you
It is but natural to lose the spark in your marriage. But if you find your wife showing any of these signs, then your wife is no longer interested in you.
Maitreyee Chowdhury

Maitreyee Chowdhury

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