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The 10 Frustrating Stages Of Quarterlife Crisis

Teenagers whine about a lot of emotional disorders, and ‘problems’; while many of these problems do deserve serious attention, they really don’t compare to the entire baggage of complications adults in their 20s have to face. And while men and women from an older generation can calmly sweep it under the rug by saying “back in my day we were bred tougher, so nothing would beat us down”, I’m sorry we can’t fight grizzly bears bare handed or slaughter dragons to save princesses. Here are 10 frustrating stages in that one repugnant quarterlife crisis phase in everyone’s life:

1. Depression

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This isn’t something very unique to people in their 20s these days, but is still a pressing issue. In my experience I’ve gotten some pretty expert advice for this condition – “Why can’t you just be happy?” Oh thanks, I just forgot to turn my happy switch on and sing kumbaya along with my non-existent friends. Problem solved.

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2. Zero drive

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Ah yes, trying to find new reasons to push yourself out of your bed every single morning. Trying to stick to a schedule, where you fit in all the things you want to do this week, and ending up bingeing on some 90s sitcom with 5 empty bags of chips.

3. Feeling helpless

You realize there are certain problems in your life, fairly easily solved. But you don’t go the extra step because you think it’s somehow pointless, but hey, why skimp on the seventh re-watch of Game of Thrones? That’s not at all pointless, if anything.

4. Daydreaming

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While daydreaming can be an amazing break from the tediousness of life in the 20s, it does get to your nerves after a while. You begin to wonder how you still haven’t gotten rid of your habits from back in high school, making elaborate plans on what to do with your imaginary ten billion dollars while slapping yourself on the cheeks every five minutes to remind yourself you have a mountain of work pending.

5. You immediately begin to dislike 9 to 5 cubicle jobs

If school felt like a cage, a cubicle job might feel like a high security penitentiary. How we wish were all like Tyler Durden, sticking it to the ‘authority’.

6. Exhaustion

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As a teen you could make do with 4 hours of sleep a day and still finish all your work on time with a lot of spare time to just screw around? Say goodbye to the glory days. If you’re able to sleep for 7 hours (at all), be prepared to wake up with headaches and feeling groggy in general.

7. Social media begins to annoy you

Endless engagements, weddings, exotic vacations; oh how these clutter your newsfeed. You feel like blocking them out of general frustration, but are too much of a coward for confrontations so you make do with an ‘unfollow’.

8. Delving into overly simplistic pop nihilism

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“Life is meaningless and stuff according to Sartre you know so there’s no point to living anymore LOL haha”; enough said.

9. A faux world

Real things around you begin to feel fake, as if they’re another scene from one of those soap operas. You begin to relate less and less with the world, and are less sympathetic to dreadful events; be it in another part of the world or in the same town. Things don’t seem real enough to have the same impact.

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10. Realizing you have decades more to live

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As if all of the general confusion and emptiness wasn’t enough, you’re forced to realize that you have to adapt to it. Some days you just give up, and force yourself to sleep; your regular dose of pleasurable temporary coma.

Life can be annoying, and complicated. None of this implies we can’t enjoy those short spurts of happiness every weekend, can we? After all, your 20s are just the beginning of the rest of your lives. Chuck quarterlife crisis and really LIVE!

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The 10 Frustrating Stages Of Quarterlife Crisis
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