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13 Things Couple In Mixed Race Relationships Are Tired Of Hearing 

10. “You’re so lucky. Can you help me find someone of that race?”

So, I really wish we could give you access to the pool from which I picked out my bae, but unfortunately you need a special membership. It’s truly hurtful and even offensive when people treat your significant other like a Pokemon that they wish they had either because they want to be “cool” or because they want mixed race babies. I mean, it might sound like a compliment to most people, but it really isn’t, so it is time you got it together before hitting a mixed race couple with questions like this.

11. “How do you deal with *random racial stereotype”

Irrespective of whether people actually indulge in racial stereotypes or not, it is frankly, super rude to assume they do and more so, ask someone how they deal with it. First of all, just because it is racial stereotype, doesn’t mean that it is true and that every single person belonging to that race indulges in it. Secondly, you have to have some audacity to believe that I am going to be making fun of my significant other to entertain your warped ideas about mixed race relationships. Uhm. NO THANKS.

12. “You are so brave”

There are, of course, variations of this. If you’re not being called “brave” for walking down the street holding your soul mates hand (and oh, they have to be of a different race), then you are being called “progressive.” While most 0eopel take offense when I tell them that they are being rude, it is impossible for me to explain that there is nothing “brave” or “progressive” about dating someone from a different race.  It is as normal as dating someone from your own race/religion/background.

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13. “Do your families hate each other?”

At this point, I am face-palming so hard that my hand has gone through my face and out the back of my head. Like I said before, just like it is not awkward to celebrate two sets of festivals and just like our families are mostly cool with it, similarly, it is also totally normal when our families meet each other. Of course, there might be problems, and not everyone is as cool with interracial relationships as the two people who are actually in it, but even so, it is none of your business. In fact, the most inquisitive, curious and rudely nosey you are about these things, the more stigmatized it is going to get, for the people who are in a relationship, and their families as well.

The purpose of this 13-point rant was to show that even when you think you are being inclusive and progressive, you are actually fortifying the mental barriers that actual progressive people are fighting so hard to break down. There is nothing weird or different or abnormal about dating someone from a different race. Couples in interracial relationship simply fell in love with someone, without checking their genealogy and ancestry, and that’s that. Now please stop asking stupid questions.

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The Problems Of Being In Mixed Race Relationships
Mixed race relationships are complicated, but for all the wrong reasons! Check out the things that couples in interracial relationships are tired of hearing.
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