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12 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Dating Your Best Friend

Sometimes, people friendzone each other so hard that they miss out something potentially life-changing and immensely rewarding. I totally understand the fear that most of you have about dating your best friend, but I have even more compelling arguments to prove to you that giving a shot at love with your best friend, is the best decision you will ever take in your life.

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If you are wondering how I can say this with so much conviction, it’s because I went through the same mental conflict a couple of years back, and taking the plunge convinced me that I have found my soul mate, and all it took was 30 seconds of bravery.

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Those of you who are vacillating between dating your best friend and not screwing up your friendship in case things don’t work out, need to know that it is often relationships like these that become the forever kind of relationships. All you need to do is be open-minded about the fact that your soul mate, who you have been searching for for the longest time in the weirdest of places, has been beside you all along. Here are some of the signs you should look for in your relationship with your best friend to know for sure whether you should take the plunge or not.

1. You know everything about each other

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One of the most compelling arguments which I am going to use to convince you, is the one that convinced me. A lot of the times, relationships fail because your partner understands very little about you, since they don’t know much about you to begin with. You should date your best friend because they know every single thing there is to know about you, because they have been there and seen you through it all. You don’t need a context to explain something to them, because you know that they will understand immediately.

2. They have seen you at your worst, and love you all the same

They have seen the sad you, the mess you, the psycho you, the weeping you and the evil you and they have been with you through it all. This is the kind of dedication people expect, but seldom get from lovers. The best part about being best friends is that you have seen the best and worst versions of each other, and there are very few nasty surprises waiting to ruin your potential future romantic relationship, making them the perfect people to date.

3. Your families love each other

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If you are best friends, chances are that your family members know your best friend and already consider him/her one of their own. It is the same with you and your best friend’s fam and you are practically part of each other’s lives as intimately as possible already. Also, you know for a fact that both fams have been lobbying for you to get together and secretly shipping you, and they would be elated and over the moon if such a thing came to pass.

4. You never run out of conversation

The best part of being in a relationship with your best friend is that there are no awkward silences or miscommunication. You speak your own language and you speak it constantly. You are never silent and certainly never awkward in front of each other, making you the perfect pair of companions in the whole world. You can insult each other and have deep meaningful conversations, all within the hour, and the problem of running out of conversation, is practically non-existent.

5. You can be completely honest with each other


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Here is another reason that should convince you to date your best friend. People often have trouble being completely honest with each other when they are in a relationship, which can possibly lead to misunderstandings. However, because you are so used to your best friend being the perfect best friend, honesty is never a problem. You don’t feel embarrassed to tell each other things, and they will tell you if you suck at something or look ridiculous with a particular kind of haircut without worrying about offending you, because you know you won’t get offended.

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6. Nothing is off limits

No conversation or space is off-limits when you date your best friend, making it an open, rewarding and transparent relationship. All the awkward first conversations that you have with a partner is super easy to have, because chances are, you have already spoken about them with your best friend without all the anxiety that comes with speaking to a date or a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Whether it is about sex, or poop, or past relationships, you and your best friend know it all, and therefore the imminent relationship becomes easy-peasy.

7. You don’t have to introduce your “date” to your other friends


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When you go on to date your best friend, the whole episode of introducing your new bae to your other friends is ignored and avoided, because chances are, you share the same social circles, and all your friends have been waiting for you to get together for ages now. Sometime, when someone gets into a relationship, they tend to lose out on time with their other friends, or there is always the chance that your friends won’t like your date. There is no such fear when you are dating your best friend, because they are already super chummy with each other.

8. They know exactly what to do/say to make you laugh

When you are having one of your bad days, there is no one in the world you would rather go to, than your best friend. They are the ones who understand you the most, sometimes even better than yourself, so dating them would be the most perfect situation in the world. They know what makes you happy, what weird fetishes you have, the crazy things you are secretly obsessed with, and the right kind of lame jokes that make you clutch your sides while laughing. This is the definition of the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, so there is nothing stopping you from taking your relationship to the next level.

9. Your fights don’t last for long


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Fights are often one of the main reasons why people break up. However, even when you fight with your best friend, you know that you can’t stay mad at each other for too long, because you can’t do without each other for too long. You have to talk and gossip and confide in each other to feel normal, so both of you try extra hard to make things okay after every fight. Even a big and serious fight couldn’t keep you two apart, so the chances of a breakup are really slim.

10. You have the most fun with each other

Like I said before, no one makes you laugh like your best friend does, no one gets you like your best friend does and no one understands your quirks and oddities like they do, which makes them the perfect people to be with for the rest of your lives. You can’t do without your best friend, because you can’t imagine having fun without them. They know how to show you a good time, and you are also their automatic go-to person, which is something every couple try to achieve in a relationship. Why waste what you already have with each other?

11. They are your backup date to everything and there is an obvious sexual tension

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When you are friends of the opposite gender there is bound to be some sexual tension on one occasion or the other, after a drink or two, or even when you are completely sober. This might be because of the fact that your friends are constantly wolf-whistling at the two of you and pressurizing you to get together, but it might also be because of the natural sexual tension that exists between the two of you. You know it feels right when you take them as your backup date to weird places like family functions and get-togethers, so just make it official already.

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12. You like the same things

Liking the same things is such an underrated virtue. You might really like someone after a couple of dates and find out after a month that they are actually a Nazi-sympathizer or they like pineapple on their pizza, and then you have to break the deal and break your heart in the process, because it is so important to share the right beliefs and ideologies and like the same things. All this mess is completely avoided when you date your best friend. You start dating knowing that you like the same things and agree on the fact that Ellen Degeneres should become the president of the world and you should get 2 dogs and a cat, so there is very little that could lead to serious disagreement in the future.

Basically taking your relationship with your best friend to the next level is the best possible thing that you could possibly do to each other, because your relationship is already perfect, and your risk is likely to yield the best results.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

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12 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Dating Your Best Friend
Should you start dating or stick to the friendzone? Here are some signs that should help make the decision of dating your best friend easier!
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