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These Honest Videos Of Exes In A Truth Or Drink Game Is The Best Thing You Will Watch Today!

Ever wondered what would happen if you could get honest answers out of your ex to all the questions he/she left hovering at the back of your mind after the breakup bomb was dropped? Well, worry not, coz we found the perfect way you can find the answers.

The game is called Truth Or Drink, and it shall get you all the honest answers you feel your ex owes you and that you ‘deserve.’ Coz hey, knowing if he regrets it or is she ever thinks about you can be some cool balm to soothe your bruised ego! Plus, knowing what exes miss about each other- super fun! Throw in some dirty questions, and who knows, you might forge a friendship that you thought was impossible after the breakup! Plus, you can’t disagree that there might be some plain, HONEST bummers too!

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Yes, it works! Don’t believe me?

Watch Cory and Karen here:

Or Christopher and Timothy here:

Or Evan and Nikki:

Or even Ty and Ian:

Proof enough?

Thought so.

Now, go get that vodka bottle and begin…

Featured image source: Youtube

Article Name
Watch These Exes In An Honest Truth Or Drink Game
Coz your exes will speak the truth whilst they drink! #SmartMove
Sejal Parikh

Sejal Parikh

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