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10 Seemingly EASY Things That Are Very Difficult But Worth It in A Long Term Relationship

Relationships are complicated. No two doubts about that! But a long-term one comes with a longer set of challenges! They seem easy to the on-lookers; “that’s no big deal for them”, they say! But only we know how difficult these can be! However the one thing that makes us want to go through the hardship anyway, is the love that we share with our partners! ☺

Here are a few of those tough things which are completely worth it at the end of the day!

1. Putting your relationship to test

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When I started dating, I asked my best friends and family whether I and my boyfriend looked happy together. That was important because my closest ones would be the best judges. As the relationship grew, I kept putting it through several tests: I suggested we go on a trip together; we decided to move in together; we got a pet before we planned a family, and so on!

Constantly challenge your long term relationship to a higher level.  

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2. Being honest with each other

Being honest was something I believed was crucial. And so one day, I started talking to him about my ex, divulging in every gritty detail possible. That was foolish! While being honest with your partner, you need to make sure it brings him or her happiness. If it doesn’t, keep quiet.

Also, be a very good listener. It is the flip side of the honesty coin.

3. Working through the rough patches

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When in a fling, a fight is the end of it. You are there for fun, and fights ain’t fun! In a long term relationship, fights help one forge a stronger bond. It is a roadblock, and the two of you must work it out together. However, you must choose your battles carefully!

Fun fact: We learnt quite early that make up sex was exclusively designed for people in a long term relationship! 😉  

4.Keeping the love alive

This might seem obvious, but from my experience, if you love your partner you need to use those three words often. Also, your actions must support your words. I and my partner keep doing things together; we go for plays, for movies that both of us agree on, and movies that we don’t care two pennies about, to indulge in some naughty backseat activity! 😉

5. Making your relationship spontaneous

Relationships that are long-term become predictable quickly. To stop it from turning stale, we often surprise each other. Latest example: Sent him a copy of the 8th Harry Potter book. He was beaming like a baby! I live for that smile. ☺

Don’t lose that spark!

6. Responding graciously to your partner’s needs and shortcomings

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Love each other in spite of yourselves. You aren’t marrying a robot, right? So, your human is sure to come with a whole range of failures and foibles. Identify these quirks, and celebrate them!

‘Little secret’: I don’t like his cats, but they come with him so… I got to love them!

7. “Alone time”

Have your own space, where you do things not as a couple but individuals who also happen to be in a relationship!

Make plans independently, even if it is to a strip club! Remember HIMYM?!

8. Commitment

Being okay with the idea that you are never going to sleep with anyone else! Now that’s hard, but it is totally worth it!

P.S.: We haven’t thought that through, yet! 😉

9. Respecting each other’s privacy

If she has a closet that she doesn’t want you to open, don’t! If he requests you not to flip through the pages of his diary, respect that instead of quarreling about how he is hiding a part of himself from you, and that you have every right to know! Christ!

People belong only to themselves!

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10. Not engaging in too much PDA on social media

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This was real tough for me! I used to (and still do!) roll my eyes and gag about those who put up sappy pictures with captions like “Mah baby!” But when I got into this relationship, I wanted to share each and every moment with these people on my friend list. I just wanted them to know that I was happy. Okay, who am I kidding? I wanted them to be green with envy! But once someone commented, “get a room, guys”, I got the message… and I unfriended that *ssh*le!

Loving is not sharing, in this case!

How has your relationship experience been so far? Let us know in the comment section below! ☺

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10 EASY Things That Are Difficult But Worth It In A Long Term Relationship
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