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14 Things That Absolutely Suck About Being In A Long-term Relationship

A relationship may seem like the best thing to have happened to you when you drop home after a tiring day and are welcomed with a hug but a long-term relationship does come with its own share of, how do I put this mildly, boo boo’s. Yeah, your bae might be the best-est in the world but there are certain things about being with them that are far from being the best.

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In honest words, they suck. Check to see:

1. A dent in your wallet

woman handling money_New_Love_Times

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The countless anniversaries, birthdays, your bae’s parents’ birthdays and of course Valentine’s day are a major cause for your money flying out the window. You have to spend some serious cash on these special days, be it on expensive gifts, vacations or fancy dinners, it’s a must to splurge and go all out for your better half—after all they are worth it, (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves to justify the spending!) 😛

2. You get fat

belly fat_New_Love_Times

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Since you know this person is pretty much “the one,” you sort of get a little too comfy and let yourself go because you know you don’t have anyone else to impress really, as your bae is already pretty impressed by you enough to be in a long-term relationship with you. So, from here on it’s watching you get fat while packing some pounds on themselves too! 😛

3. It’s a snooze fest in the bedroom

Okay, so the excitement and the titillating rush of sex has become pretty much stagnant – you  have done it some many times already that it’s just boring now. The role playing, wild positions, public places and sexy lingerie are all over and done with and now all you get is a small peck on the cheek before you retire to bed in your big granny panties!

4. Tying the knot

You end up getting frustrated with same old question: so when are you getting married?” Friends, colleagues, and parents’ you name it; anyone you know will always keep asking this and they will go on and on like a broken record! Really don’t people have anything better to do or ask!

5. Buying gifts gets increasingly hard

wedding gift

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

As mentioned earlier, there are just so many occasions including festivals too that make it real hard to get gifts. After a point, you run out of new ideas and have no clue what to get your significant other that they don’t already have or you haven’t already gifted!

6. Spark of romance- meh!

All those romantic gestures and the moments you spent together seem so far away now; buried somewhere in your memory. Those were the times of love and romance (the honeymoon phase of a relationship) which, with time has slowly faded away—you won’t be receiving a bouquet anytime soon *sigh*

7. And your friends are not making it any better!

All your single friends and their stories about the hot sex they’ve had with a new guy or how their recent dating scene is so full of romance and love where they just can’t keep their hands off each other, is gonna drive you crazy! Yeah, I get it! Stop rubbing it in my face and just shut up already!

8. No more attention from the opposite sex

When you go out with your friends, they somehow manage to mention the fact that you have a boyfriend to every man you meet and even when you are out on your own if the topic steers in that direction, you end up blabbering the same.

9. No more shopping sprees

When you were single, you could do what you wanted with your money but now that you are in a long- term relationship it just boils down to “what’s mine is yours” and any form of splurging will not go unnoticed by your man— only option: hide the credit card bills and pray he doesn’t get his hands on them! 😛

10. Sharing the bed!

couple in bed_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

This is a major issue for those who like their space while sleeping—the bed is now not just yours, you have to share it (noooooo!). Gone are the days of just spreading yourself out all over the bed and rolling about in glee—there’s just no space on the other end anymore! :/

11. The annoying habits

Sooner or later, you get to see the little irritating habits of your ‘better half,’ shall we say? <though you wonder if he/she is better with these!!> These could be anything from leaving bottle caps everywhere except on the bottles, leaving the toilet seat up or throwing wet towels on the floor—and oh yes, fart between the sheets!

12. One plus one!

You both basically come as a package now, wherever one goes, the other has to follow otherwise questions are raised as to where is your significant other and why are they not here with you! Why can’t people understand that we have a life separately!

13. Here we go again

couple fighting in front of their kid

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You have lost count of how many times you guys fight and about the various topics you guys keep fighting about! There have just been so many fights and they just don’t seem to stop—but as the saying goes, you fight with the ones you’re the closest to and it brings your closer anyways, right?

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14. You gotta like everyone

Now this one’s a big pain in the a**! You have to make yourself like their family members and friends and make an effort to be with them on special occasions no matter how much you hate it. You might absolutely detest a certain close friend or family member but you have to s*ck it up and put on a smile and tolerate them!

As amazing as it is to find your one true love it is hard to stay in a relationship—it’s a lot of work and at times, it is more than a LOT of work. But if you are willing to make it work, no matter what, you now know what you signed up for!

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14 Things That Suck About Being In A Long-term Relationship
Because a long-term relationship comes with its own LONG list of plus-es and erm, not quite plus-es!
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