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10 ‘Manly’ Things Guys Do That Women Find Irresistible

Things that make men irresistible to women have less to do with how hard they try to be masculine and more on things guys do without realizing it. Lots of men don’t fulfill the criteria of the so-called “Alpha” male. But they do small things which are enough to show their masculinity and woo the opposite sex.

Here is the list of a few common manly things that many men possess, and even if they don’t, they can easily have these traits.

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1. Be kind

Women love when men are kind not only to them but also to others, especially to strangers. It can be when they are tipping the waiter, helping an older person cross the street, pulling her chair out at the restaurant, or open the car door for the lady. Chivalry is not dead, and it is still appreciated!

2. Rolling up their sleeves

man-rolling-up-sleevesImage source

Women like to see those strong forearms and biceps. So while playing, gymming, or even at the workplace, when men roll up their sleeves women do find it attractive.

3. Intense look

Most women like that intense focused look on men. When they are trying to figure something out, it shows that they take things pretty seriously, and it somehow attracts women. Women like men who think deep and have great rationality.

4. Eye contact

man-eye-contactImage source

If there are a bunch of women around and if they’re looking only at her while conversing, is something every woman desires. Women love to get their man’s full attention; it makes them feel like there are the only woman that matter to their man.

5. Be calm and patient

Women prefer men who are calm in tough situations and handle it carefully, over men who lose patience and show panic or desperation. A simple statement like, “It’s okay, don’t worry. I got this,” can make a huge impact on her.

6. Be good with kids

good-with-kidsImage source

Men who are comfortable around and good with kids are adored by women. Women do see their future with such men as this is one of the signs that they would make a great father.

7. Career/goal-oriented

Men who are focused towards their goal in life and sincerely put efforts to achieve it are admired by women. Although women are independent and financially stable themselves, they like to have a stable and secure partner too.

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8. Be comforting

Women like men who comfort them when they are sad or have had a rough day. Assuring women that everything will be all right is more than enough, even though nobody can change things. Knowing that they’re not alone in their times of need is all women ask from their men.

9. Be protective

Now, most of the feminazis may argue that they do not want this from men, but majority of women love men who are protective.

10. Be possessive

possesive-manImage source

It is a common misconception that being possessive is a feminine trait, but most men are possessive and there is no harm in that. Women like it because they feel that their men give them a lot of importance. But there’s a huge difference between being possessive and overly so.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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10 Manly Things Guys Do That Are Irresistible To Women
Things that make men irresistible to women have less to do with how hard they try to be masculine and more on manly things guys do without realizing it.
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