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9 Things About Women That Men Don’t Really Care About

Men have to hear a lot from women for not paying attention to small details, not noticing things, and not listening to what they are saying. While we do disagree with these stereotypes, there are a few things that we men do ignore or do not care about, even a little.

So here is a quick list of things about women that we men ignore throughout our life:

1. Hair/Makeup/Nails

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Men do appreciate the efforts ladies put into looking great, but even if you are not looking your best on certain days, it works for us. It is not just your looks which drive us to stick around, your personality and attitude makes up a large part of that. So next time, please don’t be so hard on yourself about your makeup or hairstyle or nails when going out with us.

2. Celebrity gossip

Men are not at all interested in celebrity gossip. In fact, they literally hate it. They don’t care who hooked up with whom, which celebrity is getting a divorce, and all that glamorous lifestyle news about celebs. So, please refrain from talking about it.

3. Your diet regimen

i'm so fat

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If you are planning to lose some extra pounds, please go ahead and lose it. There is nothing wrong about it – we all have insecurities. But please don’t discuss it with us. We don’t want you to spend 3 hours a day at the gym burning fat and look stick thin. Most men prefer women to be a little soft, in all the right places.

4. Past boyfriends/husbands

Men do realize that if you’re beautiful, you must have dated a few or a lot of men in the past before landing with them. So please do not bring up your past dating history because we don’t wish to know. But if you wish to make us jealous, then there are many other ways of doing that rather than going this route.

5. Cleanliness

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90% of men have a habit of living in filth. So if you are a neat freak, please zip it with the constant stream of rebukes and reminders to clean up, and stop expecting us to change. Men don’t care if their room is clear or messy.

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6. Making the first move

There is a small misconception that men should always make the first move. Trust me, you can start a conversation, text first, and ask us out. It will not hurt any man’s ego.

7. Height/Age

Women are shy about their age, but we men care very little about it. In fact, many men prefer dating women a bit older than them, as they are mature in so many ways.

Women like tall guys but there is no such thing with men; we like women in all shapes and sizes and heights.

8. Perfection

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Men do realize that nobody is perfect. So you don’t have to regret if you are not looking great on that first date and complain about your makeup or accessories on the date. We don’t want to hear that because it does not even bother us.

9. Stretch marks/Cellulite/Moles/Birth marks

We do realize that almost every woman has one or the above mentioned things. So even if you have it any or all of them, that is okay with us. You don’t have to bring the topic up again and again; the only thing that bothers us is you complaining about it.

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9 Things About Women That Men Don't Really Care About
Most men aren't that hung up about things being just so. There are certain things about women that they don't really care about. So stop trying to make them.
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