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10 Powerful Reasons Why Good Men Won’t Cheat On You

In one of the scenes of the hit TV show, ‘Downton Abbey,’ Lady Mary has just had a fight with her fiancé on the eve of her wedding and is now worried if she’s doing the right thing by marrying him. Her maid, Anna, says, “What I see is a good man, m’lady. And they’re not like buses. There won’t be another one ‘round in 10 minutes time.” Looks like good men were a scarcity since time immemorial!

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And it’s no surprise. We’re surrounded with stories of men who ‘can’t keep it in their pants’ and of ‘deadbeat dads’ who disappear after siring a child. Men like these help to give us an idea of how good men are NOT supposed to be. In short, good men are men of honor, they have integrity, and they do the right thing, no matter what the temptation. Men who are not-so-good always have excuses for why men cheat – it was a momentary lapse of judgement, she started it, it meant nothing, it was purely physical, and so on and so forth. But good men are beyond frail excuses like these; they have solid reasons for being faithful. Here are 10 powerful reasons why good men won’t cheat.

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1. He is not impulsive

What kind of man would have a one night stand with a woman he just met in a bar? Not one who thinks twice before doing or saying something! Most cases of cheating begin with that one moment of weakness or impulse and this is the main reason why good guys won’t cheat – their brains don’t work that way.

2. He is fully invested

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A common reason why men cheat is because they care too little about their current partner or her feelings. Sensible, mature men don’t have this problem because they don’t rush into relationships. When you’re in a relationship with a good man, rest assured that he has given it enough thought before committing himself to you. He believes that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and this applies to his relationships. As we said earlier, he isn’t impulsive, so he takes his time to commit and once in, he’ll give his all to make it work.

3. He thinks long term

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A man who is serious about his relationships isn’t interested in a string of flings, none of which end anywhere. He’d prefer a long term relationship and the stability of a family rather than flitting from girlfriend to girlfriend, or worse, one night stand to one night stand. Since he understands what’s at stake, he’s not interested in risking what he has for any kind of temptation and would rather focus his gaze on the big picture – a future with you.

4. He has willpower

Real men are not hormonal teenagers who’re ready to jump the next thing in a skirt. Neither does he subscribe to the notion that men are just following their baser, biological urges. Men aren’t animals and have the willpower to control themselves, which is why real men won’t cheat or make excuses for other men who do.

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5. He is secure

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We’ve all heard of men who think of the women they’ve bedded as ‘points’ to be collected or ‘notches’ on their bedpost, which then they brag about. There are even men who give and get extra points for managing two women at once, keeping both affairs separate. Well, a mature man is much too evolved for such shenanigans, and he’s confident enough in his masculinity without the need to prove this to other men over mugs of beer.

6. He respects women

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When you respect a woman for the person that she is, you see her as more than a sum of body parts. She’s not an object for you to play with and then get bored of. That is how a good man sees women in general and his woman in particular. Unlike men for whom women are ‘scores’ or ‘points,’ a real man sees his woman as his partner, and a person deserving of his trust, respect, and loyalty.

7. He respects himself

Good men value principles and they hold themselves to high standards. They expect complete loyalty from their partners and are willing to give the same in return. He considers himself to be above the Casanovas and Lotharios and womanizers, and he respects himself too much to put himself in such a despicable position. He also cares about his reputation as an honorable man, something that would be subject to risk if he cheated.

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8. He has a strong moral code

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A good man isn’t good without reason; he has a strong character, built upon his core values and principles. He realizes that cheating on his partner would break several of these principles that he holds himself to and this would break him. He understands the consequences of such an action and realizes that he can’t handle the ensuing guilt or breakup of the relationship. The guilt would eat him alive from the inside out.

9. He accepts responsibility

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Remember the cheaters’ excuses we talked about at the beginning of this article? Well, real men understand that these are just that – excuses, and not reasons to validate an act like cheating. He is a man who is used to taking responsibility for his actions at home and work, and he knows that should he cheat, it would be completely his fault and no one else’s.

10. He has a full life

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Lastly, there’s a simpler reason why real men don’t cheat – they just don’t have the time! A healthy, productive man generally has a full life, with work, home, friends, and hobbies that leave behind no time to cheat! As they say, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, which explains why men cheat when they don’t have much to do! But this isn’t a problem with a real man, and his mind is too occupied with positive thoughts to stray into the darker side.

If you look through the list again, you’ll see that these reasons aren’t temporary personality quirks; they are based on deep rooted value systems that aren’t going to change in a hurry. Men like these prove that there’s still hope for mankind and like Anna says, if you find one, hold on tight; you don’t know when the next one is coming along!

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You've heard of men who can't keep it in their pants, but good men aren't among them. Here are 10 reasons why men cheat but good men don't.
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