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9 Traits All Men Who Cheat Have In Common

Are you skeptical of your partner? Do you often wonder where he is when he refuses to pick up your call? Are you tired of trying too hard and still falling short?

There is no point sticking around with someone who is busy with some other woman on the side. So, if you want an eye opener on why men cheat and, more importantly, how to spot if your Mr. Perfect isn’t so perfect, this is the guide for you. Granted, there is no rulebook that can tell you with certainty that your partner is being unfaithful, but men who cheat do often share the same vices that are easy to spot unless you choose to be blind. If this checklist is perilously close to your boyfriend’s behavior, the warning bells have rung. The rest is upon you to decide!

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1. Playing the blame game?

couple arguing

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Does your guy blame you for every single damn thing? Look into his manners and behaviors and find out the way he reacts. If he is quick to play the blame game and corners you every single time you ask him about something sneaky, it is a sign that he might be cheating on you. Don’t be too quick to judge because sometimes guys find it easy to act this way. It is natural to be slightly defensive, after all. Still, this will tell you to keep your guard up. We all find it easier to shift the blame on someone because it allows us to get a free pass. You must know when he is doing this within reason and when he takes this game a bit too forward.

2. Doesn’t acknowledge you in public?

couple disagreement

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I don’t get those couples who need to keep their relationship hidden! I mean if you are seeing someone, what is the harm in being spotted in public? If your Mr. Perfect is so conniving that he doesn’t acknowledge your relationship in public, it may be because he roams about with too many girls and is not comfortable letting the world know who he is dating. If he is busy changing girls every day of the week, how can he even afford to let the world know that you are the supposedly steady girl in his life? So, one way to know if your partner really belongs to you is to see how he behaves with you in public. If he is willing to stand by your side and lovingly acknowledges your presence by hugging you and holding you tight, you can put your doubts to rest.

3. A true flirt through and through

guy flirting

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Yes, he may be a charmer and girls may throw themselves at him, but look at his body language. Do you find him flirting with almost every woman? Do you see him getting a bit cozy with his ex? Do you notice him checking out the hot girl in the pub? Is it very normal for him to flirt with anyone who seems even a tad bit interested in him? These are danger signs that indicate that it will be easier for him to cheat than to commit. You are better off staying single than mingling with someone who can fall in love with any girl he meets. So, look out for the way he flirts with other women and analyze if your handsome hunk is worth keeping.

4. Keeps your relationship a secret


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Is your boyfriend very adamant on keeping your relationship a secret? Ask him his reasons for doing that. Is there any strong and credible reason that prevents him from telling everyone about your relationship? A lot of guys who end up cheating on women are likely to keep their relationship secretive. This is a great way of hiding the facts and it gives them a great cover to go out with other women. There are a lot of women who date guys because they are not aware that he is already committed. So, if you find your boyfriend being very secretive about your relationship, the signs do not seem to be very promising. Talk it out to know why he is keeping everything under wraps.

5. Bickering and complaining all the time

Couple arguing

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Men who cheat find it very easy to quarrel. As they are not really attached to you on an emotional level, they will find it very easy to pick fights with you. So, if you spend every alternate day wiping your tears because you two had a fight about a trivial matter, it is best advised that you do not blindly trust your boyfriend. Those who love you won’t fight with you all of the time. While love may not be as sappy as the Nicholas Sparks novels make it look like, it should be something that leaves you feeling warm and happy in the end. If you spend a lot of time wiping your tears rather than hiding your blush, the odds are high that you have fallen for the wrong guy.

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6. Don’t you dare touch my phone!

couple staring at their phones

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Boyfriends who don’t let you touch their phones are the ones you should try and avoid. If you are in a relationship with someone, you are supposed to share everything with one another. Why do they find the need to keep their phones a secret? When you are dating someone, you trust them with the best moments of your life. In such cases, why should you not trust them with your phone? Dearest girls, if you catch him smiling sneakily while reading texts on his phone and he goes all weird when you try and take his phone, it is one telling sign that he might be more interested in someone else than you. Know these signs and follow the lead before you break your own heart.

7. Dates? Woopsie… sorry honey!

man apologizing to woman

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I do understand that guys cannot realistically remember every single date. It is a torture to ask them to remember when you first walked together, when you first slept together, when you first expressed yourself, when you got the first gift. Yes, cut him a break, but if he can’t even recall some basic dates like your anniversary or the day you had first met, it is not a great sign. If someone truly loves you, they will cherish the times spent with you. So, if he is a tad bit too forgetful, it may be because he has those ‘special’ memories with too many girls.

8. 13 missed calls, 17 unanswered texts

woman texting

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Does he avoid your calls and leave your texts unanswered? When you confront him about why he didn’t even answer your calls, he shrugs it off as if you don’t deserve an explanation or an apology. If these moments are common, it is likely that you are in an unfaithful relationship. While I do understand that sometimes girls may call you at ungodly hours of the day, it doesn’t by any means infer that he can avoid your calls at his own freewill. Ask him the reasons for not picking up your calls or at least dropping you a text. Unless the reason is justified, there is no way you can let this habit slip.

9. Parties without you

friends having lunch

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These are the guys I really don’t get. There is nothing wrong in partying alone, but if you find your guy parting all night with his friends but making no effort to spend time with you, the odds are high that he may be getting cozy with some other girl at these parties. You need to know what he is doing. While I do not encourage you to stalk him, I don’t want you to be wrongly invested in a fake relationship either. So, you must know where to draw the line and how to work your way out.

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These are 9 traits that all men who cheat have in common. While this is not the complete list, it definitely comes in handy in discovering if your guy is the right person for you. Love has a way of putting the stars in our eyes, but sometimes the stars shine so bright that we end up being blind to the fact that things have gone horribly wrong.

So, don’t put up with infidelity your guy may be indulging in. You need to take a stand and find out for yourself if he is acting strangely because he’s cheating. Don’t settle for someone who isn’t worthy of your shine. Let love paint the real stars in your eyes.

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9 Traits All Men Who Cheat Have In Common
Most men who cheat have these 9 traits in common. Check out if your boyfriend shows any of these traits too.
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