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Tata ta-ta’s: 10 Problems All Women With Small B**bs Face

Are you among the lucky ones to be given the cute pair of front bumps? If not, we’ve got your back (which might as well be our front, no) – yes, we’ve been there, done that! And we KNOW- we KNOW the pain. Read on and you will relate as hell:

1. Can’t feel the bumps  


Image source: Tumblr

Yes, you keep on looking at your chest like it was some barren ground that’s magically sprout greenery!  How you wish your mom woke you up when it rained big b**bies outside! What- a girl can dream, right?

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2. Nothing to hide – not really


Image source: Tumblr

And just when you thought you should count  your blessings and thought okay, no ta ta’s, so say tata to bras- BAM, you may think you don’t need to wear any bra, but yes you have to. Coz no matter what the generously endowed denizens of our species think, we don’t want to look like people of Lilliput went camping inside our shirts!

3. To be bikini perfect – your lifelong fantasy

Buying the smaller tops is as hard as finding the larger sized ones- except that they have to be teamed up with medium or large bottoms- arrggh!! Plus, if you go for padding- well, nobody’s getting fooled by that! If only sweater were the staple summer wear, life’d so much easier!

4. Weeks prior to your period make you euphoric


Image source: Collegetimes

Coz hello big b**bies. This is the time when you are hardly worried about Aunt Flo coz you are busy revelling in what it has done to your upper half! So you bring out those plunging necklines and make sure a lot of cleavage and a lot of I-have-b**bs selfies are part of the celebration- umm, let’s say painting the town RED (?!?) 😛

5. What comes around goes around very quickly


Image source: Shutterstock

And then, your short-lived happiness bids adieu. Umm, welcome back (not) flat chest!

Oh, just how okay you are with spending all life with red days taking selfies of your seasonal cleavage than experiencing post-menstrual syndrome because your legit looking boobs disappeared along with leak week. Ahh- this hurts more than cramps!

6. You need a lot of padding!


Image source

Although they are so OBVIOUS! Really!

7. Pretty strapless dress


Image source: Tumblr

The agony of always finding dresses that fit you just fine in all areas except…..why is there so much room here anyway? Damn you designers!

8. No b**bies? No beer belly either PLEASE!


Image source: Tumblr

You are in love with food but nothing you eat ever goes to your b**bs. What are you going to do with a no rack and pregnant tummy, huh? Scare away potential boyfriends- well, wasn’t the flat-ness doing that already! Life sucks!

9. Sisters don’t help


Image source: Memecenter

The bigger b**bilicious babes think we are lucky and they couldn’t be wrong-er! After all, nobody wants these pint-sized twins, no boyfriends and not to forget the gargantuan social pressure- arrggghhh!

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10. Not to forget, the boyfriend’s always forgetting something!


Image source: Tumblr

Yes, if we do manage to find ourselves some bloke who’s willing to date us, he is never hovering upstairs in the bedroom. Yeah, we like what you do down there- but hey, do your thing up here too- you can’t be ignoring these- even if they are what they are!

But hey, who cares right- you totally rock those things and are f*cking fabulous!

Featured image source: Memecenter

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Tata ta-ta's: 10 Problems All Women With Small B**bs Face
Have you a pair of mosquito bites masquerading as b**bs on your chest? Been there, done that, so we KNOW!
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