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Uh-oh, The Veloci-RACKter: 10 Problems Only Girls With Big B**bs Shall Understand

You know you’d look ginormous if you were to drape your b**bs in those tent-style blouses and run the risk of jumping out if you chose one that hugs your form!   

Guess you know best what people mean when they say life ain’t easy, folks- coz well, you carry the burden on your chest, literally! Ohh-the-woe, we understand:

1. Walking down the street is enough of an exercise

big boob8

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Coz those poor grandma bras can only offer so much support. All you hope and pray for is they don’t die before you’ve reached! But alas…

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2. Lingerie shopping is a nightmare

big boob1

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Yes, the guilty pleasures of all the B-cups in the world is your dreaded nightmare. You just cannot help walking into a Victoria’s Secret store, taking a look at all the lacy love and glittery glam you shall never wear and then, crying it out with a tub of Ben n Jerry’s later that night!

3. You just can’t wear things with button down

big boob2

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Coz those li’l round things will never stop the bigger round things on you from wanting to peep out and say Hi. Worse when you are in an office meeting! Aarrghhh…don’t you want to lop them right off at the time- all with that professional smile on, of course!

4. You are tempting – no matter what

big boob3

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Because like we mentioned at the outset, any dress shall always draw you out. There are no clothes for you whatsoever. F*ck all those fashion experts and the whole goddamn advice about belting- you needn’t place your b**bs on a platter now!

5. One Sports Bra is never enough

It doesn’t make a difference if you have a sports bra on or not — the terror that one of your b**bs is going to jab you in the eye is actually real! It’s really hard for you to keep up with the gym instructor and in pace with the class, be it yoga or push-ups.

6. Before looking at your beautiful face, people stare at your big b**bs

big boob7

Image source: Giphy

You are like, “My beautiful face is up here, buddy!” It doesn’t matter to people if any cleavage is visible or not, if you’re talking to a guy, chances are that he’s most probably checking out your rack first and foremost. Sometimes, you want to put eyes in place of your b**bs, and see if you can get some REAL eye contact!

7. You can’t wear blazers or business clothes because they make you look like either you’re a sl*t or a lesbian

The only thing more frustrating than spending piles of money on a sleeveless blouse from the costliest brand is the fact that it doesn’t really even fit. You always ask the same question before wearing a suit, ‘Why are blouses not tailored to your bust size? WHY?!’ There is undeniably no way lady suits were made for women like you.

8. Your b**bs try to escape any time you bend over

big boob6

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Actually they try to escape all the time even from a well-fitted bra. And every time you get home, you know it is time to breakup- you and your bra in just a dysfunctional relationship where you keep hurting each other!

9. You can never wear anything backless

big boob5

Image source: Giphy

And that’s why you don’t watch the red carpets- or maybe secretly do- coz seriously, you have to figure Christina Hendricks secret and then you can be HAPPY too- with big b**bs and happy! A girl can dream, right?

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10. And this one is probably the worst- but guys are all about b**bs in bed

Hello- passion≠pinching and that’s really not gonna get you anywhere! These do not open the doors to the magical land- something else does. Go figure! Guys, I tell ya!

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10 Problems Only Girls With Big B**bs Shall Understand
We feel you ladies! We feel ya, coz well, you carry the burden on your chest, literally! #BigB**bs
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