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12 Men Reveal The Difference Between A Girl They’d Date And A Chick They’d Hook Up With

One way that men tend to categorize women irks me no end. They’d sift through faces and b**bs and b**ts and brains – and put the (mostly) unwitting participants either in the ‘hook up’ or ‘date’ category. Not that I have any qualms about the hook up with a girl phase, but the exclusive focus on winnowing out the date-worthy candidates from the ones that’d probably be just notches through the sieve of their self-designed requisites of which of the fairer sex merits being taken home, and which to the altar is, well, diseased.

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couple on a date

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Don’t believe me? Well, I asked my friends to help me get it straight from the horse’s mouth. And as drinks and mouths overflowed, the truth about when and how they know to hook up with a girl and when to date one came out in a volley of words:

I want to sleep with one and I want to wake up next to the other.

I will do everything I can with the girl I hook up with and brag about it to my friends. I’d never tell a soul about how ‘tis in between the sheets with MY girl.

woman comfortable in her sexuality

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Hah, when I hook up with a girl, I’m taking home one my mother would be appalled at. When I date a girl, I’m taking home one my mother would be proud of.

Usually, what goes on below the neck is my criterion for hooking up. But when I want to date someone, I need a brain, some beauty, and something more than just sexual chemistry, that… connection!

The first conversation with the girl has all the answers. In that first exchange, I know if I’d want to be just spending some hours naked or be around her even when I have my clothes on. You see, the naked chick can give me just that, a f*ck. I wouldn’t give a f*ck after. But the girl who I’d like to be around even when I’ve pulled my pants back on, is the girl who offers me the hope of more. She is beautiful, smart, funny, and has her s**t together.

couple in bed

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If she makes me work to get it, I would work to keep her around afterward too. But if she’s easy, I ain’t taking any blame for passing her up after the night!

<laughs hard> When I hook up with a girl, I’m hardly listening to her beyond the ‘yes.’ I’m simply mentally undressing her until I actually get to, finish my business, and get out. But when I’m interested in more, I want to listen. And I usually am. What – can’t blame a guy, can you? <laughs again>

Any hook up, for me at least, has to have the promise of something more. If there’s zip going on for anything more, I’d rather not send my d**k in.

couple kissing (3)

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Aha, one I’d not want to know more about than what she looks like naked; another, I’d want to know everything about. Everything.

 Well, a hook up shall flare the fire in my loins, a date, in my heart!

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Well, I’d hook up with anybody when I have perhaps gone a month under or more, have a lot of alcohol in me, and the attractiveness of the b**b and b*tt combo in front of me is a li’l above acceptability threshold. But for a date, I’d keep it in – as long as I have to – for hey, how often do you meet someone you’d want to keep it in for!

I will date a girl I want to invest my time and effort in. For a girl I am hooking up with, a couple of hours to get off and get going would do the job!

If you are a guy, we’d like to hear what you think too! Dare to put some honest words down there? Duh-uh – the comments box!

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