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6 Important Things Every Woman Must Know About Buying The Right Bra

Whether you like it or not, breasts are an important part of how you look as a woman. Many women around the world shy away from buying certain dresses or tops from the fear that their breasts would look odd. In reality, it is not the outfit that makes your body unflattering, but often the bra you are wearing that might be the troublemaker.

Which brings us to the question: How do you know which bra is just right for you? After all, buying the perfect bra is much more than just getting the cup size right. There are thousands of women who wear not only the wrong sized bra, but sometimes also the wrong shaped bra for their breasts. For example, experts say that a large number of women either wear too large a band size or too small a cup size, either of which pushes their breasts to the side, making them look terrible when they put on a dress. If you are one of the uninformed, not only might your dress look ill fitted, but you might end up disfiguring your breasts. If you’ve been buying the wrong bra for many years, this could cause extensive damage to how your breasts eventually look.

Come to think of it, buying the right bra for yourself really isn’t as stressful or difficult as you might think. Most stores these days employ lady assistants who help you out with not only measuring your breast size, but also guiding you with other considerations involved in buying the right bra. Many e-commerce websites offer a detailed selection of bras according to shape, size, color, and fabric. For options on the go, there are various mobile apps like Sizem that can help you find the right bra as well.

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Let’s look at a few really important guidelines on how to choose the right bra the next time you go shopping:

1. Size


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

The most important thing to keep in mind is your size. Knowing your cup size isn’t enough; your band size matters too, among other things. Most large stores have female staff who will help measure you up.

2. Ask for help


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You may prefer measuring yourself before you buy a bra, but the results may not always be accurate. Go to a store where you can find a lady assistant to help you out with the measurements.

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3. Sizes differ from brand to brand


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A common mistake many women make when buying bras from different brands is that they go only by size. Bra cups and shapes differ from one brand to the other – for instance, if you’re wearing a C cup in one brand, it does not necessarily mean that a C cup in another brand will have the same fit. The difference may seem trivial, but the consequences can be much bigger.

4. Try and try again

woman taking down her bra strap

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Try on various bra styles from different brands before you lock in on a choice. Every brand not only has different styles, but also different fits that suit different body types. Find one that is perfect for your breast size and shape.

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5. Right cup size


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Make sure that your breasts don’t spill out from your bra on any side. Once you’ve determined the cut and shape that you like, ask for your particular cup size.

6. Bras for different occasions


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When selecting bras for regular home wear, it makes sense to get something more simple and comfortable. Fancy bras for formal events and special occasions may look attractive and alluring, but they may not be the coziest choice for quality sleep.

And remember, the correct bra for you will be neither uncomfortable nor painful for you.

It’s important for your self-esteem as well as physical health to look good with your unique breast size and shape, and finding the right bra for yourself is the first step in the right direction. Happy bra shopping!

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6 things to keep in mind to choose the right bra
Many women don't wear the right bra, either due to negligence or ignorance. Here are 6 things to keep in mind to choose the right bra.
Maitreyee Chowdhury

Maitreyee Chowdhury

Maitreyee B Chowdhury is a Bangalore-based web columnist.