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10 Telltale Signs She’s Secretly In Love With You

Looking for the perfect partner isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks. When you find the one person you like, you’re bound to look for signs she loves you. You’re not in high school anymore, so you obviously can’t play mind games or be the quiet one who watches her from afar and just doodles her name in your book.

We’re beyond all of that now, because that’s what adult life does to you. It could be a new colleague, your old roommate’s sister or just your sister’s friend that you’ve been crushing on forever. You really like her but you have no idea if she feels the same way. You can’t ask her unless you know for sure, can you? Of course, it would be so much easier if you could just go and tell her that you’re in love with her. But again, welcome to the adult world.

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You notice how she blushes around you and twirls her hair when she’s talking to you. Is she laughing too loudly to get your attention or is that what you think she’s doing? She’s messaging you about what happened at work, but does she talk like that with everyone? Your hands grazed each other at the table, intentional or an accident? There are just too many questions and not many answers which leave you more confused than ever. You just can’t seem to get a clear idea of whether she likes you or not.

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So, what do you do? You start looking for signs that tell you she’s secretly in love with you. These may be hard to read at first, but these are the ones you should watch out for if you want to know if she’s secretly loving you.

1. Watch for the eyes and the smile

woman smiling

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If the body language isn’t convincing enough, her eyes and smile are the next signs she secretly likes you. The way she looks at you is very crucial. So, if you catch her looking at you for long periods of time, or just making a lot of eye contact, then she’s definitely into you. It’s honestly not very easy for girls to hide it when they like someone. If she’s smiling more than needed and definitely more than she does for others, then she’s smitten for sure. 

2. You’re getting all the attention

couple talking

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Women are known for being detail oriented, but with you it’s a different play altogether. She’s listening to every word you say and every move you make. She’ll remember something you told her almost a month ago, even if it was a lame joke or a random story. She’ll know what kind of food you like, what kind of clothes you wear and maybe even some details about your work. She just can’t stop herself from being so interested in you.

3. The physical effect you have on her

woman smiling2

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If she’s falling, for you then this is one of the main signs she secretly loves you. Women’s body language undergoes an instant change when they’re around someone they like. So, if she likes you, she’s going to be fidgeting with her hair or maybe re-checking her makeup. She’s laughing at all your jokes, even the not-so-funny ones! And, even if she’s the kind who loves her sweatpants, she’s putting an effort to look nice for you. Do you see what you are doing to her?

4. Plenty of flattery is coming your way

couple talking (2)

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One of the main signs she loves you is if she gives you compliments consistently. For women, compliments are very important when it comes to conveying that love is a possibility. Compliments work like an ice breaker for them – “that white shirt looks good on you” – makes you feel nice, doesn’t it? It’s not just your physical appearance; she’s giving you the positives about your other qualities too. So, if she’s being very supportive and complimenting you, she’s definitely into you.

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5. She’s getting touchy

couple smiling

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No, I don’t mean she’s going to feel you up at every chance she gets, but she’s not going to miss a chance to have simple physical contact with you. Playful pushing, seemingly unintentional grazing of hands and shoulders, playful taps, poking or those cute fights definitely point to one of the signs she loves you. It could just be fun food fights, or annoying you with clicking random pictures of you, or just about anything silly she can find. Do not think that she’s desperate to get her hands on you. It’s just her way of physically flirting with you and showing that she’s interested in you. Those hugs, accidental grazes, and brushing against your hand definitely mean something good for you.

6. She wants to know you better

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She’s just so curious about you! She wants to know more about your life and how you live it. She’ll keep throwing questions at you about your likes, dislikes, your work, and everything else. She’ll talk about your friends and family because she wants to know about the important people in your life. It’s one of the main reasons that she loves listening to your random stories. By doing this, she wants to be the one who knows you better than anyone else. That’s important to her.

7. She almost always has time

couple talking

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No matter what she’s doing and how early or late it is, she’s going to be there if you want to meet her or be there for her. If she’s making excuses or always saying she is too busy, then you should probably just take a step back. But if she’s coordinating everything else in her life just to spend time with you, then you are obviously important to her. No one has time for anything or anyone these days, so if she’s taking the time out just for you, then you are definitely in luck!

8. Goes out of her way for you

woman giving a gift to man

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When women like someone, they tend to try everything in their power to make them happy. She’ll be doing the same for you if she’s secretly in love with you. No matter what the situation is like, you can count on her being there with you and for you. She might be having the busiest day at work, but when you call her, she will stop whatever it is to listen to you. If she can’t, she will finish whatever it is and call you back immediately. She went and bought that cake you like from the other side of town, even though it was such a hassle. All this just to make YOU happy! Yeah, you have a winner there.

9. She’s making an effort to get to know your friends


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When girls like you, her friends are the easiest way to figure it out because they’ll be giggling and teasing her when you’re around. But you know she’s definitely into you when she’s warming up to your friends, especially your close ones, even if she can’t stand the sight of them. Do not mistake it for her hitting on them, because that’s the last thing she wants you to think. She just wants you to know she cares enough to get to know the important people in your life. Of course, if she gets along with them, that’s even better. But don’t let the effort she’s putting in to getting to know all your friends worry you. Why else would she try doing this unless she really likes you?

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10. Other women with you don’t make her happy

sad woman

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She might be really cordial with every other woman you have her meet, but she’ll be burning on the inside. No matter how much she says that jealousy is not her thing, a woman tends to get upset when you pay too much attention to another female friend. Watch her when you talk about another girl or tell her that you were hanging out with that girl from college – does she avoid saying anything significant or change the topic? Well, you have her!

It’s not exactly a cakewalk figuring out these signs. It’s just so confusing and all over the place. But it’s not the most impossible thing in the world to decipher either. You need to have patience because winning a woman’s heart takes time. She might be showing all these signs but you’ll have to do your bit and reciprocate to them to encourage her. If you don’t react, how will she know that you like her too? It works both ways!

Happy dating!

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10 Telltale Signs She Loves You Secretly
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