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10 Telltale Signs He’s Secretly In Love With You

Searching for a perfect partner is a treasure hunt that everyone attempts in the pursuit of gold. A girl reserves her feelings and words until she is sure the person she likes or wants to be with is secretly in love with her too. The staring games, smile exchanges, and many other minute events are just small objectives of the hunt.

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The ideal guy may be your best friend whom you might have known for many years but who never confessed his feelings for you, or he could be that pal you just met a few weekends ago. He may behave very macho and confident, but when it comes to love even he would like to play it safe and not reveal his love for you until he is very sure. He might well be head over heels in love with you, but abstains himself from saying so as a rejection by you may end his chances of staying close to you. Hence, with apprehension and attraction present on both ends, picking up the signs is essential to be sure about his feelings for you.

Here are ten signs to help you decode the situation:

1. The effect your presence has on him

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You know this guy to be outgoing, happy with people around, and with a carefree attitude towards life. But have you observed him restricting his nature to become protective when he is with you? This is strong evidence that he secretly loves you – he is curbing his natural instincts to impress you with a sophisticated demeanor. Even if you find this change weird and not so pleasant, respect his feelings and at least manage a smile for him, as even that smile can make his day.

2. The eyes say it all

couple making eye contact

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He may not say it in words, but his eyes are a reflection of his soul. You will find him giving you long gazes and abruptly look away when you catch him doing so. His eyes want to stare at you all day long and shamelessly admit to doing so. Have you ever noticed that when your best friend looks at you in the eye, his gaze softens and radiates a warm glow of affection? Those eyes that seek and yearn for your presence all the time are an opportunity for you to know that he secretly loves you.

3. He blushes

couple talking

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Cute blushes and coy smiles are mainly attributed to girls. However, have you ever noticed him go red in the cheeks when you pass a compliment at him on his new look, or congratulate him on his achievements? If your words have such an impact on a guy who has grown to be a pillar of strength and a shoulder of comfort for you, there is definitely something there. If you also have feelings for him, give him a sweet compliment and if he blushes, all your pressing questions are laid to rest.

4. Your response is all that matters

couple talking

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In your group of friends, the guy you like and whom you think is attracted to you would always look for your response to any joke he cracks or any suggestion that he contributes in the middle of a discussion. He just wants to know you better, and your reactions are the most important for him. He will always turn to you with a quizzical look to find out about how you feel about every comment or action of his, despite many others being present.

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5. He is the first person to respond

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From being the first person to notice you changed your hairstyle or had a new brow job done, to being the first person to like and comment on your social media updates, he is always the one. If he is in love with you, he is trying to make you notice his presence. These guys as partners can be relied upon to take the initiative, even if he is initially hesitant about expressing his feelings.

6. Your beautiful friends do not matter

couple talking

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A friend who does not flirt with your friends or asks you to get him introduced to one of them is, more likely than not, in love with you. Such guys will never make you jealous about the presence of other females in his life, making for dedicated and loyal life partners. When at a party when everyone is dressed to impress, he will make it a point to assure you that you look the best of the lot. Feeling special cannot feel bad, can it?

7. Touchy-touchy

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

If the guy is secretly in love with you, he will try to be a bit touchy with you, but in the right way. He will tap your hand during conversations, try to hold your hand as you are watching a romantic movie together, hug you at every possible opportunity, and square up his shoulders when he is around you. All these may sound like acts of a desperate man, but it’s not true. He wants to touch you and be sure that you are not repulsive towards it. These gestures are clear indications of his secret feelings for you. However, if he gets more touchy than comfortable and forces his touch upon you despite your hints of discomfort, you may want to have second thoughts.

8. “Everything I do, I do it for you”

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Image source: Shutterstock

These words from Bryan Adams romantic number are a great indicator that he loves you. He considers you in everything he does, or gets something for you from every destination he visits. He discusses his career with you in order to cement his image as an ambitious person in your mind, and to indicate that he will do anything possible to take care of you in the future, despite the fact that you’re an independent woman. These guys are very expressive as partners and will try their level best to ensure a happy life for you. Watch out – such guys can also be dominating in the long run.

9. He would even shop with you

couple shopping

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Boys are known to stay away from shopping and prefer to just be quick when they buy things for themselves. Still, if he accompanies you to your shopping expeditions and carries the bags around for you, he is simply busy secretly loving you. He understands your need for some good retail therapy and stands by you even when other guys look for excuses to get away. It is not only shopping – he also enjoys all the other activities you enjoy doing, because he gets to spend time with you.

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10. It is all about you for him

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Guys are as self-centered as girls are, and like to talk about themselves. Every guy likes to have his say in all discussions and decisions that are taken in a group. But, this guy would be all ears for you always. During the courting period, all guys tend to be patient and listen to what you have to say. But, true love is evident in the genuine effort he puts in, so reciprocate with words of appreciation if you too have a soft corner for him.

With these 10 signs you can stop wondering if he’s secretly in love with you too! Happy dating!

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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10 Telltale Signs He's Secretly In Love With You
'He loves me, he loves me not.' Wondering if he is secretly in love with you too? Stop wondering and be sure with these 10 telltale signs.
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