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20 Things Women Want Men To Know About Relationships

When you love someone, you try hard to please your beloved and make her happy in order to have the most fulfilling relationship. But the task may not be as easy as it sounds. Men and women do think very differently, but that does not mean you have to give up all hope and quit trying. Just be very aware of what women want men to know while in a relationship, and act accordingly. 

Every woman has different needs and demands, but there are certain fundamental things that all women want from their men. Let this not puzzle you any further – here is a basic list:

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1. Be around

couple hugging

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When a woman has confessed that you have her heart, or you have noticed telltale signs that suggest that she does have strong feelings for you, know that she will always love to have you around her. It does not matter whether you look all formal or are all dressed down – make sure you spend a lot of time with her. Make her laugh and talk about your interests and hobbies. Share your life with her and build rapport.

2. Be a good listener

couple hugging

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This is the golden rule of relationships that is repeated way too frequently but followed…almost never. Women hate being with men who are full of themselves and who do not have the patience to listen to what she has to say. It is about time you change that conception of women as this will turn you into an instant chick magnet. When a girl is speaking to you, be patient and listen to her. Do not interrupt or stop her. If you really do want to win her over, doing this is bound to take you a long way.

3. Be affectionate

couple holding hands

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Hold her hand in public, kiss her every now and then for no specific reason, hug her from behind and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. These are small and seemingly insignificant gestures, but a woman would want nothing more than for her lover to know that these small affectionate moves just make her the happiest woman on earth.

4. Quit moping in front of her

We all sure have lives that are very vivid and complex, but that does not mean that your girl exists solely for you to unburden your misery to. Granted, that you need to do this once in a while. But if you make her your shrink, or worse, your ego booster, then you’ve dug a hole for yourself. Try and be carefree around her, mention all the positive things about your life to her. Show her that being with her makes you forget your sorrows.

5. Do not lie, ever


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Lying, even for the pettiest reasons, is not cool. Rest assured, a woman is bound to leave you if she discovers that you are not truthful to her in any way. So refrain from lying the next time a potential situation arises. Truth, however bitter, is better than lies – any day.

6. Get out of your comfort zone

couple on a date

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Success will not come to you if you stay snuggled up in your little corner. Women like men who are courageous, dynamic, and have the guts to approach them. Even if you think your chances with a girl are very limited, go ahead and approach her. At least you’ll have the satisfaction of giving it a shot, rather than wondering what if.

7. Ask her for advice

couple talking in bed

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One way women feel important and connected to you is if you solicit her opinion and advice. So ask for her inputs when you need any.

8. Show that you are confident

The sole trick to being the kind of man women love is by displaying your confidence. Women love being around men who can take charge and who is very acutely conscious of his own self – his shortcomings and his strengths. So make sure you show your girl that you are a confident man who can charm her with his irresistible charisma.

9. Practice that sense of humor

couple on a date

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Women want to be around men who can make them laugh and turn their frowns upside down, but you have to have a refined and classy sense of humor. Cheap jokes don’t really make you attractive. So next time if you crack a joke in front of her, make sure it isn’t trashy or vulgar.

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10. Flirt now and then

If you can’t pass flirtatious comments to the woman you love, how will she ever know you have feelings for her? Women do like it when men flirt and try to win them over, just as long as you are not overdoing it.

11. Take care of your hair

man getting ready

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This may not seem that important, but women do want men to have decent-looking hairstyles. So make sure you pay enough attention to your hair if you want to have that perfect style quotient that women find so appealing. If you can’t quite figure out what styles look good on you, you can consult a hairstylist and maintain your hair how you are advised to.

12. Be neat and clean

Women love it when men are particular about personal hygiene. So develop a habit of cutting your nails every week and wear well pressed and clean clothes. This will make women feel more comfortable when with you. And this is just one of the things in the list titled what women want men to know about relationships.

13. Prioritize her wishes

man giving flowers to a woman

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A woman likes it if a man does what she would like him to, especially if she has dropped hints about it or said it outright. Not all the time, but every now and then. So sport her favorite shirt on her birthday and surprise her at work – you have no idea how happy you will make her.

14. Praise her when she asks for it

Being a man’s lover makes her automatically entitled to his praise. When she asks you about her appearance, tell her how great she looks – and mean it – instead of ignoring her with an offhand ‘fine.’

15. Call her when she expects you to

woman talking on phone

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Women want men to be as committed to the relationship as they are. If you’d said you will call her at a given time, do remember to do so, for she would be looking forward to it; don’t ever keep her waiting.

16. Fulfill her unspoken wishes

couple having breakfast in bed

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If you are going for a movie together, buy her favorite popcorn before stepping into the theater. While buying a household item, pick something in her favorite color. A woman wants men to do these little things for her even if she won’t ask for it.

17. Give her all the space she wants

Women love their independence and are terrified of losing it. Do not do anything that could possibly jeopardize her independence. Let her live her life the way she wants to. Do not interfere unless you absolutely must.

18. Make her feel young

happy couple

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Women want to be made to feel like they are eternally young, and they would like to hear this from none other than their dearly beloved. Women do admire their mums, but deep down they are afraid of becoming like them. Make sure you pay her lots of compliments and take her out every now and then.

19. Don’t care too much about money


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Trust us on this one, whether you’re an up and comer or swimming in wads of cash, a woman finds it unappealing if you keep going on and on about money and your financial status. Frankly, it’s quite off-putting, not to mention uncouth to bring up money – all the time! Humility and modesty always appeal to a woman.

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20. Smile

couple laughing1

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Smile a lot. Smile and make her smile as much as you can. Keep her happy and make her feel like she is around an optimistic person and not a gloomy one.

And that is all there is to know when it comes to what women want men to know about relationships. Happy dating! :)

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What Women Want Men To Know: These 20 Things
Women are complex creatures, but it isn't rocket science to figure out what women want men to know about relationships. Here's a basic list. Check it out.
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