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Does She Love Me? Stop Wondering And Be Sure With These 15 Powerful Signs!

You’re dating this amazing girl, who is everything you ever thought you’d want in a partner. She makes your heart go all fluttery, the butterflies in your tummy to go nuts! She’s just awesome! But does she love you? How to tell definitively?

One way to find out is to tell her you love her. But it’s a pretty big step, one you need to take only when you’re clear about your feelings. The last thing you want is to be rejected by the object of your affection and get your heart crushed, or worse, for the girl to freak out, dump you, and say that you should stick to ‘being just friends’! Yikes!

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Does she love me? Signs to be sure!

Apart from your heart, you need to protect your pride as well, when it comes to love. So it’s better to watch out for a few definitive signs that tell you that the woman you love is, in fact, in love with you too.

1. She trusts you.

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Yes, trust, respect, and understanding are what make a relationship sound and solid. And if she trusts you with her thoughts, ideas, dreams and aspirations, then she thinks you’re going to safeguard them. That you would understand what it means for her to achieve them. And she wants you to be there right beside her when she does go after them. Her trust in you is her way of showing her vulnerable side to you.

2. She finds your sense of humor adorable.

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She thinks you’re the funniest guy alive on the whole effing planet! She laughs at all your jokes, even the ones that are not that funny, and thinks you’re adorable. She not only laughs at the not-so-funny jokes, she also tells you that you’re adorable for making her frowns turn upside down.

3. She shows an interest in your friends and family.

She knows how important your friends and family are in your life, and so she wants to get to know them. If she asks them questions about you, what you were like before she met you, what mischief you got into during high school, or what pranks you pulled on your siblings, then she’s definitely eager to know more about you and understand you more. She takes care to respect your friends and family’s role in your life, and tries to get along with them, even if there’s some friction. That should tell you that she definitely loves you.

4. She’s ready to compromise.

Whenever you both argue or have a disagreement, more often than not, she’s ready to compromise and really see your point of view. She’s willing to put aside her ego and pride to meet you halfway. It’s a signs of her immense love for you that she puts the relationship before her own pride.

5. She tries really hard to make you happy.

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Whether it’s cooking your favorite meal every other week, or going that extra mile to get your laundry from the cleaners, she loves to see that smile on your face. And if that means she has to go a bit out of the way, it’s not a bother to her at all. Whenever you need her – emotionally or literally – she’s there, right beside you. This should tell you that she’s totally in love with you.

6. She confides in you.

Does she love me? Yes, she does, if she confides in you. She talks to you about her fears in life, her professional ambitions, her future plans, where she wants to be in the next decade – she bares her vulnerable soul to you. If she treats you like her best friend and confidant, then you probably are; more than that, in fact. She loves you!

7. She and you want the same things from the relationship.

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You figure quite prominently in her plans for the future, whether it’s her professional success or personal growth. You both share the same values and respect each other as the individuals you are, despite being in a relationship. She allows you to grow while she does the same; in essence, she respects you and your space as an individual, while she expects the same from you.

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8. She’s there for you, no matter what.

If she loves you, she will be there to support you and be your personal cheerleader, with bells and whistles! She believes in you, your abilities, and your dreams. She has every confidence in you that you can do whatever you’ve set out to do. When feelings of self-doubt creep up on you, she’s right there by your side, giving you the pep talk you need, the confidence and support you need to pull off what you’ve set out to do.

9. She likes you, just as you are.

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She doesn’t try to change you because she likes you just the way you are, flaws and all. She doesn’t nag you to change your ways, or tell you that you’re doing something wrong. Instead, what she offers is calm, logical, and rational arguments that would help you grow as a person. She doesn’t criticize you, she presents her points logically. And if she knows she’s in the wrong, she’ll be the first one to apologize.

10. She makes you feel safe.

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What I mean is, she makes you feel emotionally safe. That you can trust her with your deep, dark secrets, and be sure that she would never judge you, nor would she use them against you in an argument or a fight. She’s loyal to the core, and would never betray the trust you’ve placed in her. She has helpful suggestions to make when you’re dealing with a problem, and has a way of giving you different perspectives for the same issue, making you stop and think before you act. She truly cares about you.

11. She doesn’t play games.

She doesn’t play mind games with you, nor will she toy with your emotions and feelings. She’s not going to blow hot and cold, nor will she keep you guessing as to what she wants from you. If she wants something from you, she’ll tell you, and that’s that.

12. She tries to look good for you.

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She makes the effort to look good for you. Even if it’s just the two of you going to the movies, she wants your eyes on her. She keeps herself fit and takes care of her appearance. She may even ask you what kinds of outfits you like her in. Mind you, this is no way means that she doesn’t have an opinion of her own or that she can’t choose for herself. She just wants to take your preferences into account too, because she loves you. That’s all.

13. She talks to her friends about you.

The surest way to know if she loves is if her friends tell you that you make her happy, and that she talks about you all the time. She’s so happy that she’s in love with you, that she just can’t keep the news to herself. She wants the world to rejoice with her, revel in her happiness, and be happy as much as she is.

14. She has eyes only for you.

It’s only human tendency to notice a good-looking member of the opposite gender. But if she doesn’t so much as blink her eye even if a gorgeous male specimen is right in front of her, and has her eyes glued to you, then you know for sure that she love you, very much!

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15. She makes you her priority.

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She’s an independent, career woman, who has her own set of obligations and commitments. But if she takes time off her busy schedule to spend it with you, then you know that you figure pretty high on her list of priorities in life. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Does she love me? You can now stop wondering about this, eh? These signs definitively tell you that she loves you to the core. Now, if only you could scrounge up enough courage to tell it to her?

Share your experiences of your first I love you in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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Does She Love Me? 15 Powerful Signs To Be Absolutely Sure
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