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10 Things Men Hate To Hear From Their Partners

From those rhetorical questions and sarcastic replies, there are a lot of things that men simply hate to hear, particularly when it comes from their partners. The next time you are having a discussion with your guy, try to refrain touching these subjects, as they can cause some serious damage to your relationship.

If you are ready to face the bitter truth, here are all the things men hate to hear from you:

1. Discussing their past relationships

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Too often, men don’t like to discuss intimate details about their past relations. If you will keep on interrogating them about their ex, you might end up making them furious. You are their present and you should cherish that instead of comparing yourself to their ex.

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2. Criticizing their parents

This one will hit home and can often rupture their ego. If you keep on saying bad things about their parents, it might not only turn them off but will certainly make them angry as hell.

3. Finding flaws in their body

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It is their body and not yours. You should have thought about the way they look or how their physical appearance is before you started dating them. Being their partner, you should help them feel confident in their skin. Imagine them saying that you are not beautiful one morning. How will that make you feel?

Disappointed. Angry. And Full of hate.

4. Telling them that they are extremely emotional

Men also have feelings and being emotional isn’t a bad thing at all. Though, telling your guy that he is too sensitive might change the chemistry between the two of you. Not only will it make him upset, but he might stop sharing intimate things with you, knowing that you would be judging him for his feelings.

5. Commenting on their sex drive

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JUST DON’T DO THAT. Men are extremely proud of their sex drive, and even when your partner is not able to satisfy you at times, instead of telling this on his face, you should start experimenting things a little. Use props or a setup to excite the two of you. Lastly, if nothing works, have a sincere conversation and try to know each other’s body to elevate your drive.

6. Criticizing their career or income

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Try not to judge the choices they have made in their life with respect to their career. Never judge a man by his income or where he presently is in his professional life. Not only will it make you sound shallow, but it will also make him feel low of himself. Instead of judging his career, encourage him to reach new heights.

7. Calling their passions and interests as “boring”

Everyone has their own hobbies and passion. Your guy might be into photography or sci-fi games, which might not interest you at all. But just because you are not able to find any significance in their passion, doesn’t mean that you should label it as “boring”. Trust me, never ask him to pick between you and his star wars collection. He will always pick star wars over you. Get used to it.

8. Disrespecting their advice

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Now, you don’t need to implement everything they say, but give proper attention to your man when he is trying to explain you something. If you will simply tell him that his advice is no good, it would definitely make him feel bad.

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9. Criticizing them in front of their friends and family

You are their other half and you are supposed to have their back. Complaining about them to their friends and family is not a wise move. Most guys are private and they don’t want the involvement of anyone else in their relationship.

10. Comparing them with your ex

This is something that might end up breaking your relationship. No matter how pretty or handsome your ex was, your guy would definitely hate to get compared to him. Instead of looking back, concentrate on your present. Look into his eyes and know where you belong. Have a moment with him, without saying a word. Trust me, it would mean the world to him.

Now that you know all the things men hate to hear, there’s no excuse to slip up!

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10 Things Men Hate To Hear From Their Partners
When you know the things men hate to hear, there's no excuse to slip up!
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