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15 Things That Men Do That Are Instant Turn Offs For Women

The general impression that guys have about the female of the species is that they are “complicated” creatures, and that, it is impossible to figure out what they want and what they don’t. Because of this notion, they find it hard to to win them over and keep them happy. However, there are certain things that instant turn offs for girls, which, when looked at as a whole, will make a lot of sense.

 Most of the time, not doing certain things is as important as doing certain things, when trying to impress girls. There is more to creating a favorable impression than having a perfect set of teeth and biceps. There are some things that irritate girls no end, which in turn will have you waving at the opportunity as it passes you by.

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Here are 15 things that guys do, that turn girls off tremendously, aka, the biggest turn off for girls.

1. Lack of hygiene


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This is something that girls cannot stress enough on, and  which guys don’t seem to understand. You might think that it makes you look all  rugged and  laid back, but your unhygienic habits, a la unkempt hair, dirty fingernails, unclipped toenails, showering once a week (ick!), et al, do not go down well with the ladies. It just shows that you don’t care enough to clean up before you meet her, and after that, no girl would be really interested either; especially after your date takes the effort to dress up to go out with you.  Brushing your teeth, combing your hair, grooming the beard, clipping your toenails…  these aren’t really Herculean tasks.

2. Bad social skills


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You might think “How does society figure into our relationship?” but in reality, social skills are very important when it comes to creating the right impression on  girls. When they introduce you to their friends, they want you to talk to them and ask them questions and be the kind of person everyone loves talking to. No one is going to find you appealing if you merely stand in a corner and sulk. If you’re an introvert, then you have to make these exceptions once in a while to mingle in a large group that is clearly out of your comfort zone.  However, if you’re shy, then you need to let your partner know that you’d rather start with something small, like a bunch of friends hanging out informally, in a familiar place, rather than going to a noisy party where you don’t know anybody.

3. Unwittingly making misogynistic comments

sexist jokes

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Often, guys unwittingly tell their girlfriends not to act like a girl or make fun of girls’ driving skills. Seldom do they realize that these kinds of misogynistic remarks are disrespectful. Girls, or for that matter anyone won’t want to be with someone who doesn’t respect them or their gender. So, don’t be that guy.

4. Body odor


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I am not being stereotypical here, but guys do tend to stink a lot. There is nothing wrong with that though. Guys  perspire much more than girls do, and when that sweat dries up on their body, it tends to become body odor. Now that this has been scientifically explained, it is important to understand how much it turns girls off, because there is absolutely nothing that is attractive about stinking. Using a deodorant before meeting your girlfriend, or for that matter, anyone, will only do you good.

5. Excessive cologne

man putting on cologne

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While guys who have body odor are not the most appealing kind, guys who do the opposite and bathe themselves in cologne before going out is another extreme, which girls usually  prefer to avoid. The deodorant advertisements on television show semi-naked guys spraying cans of the same on themselves, and immediately afterwards, a flock of girls clad in skimpy clothes running after them because they have suddenly become irresistible. Guys, take note:this is a lie. Suffocating your date with your cologne is definitely not the way to go.

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6. Talking about ex-girlfriends


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One of the biggest turn offs for girls  is when the guy they are with cannot shut up about their ex(es). The moment guys start talking about them, girls start losing interest, and that becomes the first and most telling nail in the coffin. . No girl wants to know how great, or even how bad your ex was. They are your ex for a reason. Not only are you talking about yourself and your past life in which your current girl had no part to play, but you are also completely ignoring the fact that you have someone with you right now, which is possibly the biggest turn off ever.

7. Arrogance


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Humility and manners are some of the most attractive qualities about individuals, and the opposite of this is someone who is arrogant, stuck up, and has an ego that is too big to lug around. No one likes a person whose ego is bigger than the size of their head. Also, when they can’t stop talking about themselves, or treat those inferior to them with disdain and bad behavior, women feel like turning around and walking away, but not before they can punch him right across the face. You might be an incredibly talented, smart, and well-endowed individual, but when you can’t get enough of yourself, you will probably end up alone.

8. Playing video games all the time


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It is just one of those things guys do. If they have a girlfriend who likes playing video games, or what the internet fondly calls a “gamer girl,” then it’s cool. . They can play their video games together to glory. However, if you have a girlfriend or even a friend you are trying to date, it is best if you don’t keep them sitting in one corner of the room while you complete playing “just one more game” of FIFA. Firstly, they feel like naughty children who have been asked to sit in the corner with a toy they don’t like, while you go about your business, and secondly, it is a big turn off for girls because  this is an exercise they just  don’t want to be a part of.

9. Open flirting


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Whether it is with you, or with other people when they are with you (which is infinitely worse), open flirting is one of the biggest turn offs for girls. Flirting is a subtle art that only classy guys can master, and not horny boys looking for some action. The right kind will make your girl blush and not turn red with anger and embarrassment. Also, when guys flirt with other girls in front of the person they are with, it is likely that the date will last about… 10 more seconds, or less than that.

10. Excessive swearing


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Nope. It is not cool. Not even when we were 12. When grown guys use bad language all the time, girls feel like throwing up, and I am not even exaggerating. A lot of pent up frustration may lead to letting out an oops word now and then, but swearing all the time makes you look crass, and of course  is one of the biggest turn offs for girls.

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11. Not replying to your long messages


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I am not sure whether to call it a “guy thing” or just plain and simple laziness, but this is one irritating thing that guys do, which is an instant turn off for girls. Sometimes, girls get into a terribly romantic mood when they feel that they should tell their better half everything that they have been feeling for them. In other instances, they get really, really mad, and without long, explanatory texts, their rage doesn’t make sense. Whatever the reason for the long messages, there is an instant mood shift for the worst when there is a two-word, three-word, lackluster reply. And if you were to reply with a single word – run for your life!

12. Over-enthusiasm about everything


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Guys may like football. They may like animé. They may like physics or clothes or superhero movie franchises or a number of other things. However, one of the biggest turn offs for girls is when they cannot shut up about it.  It is also very insulting when they prioritize whatever they are passionate about over the person whom they are with.

13. Indecision


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“What do you want to have for dinner?”

“I don’t know, whatever you want.”

One of the most annoying tendencies that guys have is when they refuse to make a decision and instead say, “anything,” “I don’t know,” “whatever,” or “you tell me,” to everything – whether it is a question regarding dinner or what  positions to try in bed (no wait, they do want to have a say in the latter!). Sometimes, it is important to take charge for a change and sweep girls off their feet and not nag and remain reticent.

14. Weak personalities


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Weakness is something that turns girls off instantly. I am not being stereotypical here and saying that guys have to be strong and bold and macho all the time. A strong personality has nothing to do with physical strength or looks. When guys don’t stand up for their girlfriends in front of their friends or even complete strangers to avoid a scene, or they start becoming overly sensitive about everything, or even when they agree to everything just for the sake of it, girls are bound to be turned off by such weakness.

15. Scratching private parts in public


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There should probably be a drumroll before this point, because it is one of the most relevant and  absolutely important one on the list. Girls hate it when guys feel it is completely acceptable to tug or scratch their private parts in public. It is gross and uncouth, not to mention disgusting, and there is no greater turn off than seeing, especially the man that you are with, happily scratching away at his genitals in front of other people. Ugh!

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These are just some things that guys should actively try to avoid, and which, girls would ,  of course, agree with, so that the two sexes can  live together peacefully.

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15 Things Men Do That Are The Biggest Turn Offs For Girls
There's more that can turn off a girl than your ambiguous behavior. Check out the things you are doing that are the biggest turn offs for girls.
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