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10 Things You Should Never Apologize To Your Boyfriend For

Be it a cute ‘Aww, I am sorry’ or a heartfelt ‘I am really sorry’ women are quick to apologize. You jump in with an apology, whether it is your fault or not, just to pacify the situation. There certainly are situations when you should apologize but these 10 things are not what you should apologize to your boyfriend for –

1. For being emotional

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Women are called emotional fools, too sensitive, crazy and a lot more only because they don’t shy away from wearing their heart on their sleeve. If you are one to cry at moments of helplessness or when you have been terribly hurt then go ahead and let it out. You certainly don’t need to apologize for caring too much or having feelings.

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2. For your past

We have all been young and fanciful, having made our bunch of mistakes and you certainly don’t need your boyfriend to rake up all those mistakes to make a point! Sometimes they aren’t even mistakes, like all those happy memories with your ex boyfriends, but certainly nothing to apologize about. Your boyfriend needs to take accept you as you are.

3. For not being dressed all the time

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You go through a lot of pains to look presentable, hurtful things like waxing, tweezing and spending hours to choose the right clothes. However, you are going to have your bad days when you don’t want to put in the effort and your boyfriend just needs to accept it. You don’t have to say sorry for not dressing to the nines all the time!

4. For changing your mind

You wanted one thing and now you don’t its fine you don’t have to say sorry. You are after all a human with a thinking brain, sometimes your logic says one thing but your heart wants another. It’s normal to want different things and you don’t have to feel guilty about saying or choosing different things than what you promised. It’s OK.

5. For your body

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You need to stop saying sorry if you put on some weight or are on your period, as it is anything off with your body makes you feel uncomfortable, you don’t want to add guilt to the equation! Some fat and blood doesn’t make you undesirable and if it does, then you need to change your boyfriend!

6. For not having sex

Sex needs consent, but women often yield into sex without 100% consent because they feel guilty about saying no to their partners. You need to stop apologizing for not wanting to have sex, you may not be in the mood or it’s not the right time but that should not make you feel sorry!

7. For spending time with girlfriends

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You two are a couple and love to spend time with each other but that doesn’t mean you are joined at the hip. It’s perfectly alright to take time for yourself and hang out with your girlfriends. After all your girlfriends are always going to be there, boyfriends may come and go. And it’s not worth apologizing to someone who doesn’t understand what your girlfriends mean to you or expecting you to change just because you are in a relationship now.

8. For attention from other guys

You have always been ogled at and propositioned all your life, so it’s not likely to stop anytime now just because you have a boyfriend. If someone flirts with you at a bar or stares at you in a mall, it’s not your dress or you, it’s just them. By apologizing for this attention, you are accepting that this behavior is somehow your fault, it’s NOT. So don’t give him that power.

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9. For expecting simple chivalry

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Feminism means the freedom of choice, the same as to a man or woman. It is not the freedom given to your boyfriend to be a jerk! Doing small chivalrous things for you or going out of his way to express love is expected; you don’t have to say sorry to your boyfriend for this.

10. For putting yourself first

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Be it the solo trip you have been planning or the MBA program you applied to, you should go ahead and give it your best. These decisions may be selfish and rock your relationship, but it’s just testing grounds. You should never apologize for being a better person and improving yourself.

Now, never apologize to your boyfriend for these and let him KNOW you won’t be sorry!

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10 Things You Should Never Apologize To Your Boyfriend For
You should NEVER apologize to your boyfriend for these things!
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