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How To Be A Better Boyfriend? By Following These 16 Tips!

A relationship is based on mutual give and take, and if you don’t give enough reasons for your partner to stick around, they won’t. The same applies to them as well. You need to treat them right, so that they know that you actually, sincerely care about them.

This may sound harsh and even sexist too, but women are usually more attuned to their partner’s feelings and are sensitive to them, when compared to men. However, it’s not that hard to be a better boyfriend. And if you want to know how to be a better boyfriend to your lady, then I suggest you work on treating her right. This list will come in handy too.

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1. Listen to her.

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I know that you’ve probably heard this and read this a million times before, but it’s really important for you to really listen to her when she’s talking. In your quest to make her happy, you need to learn to listen to what she’s saying. Many women process information by talking and venting and discussing. You’re anyway there to support her, but if you listen too, then there’s nothing like it. Don’t nod your head simply when you’re not actually listening to her, because if she realizes that you’re just nodding your head to keep the peace, it won’t end well.

2. Show your appreciation.

When your girlfriend does something nice for you, or is just being her awesome self, show her how much you appreciate her. You might find it really great to have her in your life, be really thankful for all she does for you, but if you don’t let her know it, then what’s the point? She’s not a mind reader, you know. So you have to open your mouth and tell her how much what she does mean to you. Even if it’s just a plain ‘thank you,’ followed by a kiss, she’ll know that she’s valued, and that her presence in your life means something to you.

3. Surprise her.

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Plan a surprise for her. Whether it’s dinner at her favorite restaurant, or a much-needed trip, or even taking her around for a surprise picnic on a weekend, just do it. Even if it’s just a bunch of flowers and a kiss, she’ll appreciate the surprise more than you’ll know. Set her heart aflutter with these little surprises, and she’ll love you for it!

4. Do things that she loves to do.

Relationships are all about compromises, making sacrifices – both big and small, and meeting your partner halfway. So you both may have to endure and do things the other wants to do, because you both are individuals with your own unique interests and passions. To that effect, once in a while, do things that she wants to do, like watching a horror flick, or going shopping for a gift for her best friend’s birthday, or even laser tag!

5. Give her space and time.

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This endeavor is twofold. Firstly, she needs to have time to herself where she does things for herself, like getting a mani-pedi, put on a face mask, or style her hair to her satisfaction, or even try out different makeup products, or just curl up on the couch with a good book and a glass of cabernet. She needs this alone time, just as much as you need your time alone in your man-cave.

Secondly, she needs to have time to spend with her gal pals. It’s a way to unwind for her. If you’re unhappy that she left you to go have fun with her girlfriends, she will resent you for it. If you’re entitled to your guy time, then so is she! Deal with it!

6. Don’t get jealous and/or possessive.

Even if you do get jealous, keep it to yourself. It’s natural human tendency to get jealous at times, but if you seem to get jealous at the slightest things, you’ll make her very unhappy with your behavior. She’ll think you don’t trust her enough. Keep it on the down low. Also, don’t get possessive about her. Some women might like that possessive boyfriend schtick, but chances are, your lady might not. She’s not a thing to be owned. Respect that she’s an individual and that she’s free to live her life the way she sees fit.

7. Help her with her chores.

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When you know she’s had a rough day, do her chores for her. If you do this even before she has to request you to do it, she’ll love you for it. She’ll appreciate the gesture more than you can know. You may think that there’s not too much to do around the house in terms of chores, but you’d be surprised by how much there is to do and put away. And if you do this for your lady, you’ll have made her day!

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8. Respect her friends and family.

Her friends and family have been in her life far longer than you have. So respect their roles in her life and you’ll be appreciated. Even if you’re not a big fan of her friends, try to be cordial with them, so that there’s no bad blood between them and you. She would be ecstatic if you could get along with her friends and family, who are a big part of her life, just like you.

9. Try to please her in the bedroom.

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If you think sex isn’t all that important for a healthy, happy, and successful relationship, then you’re kidding yourself. Most women have a harder time fulfilling their physical needs than men, and if you show initiative and effort to please her, it would do great things for your relationship.

10. Keep yourself groomed.

No woman likes a man who doesn’t keep himself neat and well-groomed. It’s not very sexy or romantic to cuddle up to a boyfriend who reeks of body odor, and/or hasn’t shaved in a while. Even if you have a beard, you need to keep it trimmed and tidy. Good personal hygiene is not only good for your relationship, it’s good for your health too!

11. Plan activities together.

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While doing things that she likes and wants to do is great, you need to plan activities that you both enjoy. One of the things you can do is set a day of the week aside and take her on dates. It could be anything from a hike to an adventure trip to a dance class, or even an art exhibition that’s showing in your city. The idea is to keep yourselves engaged in something that you both enjoy immensely, thereby bringing you closer together as a couple.

It need not be outdoor activities always. You could some really interesting things indoors too. A cook off, a picnic on your rooftop at night, a video game that you both enjoy, watching classic movies together, or even reading the same book aloud and exchanging ideas and your views. As long as you both enjoy doing it, the activity can be anything under the sun.

12. Express how you feel.

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Most men balk at the idea of talking about their feelings and emotions, and it’s hard to break that habit in one day. But if you try to express how you feel, what goes on in your head, and where you’re at emotionally, it’ll bring you both closer as a couple and strengthen your bond. This is an opportunity for her to get to know you a little bit better. Don’t take it away from her. Trust me, it’ll get easier with time.

13. Be her personal cheerleader.

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on, someone to hold their hand, and offer support. And if you can be that for your girlfriend, then there’s nothing like it. When she comes to you with a problem, be there for her in whatever capacity – a friend, a helping hand, a mentor, an adviser. You have own set of priorities in life, we know. But if your girlfriend asks you for help when you’re planning a guys’ night out, know which one is your priority and make the right choice. It’s always reassuring for a woman to know that she can depend on her man to be there for her, no matter what life throws at her.

14. Treat her like a lady.

She may be your girlfriend, but if you don’t treat her like the lady she is, you won’t get very far with her. She may be independent, empowered, and strong, but even she would like you to be chivalrous once in a while. It’s all in her body language. Understand it, and you’ll know how to make her happy. Understand what makes her feel special, and be nice to her. Wooing is constant, even after you’ve been in the relationship for long. Just because she’s your girlfriend, doesn’t mean you can stop treating her right, now, does it?

15. Respect her as a person.

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She is, first and foremost, an individual with her own ideas, tenets, beliefs, and personality. And you need to respect her for it. Just because she’s now your girlfriend, doesn’t mean you expect her to behave differently. If you want to know how to be a better boyfriend to her, learn to treat her with the respect she deserves, and pay attention to her needs.

Respect her suggestions, ideas, and role in your life. Respect, love, and trust are what hold a relationship together, and if you can’t respect your girlfriend, you can be sure that it won’t last very long.

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16. Work on yourself.

If you really want to be a better boyfriend, you need to work on being a better person first. You need to work on making your life better, thereby making yourself better. Keep yourself fit, exercise, be passionate about things, and you’ll make your relationship a success.

See? It’s easy to learn how to be a better boyfriend to your woman. All you have to do is be patient, kind, and understanding, and you’ll make your girlfriend very happy.

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