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8 Simple Ways On How To Be Irresistible To Men

Most women are under the impression that only beautiful women attract men, and they have the potential to find true love. While looking good and dressing well does help your cause, they are not the only things that you need to become irresistible to men. External appearance might play a pivotal role in attracting them to you in the beginning, but if your personality is nondescript and if you have no substance, they will not stick around for much longer.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the person you are, and the conversations you can have. Here are 8 points that can give you a clearer idea of what men are attracted to in a woman, and in turn, learn how to be irresistible to men.

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1. Smile at everyone when talking to them

woman smiling

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Smile at people more often. Pretty simple, right? It doesn’t take much effort to plaster a genuine smile on your face when you are in a gathering, unless you are an inherent introvert or a pessimist. Even if you are, you can work a fake smile till it becomes genuine when you see men becoming increasingly excited by your presence and your persona. A person who smiles is approachable, compelling people to immediately like them, even from a distance. When you offer them a warm smile instead of an awkward and embarrassed “Hey,” they are immediately attracted to your personality more than your appearance.

2. Make eye contact often

couple talking

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The effects of making eye contact are more psychological than physical, and if you want to learn how to be irresistible to men, you have to learn the art of looking directly into people’s eyes. This is because when you gaze at them, they feel important and singled out, which makes them want to connect with you further. So look them in the eye when they are talking to you, making it evident that you are listening to what they are saying. That only ups your irresistibility points.

3. Look well-groomed and embrace your feminine side

woman removing makeup

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One of the things that you have to do, no matter how awesome your personality already is, is to take care of yourself and not be afraid to let your femininity show. Come across as clean, good-looking, and attractive. None of that necessarily has anything to do with the price tag on your clothes – instead, looking good depends on how good you feel. Feel free to be as feminine and girly as you want, because frankly, men dig that. Make an effort to do your hair properly, and your makeup with extra care, etc., so that men are aware that you are beautiful inside and out. It is the thought behind the effort you have put in for your appearance that matters.

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4. Don’t hold back on being playful

couple smiling

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There is a valid reason why this is irresistible to a man. Men will be attracted to you not only because you are willing to show off your goofy but witty side, but also by the possibility of having a future with someone who can fool around without becoming obnoxious. Men want someone they can have both serious and pointless conversations with, without fighting all the time. But when you are serious when meeting new people, you come across as uptight. Coming across as playful and fun, therefore, is super attractive to them. This might seem trivial, but is one of the ways on how to be irresistible to men.

5. Work that air of mystery

woman smiling

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Please do not be mistaken – mysterious does not mean coy or reticent when talking with men. It implies revealing only certain aspects of your personality, and only partial information about your life, so that the person speaking to you is intrigued by what is being kept from them. You don’t have to wear a cape and lurk in corners in order to be mysterious. You can be fun and approachable, but you also have to speak vaguely, in not too much detail, so that men are immediately attracted to the air of mystery that you give off when you are speaking to them.

6. Ignore them…for some time

couple disagreement

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Talk about antithetical attraction techniques! It is basic human nature to be intrigued by the unknown, to seek out something that they cannot have, whether it is the Forbidden Fruit or a woman. When you act elusive at a party, or when you ignore your man for some time, you will see them becoming restless. That is only a sign that you are becoming more and more irresistible to them. When you make yourself readily available, on the other hand, then the thrill of the chase is lost; and you might even come across as needy, or worse, clingy, which is the last thing that men want. It is important to ignore them, no matter how much willpower it takes, until the time is ripe.

7. Have meaningful conversations with them

couple talking (5)

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You might be the most gorgeous lady in the room, with the most flattering dress and the best makeup, attracting a lot of male attention. It might also trigger men to approach you and speak to you. But after some time, you might find them walking away awkwardly. This only happens when men find nothing interesting in the conversations that they have with you, no matter how beautiful you look. Start talking to them about the things that they mention in conversation, which will give them an insight into your intelligence. Work that sense of humor, and even talk about what you love and are passionate about. Meaningful conversations will always leave them craving for more of you.

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8. Confidence is key

woman smiling with confidence

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No one wants a stupid person in their life. Perceived stupidity depends on judgment, which in turn depends greatly on confidence. When you are at a social gathering, hold yourself as a self-respecting, smart, and confident individual, and the urge to approach you will slowly become impossible to contain. Confidence can also lead men to trust your judgment with respect to themselves, because that way they know that you don’t compromise on your choices, which will boost their own level of self-worth in return. If this is becoming too complicated, just know that when you are confident, you put men at ease and in intrigue.

Women have a lot of things going for them when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. One misconception is that beauty lies skin deep. If you think a whole lot of makeup, branded clothes, and plastic surgery is everything you need in order to become irresistible, then think again. In fact, the best way to groom yourself is to evaluate what you would find attractive about another individual, which can give you a clear idea of what you have to work on in your own personality and behavior to become fully irresistible.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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