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12 Teeny Tiny Things That Men Find Irresistible

It is a common misconception that men are attracted only by physical beauty. But men find many other qualities attractive, and you would be surprised to see how closely they look at women. After all, beauty lies only skin deep, and there are things that men do value above appearance. In order to attract a man, you not only have to appeal to them physically, but you also have to meet their psychological and emotional needs. This is true for when you first meet them, and even when you have been in a long-term relationship with them.

When asked what does a man find irresistible in a woman, their answers end up being mostly non-sexual and quite innocent. It does not take much effort to be irresistible – in fact, it is your little habits and quirks that make you unique as a person and therefore draw men in.

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Here are 12 things that are inevitably going to elicit the spark in your man, whether consciously or unconsciously.

1. Intelligent conversations

couple on the stairs

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Limiting your conversations to what happened at work, what your friends did, what you are going to have for dinner, and where you want to go out next can become very boring, very fast. However, intellectually stimulating conversations would get a man hooked, just as much as it does us. Whether you talk about the universe, poetry, the meaning of life, or other philosophical theories and ramblings that you have, men find it incredibly sexy. They would never get tired of you becoming flustered and passionate when talking to them about what you really care about.

2. Seeing you in your natural, undone state

woman in bed_New_Love_Times

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Although men love it when women make the effort to look nice for them, they love it even more when they see you in your most natural, un-made up state. Disheveled clothes, messy hair, and a morning face are things that many men claim to find irresistible, sometimes even more than dressed-up women, because it reveals a more genuine side.

3. Hair flipping and unruly hair

woman smiling

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Men seem to be obsessed with women’s tresses and locks. Flipping your hair and distractedly curling a lock around your finger is an attention-grabbing technique that has been turned into a cliché by numerous romantic movies throughout the ages. However, it is undeniable that it is effective nonetheless, because men do find it incredibly attractive. Whether you are playing with your hair, or flipping it out of the way, or even if you have bed hair, they are not going to be able to take their eyes (sometimes even hands) off you.

4. Hair buns

It is a common perception that men love it when women leave their hair down. But they also find women with their hair in a bun difficult to resist – perhaps because they would like to let it down themselves. It makes you look just the right amount of stern and sexy at the same time – a simply irresistible combination! And this is just one of the things in the long list titled what men find irresistible.

5. Bare shoulders

woman smiling

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

There are some physical aspects and body parts that are much more sensual than others. They include wrists and your neck and the like. However, one thing that is guaranteed to drive a man nuts is a bare shoulder, after you have woken up or have come out of the shower. However, it is only effective when you let your sleeve slip by mistake and not purposely wear off-shoulder clothes all the time, because then you’ll look like you’re trying too hard.

6. Genuine laughter

woman smiling2

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This might qualify as the corny addition to the list. He loves it when you laugh. And by laugh I don’t mean the subdued, lady-like giggle that you have to hide behind a napkin; I mean an all-out, throaty, tear-inducing laughter where you show your teeth and laugh with abandon. The sound you make when you are genuinely laughing at something is enough to drive him crazy, in a good way. Whether you are watching a TV show or something on the street, he loves your true, genuine laughter. Brownie points if you laugh at something he said!

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7. Sneezing

You might be wondering what sort of asinine addition this is to the list, but it is true. Men find it incredibly adorable when you scrunch up your face and sneeze. There is, in fact, a deep psychological reason behind this strange attraction to sneezing women. Men, when they sneeze, give out an earth-shattering, unflattering, roaring sneeze, which can be quite uncouth and frightening. As opposed to that, women’s rather quiet, endearing ‘atch-oo’ is quaint and appealing. Do not be surprised if you see your man grinning from ear to ear after you have emerged from your sneeze(s)!

8. Sleeping on them

couple in bed_New_Love_Times

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Sleeping with someone is one of the most intimate things that you can do. When he is awake, or if he wakes up to find you sleeping soundly on him, it is unlikely that he will be able to resist you. It has been confirmed from many men that having their significant others falling asleep while leaning on them is one of the best feelings ever, and the best part is, you don’t even have to do anything to have them feel that way.

9. Gentle, deliberate touching

couple kissing

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This is a sure-shot addition to the list. You might brush up against each other all the time when you are with them, but there are certain touches that turn him on more. When you hold them when they are sad or sick, or when you initiate the kissing, or the like, they are bound to find you irresistible.

10. Women who are great with children

mother playing with her kid (2)

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

You would think this is something women would find irresistible – a man who is great with kids. But believe it or not, the reverse is true as well. It is important to understand that even though men want cool, outgoing, wild girlfriends during their bachelor days, at some point they start looking for someone they can make a home and start a family with. Watching a woman who is great with kids not her own is something every man is proud of and finds hard to resist, because it holds a secure promise for the future.

11. Acting playful and goofy

woman blowing bubbles

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There is no need to be uptight and prim and proper all the time because men find playful, fun, and goofy girls pretty irresistible. Whether you are in work clothes, shorts, or an all-out party dress, let loose the kid in you and unleash your happiness with abandon. Whether women goof around while doing house chores or decide to become ‘playful’ in bed, men will not be able to shy away.

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12. Sense of humor

couple laughing1

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You might suspect that if you are funny all the time, then your man will never take you seriously. However, men actually appreciate and even favor a sense of humor when it comes to women, because no one likes melodrama and deep, philosophical conversations all the time. You don’t have to read up books on jokes and practice standup comedy in order to become irresistible; your subtle, sexy sense of humor is more than enough to do the trick.

Be it your quirky habits or little idiosyncrasies that make you you, that is what men find irresistible. Be YOU – always!

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