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11 Sure Signs You’re A Bad Kisser

To be in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. When Cupid strikes, both the body and the mind seem to be in a trance. This bond of love is often strengthened through physical touch, and what better way to do it than a kiss! “A kiss seals two souls for a moment in time,” said Levende Waters. Whether it is a frivolous first kiss in school or a passionate one between seasoned lovers, a kiss is always special. Also, kissing is an important part of foreplay. A good kiss can leave you mesmerized for some time, while a partner who is a bad kisser can ruin the entire experience. Most of the kissing that happens in daily life is pretty much normal and there are no violins or guitars playing in the background (that only happens in movies and books!).

So, you are all charged up to seal the deal with your partner, but are wondering if you’re doing it right? If you have observed your partner to be slightly repelled by your idea of kissing or them not reciprocating in a similar fashion when you indulge in a kiss, you might be going wrong somewhere. Yes, a bad kiss can be quite a turn off and might hamper further intimate moments.

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So, here are 11 signs that you might be a bad kisser.

1. Reaching for the tongue right away

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Kissing is, first and foremost, about the lips and not about the mouth, so going for the tongue right away is a strict no-no. If you are opening your mouth wide as soon as you touch the lips and extending your tongue to touch your partner’s, that’s probably the wrong thing to do. Even if you are eventually moving onto the tongue, too much tongue movement inside the mouth is definitely not a pleasant experience. It might be fancy to go for a French kiss, but not everybody likes it and not everybody can pull it off well. Also, for some people, intertwining tongues right away might not be their idea of kissing, so make sure you know what your partner is expecting.

2. Being too harsh and too fast

Another common mistake that people make while kissing is being too harsh. While it’s all passionate to be a little rough (thanks to inspiration from movies and books – again!), it is not always a preferred move. Especially in the beginning, not being tender enough and losing the rhythm can be a scary thing. This might leave your partner apprehensive to go ahead. Don’t sweat it too much! Whether you take it easy and slow or fast and passionate, make sure you don’t hurt your partner, both physically and mentally.

3. Biting the lips too much

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Nipping your partner’s lips here and there while you are tenderly kissing is fine but biting is certainly unwelcome. In fact, this could be pretty much torturous to your partner if they are not into love bites. You don’t want your partner to be bleeding after what you thought was a passionate kiss! Manners and etiquette are not only a part of your daily life, you must show them in all that you do.

4. Not being conscious of your breath

So, you just relished a tomato-onion sandwich. Do you also want to tell your partner what you had just eaten? Having a bad breath while kissing can be extremely disgusting. This can be repelling enough to drive your potential partner miles away! With sneakers on! Ouch! There are many food items out there that leave you with bad breath and you better check that list before you inch any closer for a kiss with your sweetheart! So, next time you have a cup of coffee or a cigarette, do give it a second thought if you are on your way to meet your partner.

5. Touching fiercely while kissing

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Kissing is the first step to taking your relationship to the next level. But touching fiercely and uncontrollably might just be one of the wrong things you are doing. Make sure to respect your partner’s wishes when it comes to getting physical with each other. Not everyone’s comfort level is the same when it comes to physical intimacy. So hold those reins and don’t get too carried away.

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6. Kissing for too long or too short

Although the right length of time one should take while kissing varies from person to person, dragging it out is generally a sign of a bad kisser. You are probably making your partner gasp for breath and depriving them of oxygen. But you also shouldn’t be too shy about it either. Once you are into it, make the most of it and don’t leave the other person hanging.

7. Making unpleasant noises

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There was this one time when I was kissing a guy in his car and while doing so I could hear some noises in the background. It took me some time to realize that it was him and there wasn’t anything wrong with the car’s engine! A little bit of moaning and deep breathing are all that goes into making a kiss work. Making unpleasant noises can be both a sordid and embarrassing thing.

8. Always going for the lower lip

The bliss of kissing that lustrous lower lip is not only for you to enjoy my dear friend. Kind of selfish, don’t you think? Besides, you also have an enviable pair of lips. Extend to your partner the pleasure of kissing your lower lip and don’t be the one to opt for theirs all the time.

9. Too much salivation

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Well, wet lips are nice but you don’t want to drown your partner’s lips in your excess saliva! Too much saliva can be very annoying, and before you know your partner might have already detached from you. A sloppy kiss is something no one likes, and you better control your salivation before you plan on any further action.

10. Not caring about dry, chapped lips

It will do you some good if you paid some attention to the lip-balm advertisements on TV occasionally. Dry, chapped lips are not only unattractive, they are also likely to hurt your partner’s lips when you indulge in a kiss. This also makes you look like you are irresponsible about your body and also towards your partner’s pleasure. No one wants scratches and bruises on the only pair of lips they have while doing something as beautiful as kissing.

11. Talking a lot

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For starters, a good conversation can be very interesting and can give you the much needed high for the moment. But don’t carry the conversation into the process of kissing. Little whispers and honest compliments do make way for a fruitful kiss, but too much talking does not. Ingrid Bergman said, “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by Nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” So, keep the talking for later ‘cause frankly, who’s listening anymore? 😉

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Kissing is an integral part of the entire lovemaking process, and should be handled with care. Striking a balance between sensual and passionate is necessary for kissing to be a decent, if not out of this world, experience. Kissing the right way makes it an enjoyable experience for both the partners and paves the way for further physical intimacy. Being a good kisser can definitely be an added advantage and can take you places.

It is true that it needs practice to reach perfection, but if this list of things is kept in mind, you’ll be on the right track. Now you know that kissing is not actually a casual affair and a lot of little things go into making it work. Don’t be too conscious, but don’t be too spontaneous either. Do it thoughtfully and do it in your style! Rupert Brooke rightly said, “A kiss makes the heart young and wipes out the years.” So, go make a lot of kissing happen and make it happen the right way! Share a beautiful kiss with your partner and make it a memorable and fulfilling experience.

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11 Sure Signs You're A Bad Kisser
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