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16 Foolproof Kissing Techniques For An Earth Shattering Kiss

A kiss is a very important factor in any romantic relationship. Some of the adjectives that should be used to describe a kiss are “memorable,” “earth-shattering,” etc., It should be something that makes you weak in the knees and gives you butterflies in your tummy. However, more often than not, that doesn’t happen because you are not aware of the more subtle things that should be done when you are kissing another individual, making it a highly average kiss, sometimes even borderline horrible.

The concept of an earth-shattering kiss is a highly romanticized concept, which most people think is a rare occurrence, meant only for movies and books. However, it is absolutely possible to deliver an earth-shattering kiss, with some specialized (but super simple) kissing techniques, some of which are described in this article.

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1. Make sure that you don’t have bad breath

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The first step to ensuring that your kiss is earth shattering is by making sure that you do not lean in with bad breath. Nothing turns off a person more than a stinky mouth. So, before you lean in to deliver the kiss, try to pop a breath mint, mouth freshener or something of the like if you want your partner to enjoy the kiss instead of recoil with horror.

2. Proper environment is key for an earth shattering kiss

Before you actually kiss someone, in order to make it memorable and create maximum impact, you have to make sure that you choose the location of the kiss properly. This does not mean that you have to shell out a pot load of money to pick a nicely decorated, expensive spot. It can be simple, yet romantic locations such as a rooftop or even your room, depending on where you two are most comfortable. The environment is almost as important as the actual kiss itself.

3. Do not mess up your timing

One of the most important kissing tips that you have to keep in mind is the timing of your kiss. You cannot appear over-enthusiastic or too eager when you are about to kiss your partner. In fact, a kiss is no different from a climax. You have to allow space for a build-up, which will get your partner excited and on their toes, anticipating the kiss which makes the experience that much more memorable. Allow yourself space to move closer naturally, without randomly jumping into the kiss.

4. Lean in and look at their mouth before kissing

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This is one of the kissing tips which is going to guarantee a breathtaking kiss with your partner, simply because of the psychological effect of your heated, anticipated look before the actual kiss happens. Before your mouth touches theirs, make sure to pause for a second or two before leaning in, and look at their mouth instead, before looking up at their eyes. That small detour with your eyes can make all the difference in the world, making the kiss all the more passionate and consuming.

5. Be gentle with your first move

Now that you have finally managed to kiss your partner, it is imperative to not lose your cool and chew their face off in excitement. Hold the kiss for some time and savor the moment, instead of ruining it by hurrying. The best thing to do is to not move at all for a couple of seconds after your lips have met. This is one of the most effective kissing techniques when you are trying to keep the excitement in the kiss alive for the entire duration of the liplock.

6. Do not try to bruise and bite

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I get that you are very excited about the fact that you are finally kissing your partner, but you have to understand that you are kissing them, and not trying to hurt them. A kiss is not the right degree of passion that can tolerate things like hickeys and bruises. You have to be as gentle as possible, because that is what makes the kiss sexy, and not dangerous.

7. Keep those salivary glands in check

A lot of people like to use tongue while they are kissing, but it is better if you keep that for when you are about to do the dirty. When you are just trying to deliver a kiss which makes your partner weak in the knees, then it is best if you embrace the inner minimalist in you and keep those salivary glands from working overtime. When you are not drooling all over your partner’s face, you are guaranteed to pass off as a pretty decent, nay, really good kisser.

8. A kiss is not limited to your mouth

Make sure that you have your hands placed in the right position. You cannot restrict yourself to just your partner’s mouth when you are kissing them. There are several other parts of the body which are sensitive enough to elicit a reaction, especially when you are doing something as intimate as kissing another person. These parts may include caressing places like behind the ear, the neck, the waist, and the like. However, do not go groping your partner. Keeping one hand there while the other touches the face is more than enough to get your partner excited.

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9. Be passionate without being overwhelming

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There is a fine line between a passionate kiss and a pushy one. The former is one that takes your breath away and makes you see stars. The latter, on the other hand, might just work and push your partner away so that they never come back. What you want, is to make the kiss passionate, with all your understated touches, long kisses, and body language, rather than using force which might just end up hurting your partner.

10. Make some noise

Nothing says passion and excitement like the little noises that you make when you are kissing another person. It not only heats things up, but it also encourages the other person, increasing the quality of the kiss manifold, making it as earth-shattering as you want it to be. That doesn’t mean that you will moan constantly and keep making noises. An occasional moan during an especially passionate moment, or a low growl here and there is more than sufficient when it comes to effective kissing techniques for that earth-shattering kiss.

11. Keep your eyes closed till the end of the kiss…and some time after too

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It is imperative to keep your eyes closed throughout the kiss, because keeping your eyes open is considered nothing short of blasphemy. Honestly, if you have your eyes open, then it naturally means that you aren’t really into it, and if you are trying to give your partner an earth-shattering kiss, then you don’t want them to feel like you are not into them enough to close your eyes. In fact, even after you have ended the kiss, keep your eyes closed for a second or two longer just to ensure that your partner knows that the kiss still lingers on your mouth.

12. Sometimes it is good to lose control

It is not always feasible to plan everything out, and control every movement, especially when you are engaging in something as spontaneous as a kiss. When you are kissing your partner, you have to learn to let go, because the moment you start getting conscious about what you are doing and what you plan to do next, the nervousness, calculation, and trepidation starts to show in your actions. You don’t want to overthink this, if you want it to be as amazing as you imagined. Sometimes, it is better to just go with the flow.

13. Kiss more than the mouth

Just like it is important to touch your partner’s face and other parts of their body when you are kissing them, it is also important to go on little adventures in places around their mouth to heighten the experience of the kiss. After you have spent a considerable amount of time kissing them, you can move on to other sensitive places like the area around their mouth, their jaw line or even their ear (unless it gets to be too much) to make the kiss more potent.

14. Make a correct assessment of their body language

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Before you can get too intimate with the kiss, you have to make sure that you assess the manner in which your partner is taking it. If their shoulders are strained, or if their hands are lying limp beside their bodies, then you should probably not push it too far. However, if they are as into the kiss as you are, then you can go right ahead and make it one of the most special experiences in both your lives.

15. Break apart…then lean in again when they are not expecting it

This is another great kissing technique to make your kiss all the more earth-shattering. Once you have started kissing your partner, there is no scope for hurrying, no scope of getting pushed away, so the best way to heighten the sensation of the kiss you have just given them is to look them in the eye after you break away for just a second, and then lean in again for another earth-shattering kiss.

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16. Be a natural at whatever you do

In every single sphere of life, confidence is key, so why should delivering a breathtaking kiss be any different? Once you have mastered some of the basic kissing techniques, all you need to do is be a natural at what you do, and you are bound to take your partner’s breath away, without breaking a sweat. Do not make your action feel planned or orchestrated. This is the time to literally come and in and sweep them off their feet with your abilities.

If you want to be able to replicate the amazing kisses that you have been seeing on the silver screen all this while and bestow your partner with one of the most memorable kisses of their life, then these 16 pointers are going to definitely help you on your mission to succeed.

Happy kissing!

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16 Kissing Techniques For That Earth-shattering Kiss
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