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What Is His Kiss REALLY Telling You?

They say, one shouldn’t kiss and tell. But how would you know, what the way he kisses you means, if you don’t let slip the details? OK, you don’t have to tell me anything. Just skim through the decoded meanings for the most common and important lip locks, and decide for yourself! This way, you aren’t spilling the beans, and yet, finding out the hidden meaning of his kisses!

There are several ways in which you can kiss your lover, and believe it or not, each of these kisses communicate something different about your feelings whether it is during the first date, or while you are making love.

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We have pulled together a guide to the major types of kisses, and what your partner is trying to tell you through each.

This guide will help you decode what he is really trying to convey through his kisses, which in turn, will help you decide if you like what he wants! There are many other ways of kissing and revealing one’s emotions, like kissing on the jawline, or nipping the ear lobe, or canoodling the inner elbow. Sealing one’s love with a kiss, is as old as love itself, and so it can hold a different meaning for every person. In this guide, we have tried to decipher what some kisses generally mean. It is not a hard-and-fast rule, though, that it should mean exactly what we say! However, it will give you a basic idea of what it could be that he desires! :)

1. Peck

couple kissing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

It sounds above suspicion, doesn’t it?! This quick lip lock still melts down to a message, the primary one being, “I really want to kiss you hard, and make love to you, sometime soon, but I know this is too early, and that we are not there yet.” The peck on the lips is a mild way of suggesting that you can look forward to some intense canoodling from him in the future!

2. A prolonged peck

couple kissing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

A closed-mouth peck that lingers… for quite some time. Though it feels sensual, still you realize that it is chaste and restrained. This is a mature way of saying that he is extremely psyched about making out with you. Usually, the prolonged peck is quickly followed with a knowing smirk or a clear “mmm”!

3. Woodpecker

couple kissing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Or you could call these the rapid-fire pecks! Spirited and cute, a woodpecker kiss means the guy is really into you. However, he does not want to get all randy right now. The woodpecker kisses convey heap-load of affection but not desperation. It is not hot and heavy. This is also a great way to indulge in public display of affection, since nobody wants to see the two of you  trying to swallow each other’s faces while they are walking their dogs!

Need a pop reference? Adam Sandler ‘woodpeckered’ Veronica Vaughn in Billy Madison!

4. French

french kiss

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Ah, the King of Kisses! A French kiss involves two open mouths and a lot of tongue action between them! Since it is quite intricate and nuanced to be fitted into only one description, we have broken down the suggestions even further:

a. Standard

If he moved his open lips up and down yours, and engaged you in some tongue interplay, he wants to sleep with you. Plain and simple! This kiss is aimed at getting all your hormones racing and making you feel hot and passionate.

b. Tongue Tango

This is more of an elegant ballet of tongue interplay! A Tongue Tango transpires when the tip of his tongue pushes off yours, and they twist together. If this is the way he kisses you, he wants to tell you that he thinks out of the box, both in and out of bed!

The Tongue Tango, however, is closely related to the feared Lizard Kiss, where a tongue darts in, in a piercing, lizard-like motion! What does this signify? To put it mildly, he is a creep! Stay away from him.

c. Leaving the other with a saliva beard!

This kiss makes the ‘kissee’ feel like her mouth’s being eaten by the kisser! Mainly, the guy opens his mouth real wide, sucks in your mouth, rolls his tongue all around (and if possible, down your throat), and then bizarrely, slides it over your pretty face!

Want a pop culture reference again? Think, Sex and The City, where Charlotte has to deal with a date, who, literally, licks her face!

This kiss means that your guy forcibly wants to prove that he is really sensual and passionate, but truth be told, he is completely oblivious to your needs and vibe, and will definitely stink in bed!

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5. Love Bite

types of kisses_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest 

Getting a little nip of your lip or your neck means this guy is playful, and that he is not opposed to the idea that one shouldn’t be afraid of pain, since pleasure is just on the other side! 😉 However, make sure he does not draw blood. If he does, you are in for a “Twilight Saga”!

6. Love you/ Hate you/ Love you again!

couple kissing (5)

Image source: Shutterstock 

This kiss involves a sudden, passionate embrace after a spell of strife! This is an un-choreographed confusion, at its best! What it means is that he is mad at you and that he cannot stand you, but he must have you, and that makes him want you even more! Darn! It is confusing! 😉

Pop culture reference: Han Solo and Princess Leia’s debut kiss in The Empire Strikes Back. This is a textbook example of the enemy/lover/enemy dance!

7. Hard-mouth-closed

couple kissing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

You will find this in most classic Hollywood flicks. The hard-mouth-closed kiss happens when the lead finally pins down his leading lady or love interest and plants a kiss on her lips. It is usually accompanied by a wrist grab to avoid you pushing him away. When he indulges in this, he wants to tell you, “I am not going to let you sass me and give me guff, my doll!” You can call it a little chauvy, but may be it is an expression of how passionately he wants to make love to you!  😉

8. Against the wall

man kissing a woman's neck_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock 

This is a plain simple: “I want you real bad!” Even though this kiss occurs quite spontaneously, in an almost-public setting (say an alleyway or a bar or a library corner!), you wish there was a bed close by so that the two of you could jump into it and make love all night long! Dude, this is real hot stuff!

9. The back bend

couple kissing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock 

Ah! The old-fashioned kinda love! In the back bend, he leans in to you, and then bends you backward. Typically, he will be holding you from behind with one hand, and he will place his other hand softly against the side of your face. This is swoon-worthy, but only for people who are extremely comfortable with each other. He is sure to give this a try if he has a sense of humor, and is truly, madly, deeply, in love with you!

Pop culture case in point: The kiss between Rhett and Scarlett in the classic, “Gone With The Wind”.

This kiss tells you that he is all yours. Hold on tightly to whatever you are wearing coz he is about to whisk you away to a fairy-land! I, personally, love this one! 😉

10. The upside-down kiss


Image source: Pinterest 

If you guys have tried this successfully, I take my hat off to you! This is the “Spiderman kiss” that shows that your guy is not an ordinary man! It is a sign that he is willing to experiment different untried things in the bedroom!

A more human and not spider version of the upside-down kiss would look something like: You are sitting on your couch and watching your favorite sitcom, when your guy leans in from behind, pulls your face up, and plants a kiss on your lips! If this has happened to you, your guy loves you to the moon and back, and the two of you are adorable!

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In the lexicon, a kiss is defined as a touch or a caress with the lips; a sign of love, sexual desire or greeting. The meaning, however, changes with the way your guy plants it on your lips. The way he kisses you speaks volumes about how he is, and what he wants.

Before I leave you, I need you to know one more thing: Even bad kissers can be trained. If you expect your man to open up, you need to lay yourself bare too. Both of you need to be natural and real. Maybe your toad requires you to kiss him again and again, before he turns into Prince Charming! Teach him how to enjoy the kiss. May be he is so stressed about whether you are liking it or not, that he is not being able to perform well! You need to lend him a hand with that. :)

Was this helpful? Let us know in the comment section below! Also, if you want relationship advice delivered to your mailbox every day, sign up for our newsletter ASAP! Ciao!

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