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10 Clear Signs You’re Infatuated With Someone

We’ve all been there – when you are obsessed with someone, when you idealize them, and when you turn a small crush into something it is not. Infatuation is a dangerous place to be in. It is neither a crush that you can just forget about, nor does it seem to be love. In fact, there is a world of difference between infatuation and love. But you won’t see those signs of infatuation, because you’ll think that you’re in love. You’ll justify whatever you’re feeling with any reason that you find and any sense that you can make of it.

You might have known this person from before, or maybe you just recently came in contact with them, but you’re thinking that you’ve fallen in love, when you clearly haven’t. At best, the person might not feel the same way about you, and so you let that go, even if done so painfully. But it becomes a problem when the person returns these feelings and it turns into a committed relationship. Now, as time goes by, you realize that you’re just stuck with someone that you thought to be someone else.

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There is nothing really you can do to prevent this. At this stage, you will not listen to any kind of advice or believe anything else. But if you’re thinking about it and questioning yourself, then here are some of the signs of infatuation that you could come across.

1. Possessiveness


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Yes. It is very cute when your love gets a little possessive about you, but it needs to stop right there. The moment you take it a step ahead, it becomes a problem. That’s what you’re doing as well. You are so infatuated with this person, that you can’t stand the idea of them spending time with someone else. This being true, especially if they’re meeting or talking to someone whom they knew before you. The jealousy takes over and your head goes bonkers with all the thoughts about them being together.

2. You’ve let ‘logic’ take a vacation

Before this situation happened, you were a normal and rational human being. But now, your logic seems to be a little too far-fetched. The infatuation has taken hold of your brain and now you’re thinking the silliest of things. Almost every little thing reminds you of them. Be it the news, the color of the shirt your colleague is wearing, the song on the radio, or even the food you eat; you just can’t help but associate everything with them. This is NOT normal.

3. Heightened emotions

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When you’re infatuated with someone, you are just unable to control those emotions. It’s like you’re sitting on a roller-coaster of emotions. You’re a little too happy one moment, and then suddenly, you’re down in the dumps the next. You’ve become too sensitive and extreme about how you feel about everything, especially the one you’re infatuated with. You’re on cloud nine the minute you see them, but life is a pain when they’re not with you. It even starts to affect your work and relationships with other people.

4. They’re all you have in your head

You’re doing something, but your mind is elsewhere. You can’t bring yourself to focus on anything else except your crush. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing; you could be in class, or at work, or even having lunch with a couple of your friends. But you’re thinking about that special someone and not paying attention to anything else that might be happening in your life. That’s not how life works, you know?

5. Too much talking

Just nothing but non-stop talking about this person. Everything reminds you of them anyway, so you end up bringing them up in every otherwise sane conversation that you have with people. Someone asks you how you are, and you go on and say that you’re great and then start with a story about your crush. Your friends might even give in and listen to this, but the rest of them will want to just walk away.

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6. Too much smiling

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Every time you think about this person, you have one creepy and permanent smile plastered on your face that just won’t go away. A message from them, a picture or even a remote reminder of them will have you smiling away to glory. You might not even realize it, but the others around you will definitely notice it. In fact, anybody would notice it if you’re smiling too much, especially if they don’t know the reason. So, you might want to keep a check on it.

7. You become obsessive

You stalk your crush to a point where it can be called creepy. Now that everyone seems to be familiar with social media, stalking your special someone just got easier. You’ll check out every picture, post, and comment that you can find on their various social media accounts. You’ll keep a track of when they come online and who they talk to. Heck, you might even check their phone when you’re with them just to make sure that you know every application or site that they might be a part of. You stalk, and you just want to keep doing it over and over again. Do you think this kind of behavior is anything even remotely resembling normal?

8. You love their everything

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To you, your crush is absolutely perfect. Their eyes are the most beautiful thing that you’ve ever seen; their hands and feet are perfect, their smile is the best, and their smell makes your heart do somersaults. Even a whiff of their cologne elsewhere will have you grinning like an idiot. What they say is your holy verse, and what they want is the purpose for the rest of your life. No one else can compete with someone as amazing as your love. You’re definitely going crazy.

9. You care only about them

Only them and nothing else; that’s your new mantra for a happy life. You’re willing to drop everything at the beck and call of your special one, no matter what time of day it is or what you’re in the middle of. You just have to be there – with them. You might be hard at work or helping your sibling with his homework, but the minute you get a call, you’re out of the door and into your crush’s arms. That doesn’t sound like love at all.

10. You’re in a fantasy world

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Just about ALL the time! It’s like you’re back in middle school when you’re doodling both your names in hearts and smiling idiotically about it. Except that you’re older now and it is much creepier when you’re daydreaming about one person everywhere you go. Be it on the treadmill, at work, in class, while you’re eating, playing, sleeping or doing anything else for that matter; you’re lost in your dream world where you are with your crush.

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It is absolutely normal to have a crush, get butterflies in the stomach when you think about them, daydream, and have that need to want to be with them. But when you get to the point where you think that your crush is the love of your life without any such reciprocation from them, then you might be in trouble. All these signs of infatuation take place even when you have a crush, but only to a limited extent. A crush is someone that you like but can get over within a matter of a few days. Infatuation is something similar to a crush, but with stronger feelings.

Infatuation can lead to disappointments and heartbreak, though there are always exceptions. When you’re willing to change the kind of person you are at the drop of a hat for someone, then maybe you should take a step back and look at what you’re doing. When you love someone, you learn from that person to become a better person. If that’s not happening, then maybe it isn’t love. And, if it isn’t love, then it isn’t worth it.

So, go out there and find someone you like and spend time with them. Get to know them, the real them, and not the one you’ve built up in your fantasies. Fall in love and fantasize about being with them. We all do it, and there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t let it go to such an extreme that it makes you feel like a selfish idiot who can’t think beyond one person and just how perfect they are. If it gets too confusing, then you know the signs that you should look out for. Happy loving!

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10 Clear Signs Of Infatuation That Are Easy To Mistake For Love
You think everything about your object of affection is just PERFECT and they couldn't do ANY wrong. Beware of these signs of infatuation - it's NOT love!
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