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20 Signs You Have Finally Found Your Best Friend For Life

Having a best friend is like having a twin, or a sibling that you have always wanted. They come totally customized to be exactly like you and you have exclusive super powers of best friendship that the rest of the world is excluded from. Having a best friend for life is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding relationships you will maintain because of the joys it brings, support it gives and the experiences you share together.

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If you are lucky to have a best friend in your life, then there are certain things that you do that confirm that you two are meant to be. Even though people have a ton of friends, no one compares to this one special person who seems to understand you better than your own family, making them an indispensible entity in your life. Here are 20 sure signs that you have found your best friend for life.

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1. You can have highly serious discussions about the most random things

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Sometimes people don’t understand you well enough to have discussions with you regarding odd things. Not your best friend though. Whether it is a sarcastic discussion about how much you love your mutual enemy, or a serious discussion about the shape of your toe nail, your best friend is going to be there to talk it all out with you, with a straight face.

2. You can live like an uncivilized beast around them without fear of being judged

While with other people you have to be conscious of your body hair, your clothes and your general appearance, you can let all that go to hell when you are with your BFF. You aren’t required to eat properly, dress properly (or dress at all), you don’t have to shave your face or your legs and you can basically pretend that you are alone in your house when you are with your best friend. The best part is, they don’t judge because they do the same.

3. They chill with your family in your absence

When you have been best friends for a long time, who belongs to what family becomes a shady topic because your best friend is legit always chilling at your house with your parents and shares the same dynamics with your family that you do. Your family also loves them and they sometimes even hang out together when you aren’t there.

4. Your preferred mode of communication is eye contact

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If you have reached that stage of friendship where you can communicate with looks, then you have definitely found your best friend forever. You share this insane telepathic communication where one look can communicate complex things like, “We need to get out of here” or “this person must be stalked immediately after this party” and the like.

5. Your friend hates whoever you hate and vice versa

There is no scope for diplomacy with your best friend. If you hate someone, they will for sure hate the same person without knowing anything about them or even the cause for hatred. The response to “She’s a total bitch” is always “YES I totally agree.” The why and wherefore of the matter comes later.

6. They are your guardian angel

…and I mean this very literally. No matter how many times you have gotten drunk and tried to drunk dial your ex or tried to pull something stupid when you weren’t in the height of your senses, your best friend has been there beside you to stop from totally ruining your life. These are the kind of people you truly need.

7. They are the unspoken heir to all your property

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Said property of course includes your journals, your browser history, your lame gifts from your lame exes and a couple of CDs and mix tapes that you haven’t heard since 2005. They know that should you die, they must throw you the most fabulous funeral and destroy all inappropriate content to preserve your memory.

8. They are the best people to eat with

There is no limit to the amount of food you can consume with your best friend. If with other people, you are worried about stuffing your face with excess food in order to appear like a human being, you can eat whole animals with your best friend without worrying about being judged or reprimanded. Those who eat together, stay together.

9. You walk into their house without checking with them

When you don’t feel the need to ask your friend whether they are free or available to meet with you (because you know they are always available for you) you know you have found your BFF. You don’t knock on their doors because sauntering in is what is expected.

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10. You can’t survive without talking to them every day

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Your conversations don’t have to start with a “hey” or a “what’s up?” because your chats are a long series of relating to each other every single thing about your life in excruciating detail. It is super weird when you don’t get to talk to each other for a day because it is impossible to relate 24 hours worth of information to them on such a tight schedule. There is no concept of privacy or personal space.

11. You treat each other’s advice like gospel

You truly believe that your best friend is the most amazing human being on earth, because nothing makes more sense than the advice they give. Whether it is on relationships when both of you are single as hell, whether it on science, politics, pets, diarrhoea or anything else really, your best friend if also an all-round expert, therapist, parent and everything in between.

12. Bros before hoes is the golden rule

Even without having the best friend talk with them, you know that you have to respect each other’s boundaries when it comes to relationships. You would never go after someone they liked or used to be in a relationship with, because you wouldn’t do anything to risk your friendship.

13. You tear people apart when they are mean to your best friend

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Defending each other’s honour is a given with your best friend forever. Whether your best friend did something to incur someone’s wrath or not, you can’t stand it when someone talks crap about them and you don’t spare them when tearing them apart with your words and sass. Best part is, you know they wouldn’t hesitate to do the same.

14. Your lies are perfectly coordinated, without practise

You don’t have to give your best friend a heads up before lying through your teeth to get out of a sticky situation. They will pick up right where you left off and make it sound so damn authentic, again proving that you have a special telepathic communication.

15. You express your love with expletives

When it is time to tell your best friend you love them, nothing but abusive expletives seem to come out. This is totally normal because you know they won’t get offended and there is no one else who would understand your love better than your equally obnoxious best friend.

16. They know every single gory detail about your life

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Starting from the details of your relationship that your lover told you not to tell anyone, to the texture of your bodily fluids, to the details of your bank account and the names of your future children, there is nothing that your best friend doesn’t know about you, and telling them everything under the sun is the most natural thing in the world.

17. You go into overdrive mode when your best friend is feeling down

When one of you is feeling down, or depressed, or ugly or is having self-esteem issues, you go into overdrive mode to prove to them what a beautiful Goddess they are, and how they are the most perfect human being to walk this entire earth, and they totally do the same.

18. You have your own secret language

Not only do you have inside jokes, but you seem to communicate in a whole different language composed of those inside jokes which people try really hard to understand, but give up after a point of time because there is one you and your best friend.

19. You send each other the most ugliest pictures of your face

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There are very few people you would trust with your ugly selfies and your best friend is one of them. Whether it is Snapchat or Skype, you know you can be your ugly best in front of them and they will love the potato version of you as much.

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20. You share the same guilty pleasures

Even though maintaining a ~cool~ social personality and a public facade is your full time job, you have your best friend with whom you can be your true un-cool self and eat French fries with mayonnaise and sing Taylor Swift on top of your lungs.

You know you have found your best friend for life when apart from all these things, you can trust them with everything and you know that they have always, always, always got your back!

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20 Signs You Have Finally Found Your Best Friend For Life
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