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Should You Marry Your Best Friend: All The Pros And Cons Of Getting Hitched With Your BFF

Should you marry your best friend? Should you leave your friendship as it is and not complicate it by involving love in the equation? Questions like these plague a lot of people and keep them up at night. However, you don’t have to worry anymore, because we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the possible pros and cons you can face when you do decide to marry your best friend.

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A best friend is someone who is your ultimate go-to person, no questions asked. You go to them for advice, you go to them to crib and complain, you need them for validation and support and everything else possible and there is no one else in the whole world you would rather spend time with. So you might be thinking, that if you have a best friend who you love more than anyone else in the world, what could possibly go wrong, right? Like, it is literally the most perfect, rom-com like life scenario ever. It is literally a one-way ticket to your happily ever after. Or is it?

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Marrying your best friend, or even dating them can be tricky, unless you can handle your emotions. Even though it might not seem like anything could go wrong in a situation like this, there are a couple of cons to getting hitched with your BFF.

Confused, yet? Still don’t know should you marry your best friend, or not? Here are all the pros and cons which should help you through the decision, and deal with life if you have already taken the plunge.


According to popular opinion, relationships where the two people are friends before they get into a relationship last longer than a relationship between two people who have just gotten to know each other, and become friends after they start dating.

This of course, makes sense logically, and even if you became best friends with your spouse after getting married, being married to someone whose company you prefer over anyone else’s is always a good thing. Here are all the advantages you get to enjoy when you are married to your best friend.

1. You have nothing to hide from each other

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The best thing about marrying your best friend is of course knowing that you have nothing to hide from each other. Before you got hitched, you confided in each other, and after marriage, nothing is going to change and they will still know all your embarrassing stories and guilty secrets and love you all the same. There is no place for judgement or anger, and you have your partner in crime right by your side, for life.

2. You have a really strong foundation for your friendship

When you marry your best friend, you don’t have to worry about building a stable relationship with them that will last a lifetime. Because you were friends before anything else, you have your friendship to back up any other additional emotions that you might feel for each other, and few bonds are stronger than the bond between best friends.

3. You know how to handle each other when the going gets rough

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A lot of times, married couples have fall-outs and fight because they are unable to handle each other when the going gets rough or when things get difficult. This is because unless you are friends from beforehand, you need time to get to know each other and handle each other’s idiosyncrasies. Marrying your best friend means knowing everything about them, and being able to handle them at their best and their worst, and also trusting them to pick you up when you are low.

4. There is no awkwardness

You and your best friend have spoken about everything that could possible create any awkwardness after marriage from beforehand, which saves you the awkwardness after getting married. Whether it is about sex, or your strange toilet habits, or the one pet peeve that you have, your best friends knows it all, which makes married life a cake-walk from day one.

5. You know each other’s friends and family

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After marriage, you don’t have to worry about impressing your spouse’s friends or worrying about your friends liking them, because chances are, you know each other’s friends already, and most of them are common friends, making you a large, happy friend family. There are also no problems regarding your actual families because everyone loves everyone since your platonic best friend days.

6. You have already shared a lot of experiences together

A great thing about marrying your best friend is that you have both have been through a lot together, which is comforting to know, since after marriage, you will have to survive even more trials that life has to offer. Sharing these experiences have also created between you an exceptionally strong bond which is difficult to break.

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There is no denying that everything has a down side. No matter how idyllic marrying your best friend might sound, there are still some cons that you have to know about, so that you are well-equipped to handle the journey together.

1. There are no more surprises


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The honeymoon phase among newlyweds is an actual thing where they find out the excitement of living with each other, and exploring each other sexually and emotionally. However, because you were already so intimate with your best friend before marriage, there is little scope for excitement left, emotionally or otherwise. You fall into a pattern right from day 1.

2. Friends fall out

Even the closest friends have a tough time being together all the time, and fights are bound to happen. You might enter into a marriage with your best friend thinking everything is going to be perfect and rosy, but when you do fight, it is going to be worse for both of you, because it is traumatizing and upsetting and you have no one else to turn to.

3. You know too much about each other

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You may feel like you already know everything there is to know about each other, which makes conversation a little difficult to maintain after a while. You might even run out of things to talk about, since they know every single thing about you and vice versa. Even though the silences aren’t awkward at all, there are bound to be some long silences that you might have difficulty filling.

4. It is a huge risk

Even if you are the bestest friends in the whole entire world, you can never tell whether your marriage is going to last forever. In case something goes wrong because of unforeseen circumstances, you will not only be losing a spouse, but also a best friend. In situations where people separate from their spouses, they usually turn to their best friends, but if things get screwed up for you, you might not have anyone to turn to. Are you really willing to risk your friendship to that an extent?

5. Your perceptions regarding each other will change

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No matter how close you are as friends, once you get married, your dynamics will undergo a change, and a drastic one at that. You will look at them more as a spouse than as a best friend, and complications are bound to arise as a result. This change in the way you see your partner may also leave a best friend sized hole in your life, which can lead to isolation and alienation.

6. You start taking each other for granted

Marrying your best friend can also lead to you unconsciously taking each other for granted, simply because of the fact that no one understands you better than they do and vice versa. You know that no matter how badly you screw up, you will be there for each other, which forgoes the need to put an effort in building your relationship. This can lead to suppressed resentment, and an irreconcilable difference later.

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Even after reading through all the pros and cons, if you are thinking should you marry your best friend or not, then look within yourself. See whether you (and your best friend) are willing to take a highly calculated risk, which could either lead to a life of eternal marital bliss, or a bitter separation, which could not only make you lose your partner in life, but also the closest friend you had.

However, there is no denying that there are few relationships as rewarding as best friends, and should you choose to marry them and manage your marital relationship successfully, then you can guarantee yourself a truly wonderful life, something very few people can boast of.

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