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12 People Reveal The Lies They’ve Told To Avoid The Harsh ‘I’m Just Not That Into You’ Truth

I am just going to say it – dating is hard. I am guilty of lying my bu*t off to get out of an awkward situation that involves telling someone, I’m just not that into you. I will make up a whole range of ingenious excuses and cook up incredible stories about WHY I can’t be with them instead of just telling them the truth. Yes, I know. It sucks, but I just don’t have it in me to just hurt them like that. Okay, okay, maybe I do, but hey! At least I don’t come across as a cold-hearted bi*ch when I lie.

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I was kind of secretly happy that I am not the only person who does this (thankfully!), when I was penning this and taking my survey- coz hey,  we’ve all lied at some points in our lives and THESE people have actually used a number of pages from my own book to get out of this exact same situation – that is to avoid saying those dreaded, tasteless words – ‘I am just not into you.’

  • “This guy I had been on a few dates with, was very much into me. And I wasn’t looking for anything more but he was a really lovely person. So I just said the classic lie ‘I am actually seeing someone… you know?’

I am sure he took the hint. – Susan, 20.

  • “This annoying girl really wanted to sleep with me and I was just not down for it. So I just told her, “I am sorry, you are great but I am actually asexual.”

That, of course, was a lie. – Sid, 32.

  • “I am actually moving to Australia in some time and I really don’t want to weigh you down in a long-distance relationship, you know?”

I actually did move to Australia… 8 years later. 😛 – Tina, 28.

  • “I told this girl that I was suffering from a lifelong disease and it was impossible for me to get into any kind of relationship. She still sends me get well wishes every year.” – Sam, 24.
  • “I had met this guy on Tinder, but as I conversed with him I felt a little off and had changed my mind about going on a date with him. So I made up this whole story about how my sister had an emergency C-section and I had to be there with her and how I’ll be busy for a while with the baby and all. “

I don’t even have a sister. – Raven, 22.

  • I told her that I really needed time to focus on me and my cat’s relationship for now. I don’t know why I said that but she replied saying ‘I understand.’ “ I still don’t know what the f*ck happened! – Karl, 25.

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  • “Whenever I want to turn down a date, I have my go-to drafted message which involves a story that I am still very much hung over on my ex and it is extremely complicated and it just wouldn’t be fair for me to drag someone else into this mess. Works like a charm!” – Laurelle, 37.
  • “‘I am just focusing on myself now, to evolve as person. But thanks!’ Yes, I have actually said that.” – Allison, 23.
  • “I told this guy, ‘You know, you’re the kind of guy who I see myself marrying, but you know, right now I don’t think I am ready for that kind of a commitment. And anything less isn’t fair to you.’” So much lies.  – Sophie, 24.
  • “I once told this guy that I am a lesbian to get out of dating him.” – Pamela, 21.
  • “I told him that I was secretly in love with my best friend and hence I couldn’t go out him. My best friend is married, and I am straight.” – Rachel, 29.

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  • “My mother doesn’t think I should be dating right now. Sorry, I really respect her to not listen to her.”  – Kevin, 22.

Eh, we do what we gotta do!

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I'm Just Not Into You: 12 People Reveal The Lies They've Told To Avoid This Harsh Truth
Because accept it or not, many lies are better than this 'I'm just not that into you' truth!
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