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12 People Reveal The Weirdest Dating Deal Breakers They’ve Ever Encountered

Dating can get really tricky at times. When you see someone, you try to overlook the differences and move past the clash of opinions. When we like someone, we always try to meet them halfway. There are times when we date even the most unexpected people. Surprisingly, if it’s meant to be, it all works out. Sadly, it isn’t that easy every time! You might meet someone who would force you to question the entire institution of dating as well.

It is all about putting yourself out there. Though, it is a game of luck and you might end up meeting some really strange people. Sometimes, you would be able to get it in the first meeting, while there are times when people takes months to realize that they are not meant to be together.

We all have deal breakers and when it comes to something as important as love, we take them way too seriously. You might be dating the best guy in this world. But the next moment, they can turn out to be a narcissistic jerk. There are all kinds of deal breakers in the dating game. Some don’t like their date to be disrespectful to their friends while others can’t handle a bad choice of restaurant.

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People have some weird dating deal breakers and might end a perfectly healthy relationship out of the blue after observing that one significant detail about their date. Yes, that one small thing can sometimes mean EVERYTHING. We asked a few people about their dating deal breakers and got some really interesting replies. To be honest, we never thought that it can be so complicated at times. Honestly, some of these details are quite weird and left us scratching our heads. Have a look!

woman laughing
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“When we met for the first time, everything felt right. We were both working in the same industry and had the same idea about life. Though it was just our first date, but I was really into her until I cracked a joke. It wasn’t THAT funny, but somehow she loved it. She laughed-out-loud! It was, without a doubt, the loudest laugh that I had ever heard in my whole life. For a moment, everyone around us just stopped and looked at us. Her laughter was so creepy and weird – it still gives me nightmares. I know I won’t be able to hear that sound again. I bid goodbye and never saw her again.”  – Joseph, 29

“I’m not one of those people who can buy an Aston Martin whenever they want. I drive a small and comfy car. Yes, my friends often make fun of me and call it dirty and cheap, but it’s my car and I have nothing against it. The moment a guy makes fun of my car, I just know that he is not the one for me. I can’t spend my future with someone who judges people on the basis of all those materialistic things they own.”– Chelsea, 23

“If he can’t pay some respect to our waiter or disrespects the doorman, then he is definitely not getting another date. It is really as simple as that!” – Kim, 30

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“I can’t be with a girl who is obsessed with cats, and trust me there are millions of girls out there who love cats. Have you ever seen those cat profiles on Instagram having millions of followers? I mean, who would follow a cat, right? I once met a girl who had this weird obsession with cats. We talked for an hour or so about cats and it was the most forgetful conversation of my life. If you are a cat person, then I just can’t date you.” – Jay, 20

“I can’t be with a guy who doesn’t know how to dress properly. Yes, I don’t expect him to be a stylist, but everyone out there should have a basic dressing sense. Green on yellow, socks and sandals, guyliner – who does that? I once met a guy who wore black on black. We had a rooftop candlelight dinner and all I could see were his teeth. And no. It was not funny. It was horrifying!” – Nikita, 19

She insulted The Star Wars. She told me that it is some kind of a cartoon or a child fantasy thing and should be followed only by kids. Needless to say, that was the last time I saw her. I knew I couldn’t waste my time correcting her. The force was just not with her!” – Ronan, 27

bad date_New_Love_Times
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“The moment a guy talks bad about his family, especially his mother, I always put an end to it. The woman has given you birth. She is the reason why you exist. How can you talk bad about her? If you can’t respect your mom, how can you respect anyone else in this world?” – Hilda, 22

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“I like girls. I really do. But the moment they say “I can’t wait to get married and have kids” and that too on the first date, I immediately take a step back. I don’t like the idea of imagining your whole life with someone on your first date. Maybe, that is why I’m still single!” – Mark, 32

bad first dates_New_Love_times
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“It’s pretty hard to explain, but I believe there is a timeline we all need to follow while dating. You can call me orthodox, but I still believe in the idea of having a perfect relationship. We should get to know our partner inside out before moving in with them or even saying the L word. I still remember this guy I dated last summer. He was really sweet and adorable in the beginning, but he was way too much into me. He used to call me ten times a day and would keep texting me almost every second. On our third date, he said “I love you” in the most casual way. You know, as if it was no big deal. I could see it in his eyes that he didn’t mean it. He just wanted to say it to make me feel better. Not being honest in a relationship or taking things way too fast is one of the biggest deal breakers for me. I ended our relationship and only after a week, I discovered that he was dating someone else. It was pretty sad.” – Sarah, 24

“If a girl can’t take care of her nails, how can she take care of her entire life? There are girls out there who have these sharp and long nails. You are not a cat. You are not even Catwoman. Why would you grow your nails like that and then would paint them in neon colors to call it nail art? It’s anything but art. It’s scary!” – Neil, 26

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“If the sex is not good, how am I supposed to call you the next day? I believe sex is one of the most important parts of any relationship. If I’m not able to cherish it with my partner, then there is no reason to be with them. Sex is one of the major deal breakers for a lot of people out here. There are guys who have these weird fantasies when it comes to sex. They like to be called by a certain name or would have these peculiar ideas of the act. I always avoid those moments. Why would I call you “daddy”? I have my own dad you know, and I’m not your little girl!” – Megan, 29

“I can’t take creepy stuff anymore. I just can’t. I once dated a girl who was into those old horror movies. She used to make me watch them for hours. Yes. I’m a guy and I’m pretty brave, but those movies were really scary. I used to have nightmares for weeks. As the relationship progressed, she became even creepier. One day, she invited me to go on a ghost catching expedition. At that moment, I realized I had enough. Now, when a girl says she is into creepy stuff, I always maintain my distance.” – Andrew, 30

Well, we certainly didn’t see that coming. It can really get tough at times to meet the right set of people. Sometimes, it can even take forever. Nevertheless, it is always recommended not to settle for anything less than you deserve. Everyone should have a checklist. As you get a chance to know someone, you can simply tick those things off the list to avoid any expected surprises in the future.

Some of these dating deal breakers were weird-(our premise)-ly thoughtful. Even I wouldn’t like to date someone who is creepy or sounds like a giant when laughing. Though, a few of them were certainly borderline-weird for my taste. When it comes to love, we all have different priorities. What is hot to you can be cold to someone else. What about you? Have you ever encountered any strange dating deal breakers recently? What is that one thing that you just can’t stand in your date? Let us know in the comments below!

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12 People Reveal The Weirdest Dating Deal Breakers They've Ever Encountered
We all have dating deal breakers and when it comes to something as important as love, we take them way too seriously. But are all of them as SERIOUS?
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