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12 Not-so-subtle Things A Woman Does When She’s Just Not That Into You

A woman in love will move mountains and fight the world to have the man she has fallen for. She will go to any lengths she may need to in order to make it work. On the other hand, if she is not in love, she will drop as many cues as possible to make it perfectly obvious that she’s just not that into you, and is not interested. In this case, it is for you to decipher the signs and do what is best for the two of you – move on.

Unless driven to the edge, a woman would never blurt it out to your face that she doesn’t like you. She is scared of hurting you, but more than that, she doesn’t like to be in an awkward situation of confrontation. She wants to get it done subtly, and expects you to be mature enough to accept her refusal of love. However, if you haven’t been able to decode these signs yourself, we have come to your rescue.

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Here are the 12 ultimate signs she’s just not that into you. Sorry in advance!

1. Flush if she doesn’t blush

woman judging

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It is said that the human brain cannot help but notice three things: food, danger, and the people they are attracted to. If she is not interested in you, you will never catch her staring at you when you are some distance away from each other in a room full of people. She will not instantly avert her eyes when your eyes meet hers and she knows she’s been caught. She will not even blush when looking the other way! If there are no signs of such romantic chemistry between you, it’s a killer.

2. The sound of silence

couple disagreement

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Getting her talk to you is like breaking your head against a wall. She is cold and stiff when you try to strike a conversation with her. Each time, your tête-à-tête ends before it has started, and you catch yourself in a monologue about mundane happenings around the world. However, when she is with others she is the loudest in the group! A split personality, or simply one of the signs she is not into you?

3. You talkin’ to me?

couple disagreement

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A woman always remembers the most insignificant of details when it comes to a guy she has a crush on. She will remember what he wore the last time they both met, how many times he smiled, how many times his eyes twinkled while having a hearty laugh, how many times he looked at her, even how many times his phone rang; anything and everything. In your case, you seriously and legitimately doubt that she does not even remember your name. That’s a dark place to be in!

4. Why so serious?

woman looking serious

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You may be humorous and the ‘Chandler’ of sarcasm, but that will have no effect whatsoever on this girl. Even if everybody in the room is rolling on the floor laughing, she will not even force herself to smile. Girls in love are known to giggle at everything that their guy tells them, no matter how unfunny or stupid. And here you have a girl who is challenging your wits and giving you strong indications that she is not interested. Now I am in a state of pity for you, dude!

5. Catch me if you can

sad woman

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She is always “dog-tired” when you want to see her or propose the idea of watching a movie together. If the movie is interesting, she will want to know who else is in on the plan. This is a subtle way of telling you that she is not comfortable with the idea of spending alone time with just you. If you attempt incessantly to ask her out, it would ironically strengthen her resolve to reject you – she will avoid your calls, not reply to your texts, and go offline when you say hi.

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6. (Un)decked to deceive

woman in pajamas

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A woman in love will always dress herself up for her guy because she wants to give him her most attractive best. But this girl dresses as shabbily as possible: no hint of makeup or a good perfume, as if she just woke up and literally dragged herself from her bed to see you. Sometimes you wonder whether she purposefully makes an effort to look as bad as possible so that you either fall out of love or at least get that she doesn’t like you!

7. Kill bill

woman handling money

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If she goes out of her way to make sure that you don’t foot the bill entirely on your own, she is not interested. If it’s just the two of you (in the off chance that this happens in the first place), she will enforce the idea of going Dutch; if it’s a huge group of people, she will still advance her share of the damage. This is a sure sign that she doesn’t want to be indebted to you in any way possible, so that you don’t claim later on that she used you without being in love with you. She is nipping it in the bud, buddy!

8. Friend-zoned


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If she continuously reminds you that you guys are “very good friends” or assures you that a very down-to-earth and sweet girl is somewhere waiting for a “nice guy” like you, she’s just not interested in you, And if she has already thrust the dagger through your heart by calling you “dude,” you would come across as a desperate soul if you continue pursuing this girl, pushing her further away from you. It’s high time, man! Move on!

9. Cue card

couple at a cafe

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Within the first two minutes of conversation with this girl, she brings up her boyfriend without any context, with no purpose other than to let you know she’s taken. If she is single, she will talk to you about the men she has a crush on, crushing your motives with that move. She may even spell out her list of preferences, carefully omitting any quality that you might possess. This is your chance to quietly back out from the race to get this girl because you are now a mile behind where you first started!

10. ‘Match’-fixing

couple at a cafe

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If she regularly advances the idea that you look great with her best friend and you guys should go out together to get things going, she is desperate to get rid of you. This is a common tactic women use, mostly as a last resort, to make it clear to the guy that she is and will never be interested in dating him. If she were interested, she would never be able to even bear the thought of hooking you up with another girl, let alone her best friend! This is a hopeless case, mate!

11. Rate of interest

couple disagreement

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If she is head over heels in love with you, she will want to announce it to the world from the Empire State Building; and if she is shy, she will drop hints about how she would like to be proposed! She will put up photos of you together on her social media accounts, flaunting you to her friends. Your girl, on the contrary, is untagging herself from the few photos you put up – she doesn’t even want to be virtually linked with you, my friend! It’s time to let her go.

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12. Careless whisper

man woman disagreement

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The fact that you have made the effort of tracking this article down and have read so far to reach this 12th and last point is indication enough that you yourself are quite aware of the state of affairs (or “not-affairs,” in your case). You have known all along in your heart that she’s just not that into you, but you have silenced that voice and gone literally blind in a love that will never be reciprocated! The game’s over. There are a lot of other versions; play the one that suits your standards.

I am sorry if this article has confirmed your fears and left you heartbroken. That is not its purpose. We are only trying to help and put your train back on the track it is supposed to be on. Trust me, when she enters your life, you will know for sure that she is the one! But if you are still adamant on pursuing your current crush, I suggest you ask her directly instead of harboring these fears and emotions in your heart. She will have all the answers to your questions – she’s into you or she’s just not that into you. I wish you all the best!

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12 Sure Signs That She's Just Not That Into You
Does she like you or is she just too polite to tell you that she's just not that into you? Be sure with these 12 signs.
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