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10 Telltale Signs She Doesn’t Like You Even If You Do

So you have been pursuing this special lady for quite some time now, and you seem to be no closer than when you started! Trust me brother, I know it’s hard when you really like someone and they don’t reciprocate the same feelings for you. But let me ask you one question: would you rather pursue someone who is blowing you off, or would you rather bow out gracefully and find someone who actually wants to be with you?

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If you are confused about the signals she is giving you or are in denial, well here are 10 clear signs she doesn’t like you, no matter how much you like her.

1. You are always the one trying to reach her

man texting

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So you’ve called around three to four times and she doesn’t return your calls, texts, or emails for a few days. She doesn’t make an effort to return your attempts. In all probability, she doesn’t really want to be in touch with you or is looking for her space. So give it to her. If she really does want to be in touch, she will call you back at least once in every three phone calls. If this isn’t happening, all you are going to be getting is her voicemail and no more.

2. I’m too busy right now for a relationship

i've got enough shit to do

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Classic! Women use this line all the time to diplomatically tell you to back off on the advances. Maybe she is really too busy, or maybe she isn’t into you enough to want to be in a relationship with you. Either way, it’s her way of telling you she isn’t on the same emotional page you are.

3. So what kind of a guy do you see yourself with?

he is so hot

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You ask her this, and her reply sounds nothing like you! In fact, the only thing you have in common with her dream guy may be your gender! So smile, have a laugh about it, and bring out that little black book or wait for the right someone to bump into you.

4. She prefers to sit farther away from you

you can't sit with us

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This is a sure sign when the lady you are pursuing isn’t into you romantically. If she did like like you, she would make sure that she sits closer to you and be a little more intimate. For example, she would brush your arm casually every now and then or just pay attention to you. However, if she is sitting farther from you, chances are she is busy checking out the rest of the joint for potential bachelors. Ergo, in this case, distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. This is one of the main signs she doesn’t like you that way.

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5. “He would make an amazing boyfriend!”

he's so pretty i want to cry

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No, she isn’t trying to make you jealous. She knows you have been pursuing her, and yet she is still telling you straight to your face that she finds other men interesting. Now that is a sure sign that this is the end. If she really is worth it, be friends and ask her to hook you up with someone else instead!

6. Hey, I think you and my friend would really hit it off

you should be together

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Okay, so she really likes you as a friend and doesn’t want to see you hurt. In all honesty, she is trying to tell you that she’s just not into you. So think about it and take her up on her offer. You never know, maybe her friend and you are just right for each other. I am not suggesting that you use her friend as a substitute, but give her a fair shot.

7. I’m not sure whether we can meet up, I think I might have to clean the garage

not today

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Sorry, my friend, if she is making excuses like that almost every time you want to make plans with her, the harsh reality is that she really doesn’t want to date you. If she really wants to be with you, she wouldn’t play so hard to get.

8. I’m really sorry, but my neighbor’s dog has to be taken to the vet

it's an emergency

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If you see a blue moon, then maybe she really had to take her neighbor’s dog to a vet! But if she keeps cancelling on your plans giving you vague excuses, then, my lovesick friend, she either has better plans or she just doesn’t want to be with you. I’m sorry buddy, but the bitter truth is better than the sweetest poison!

9. She only wants to hang out with you when she wants to party

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So you have a great career and you make the moolah. You call her up just to have coffee and she always blows you off, but calls you when she wants to go partying and gets all her friends along. If this has happened, she is more interested in the extension of your back pocket than you! She might be crazy hot but don’t live in denial, she isn’t going to start dating you. Hit the road jack and don’t look back!

10. She doesn’t laugh at your jokes

sense of humor

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It’s a given that a woman loves to laugh – only if she really likes a guy who is around or with her. But if she isn’t doing this with you, that’s one of the sure signs that she is not into you. Women who like you will not always laugh at your jokes, but will make an attempt to at least enjoy your sense of humor, even when you aren’t funny. If they don’t understand the joke, they will ask you what it meant and give you a shot. So if she isn’t laughing or paying attention at all, she probably is looking for someone else to make her laugh.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have to be honest with you, my brothers: If your current situation resembles three or more of the above signs she doesn’t like you, the situation isn’t going to go in your favor. As I said earlier, bow out gracefully and live your life, and before long someone will come along and appreciate all that you have to offer!

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10 Telltale Signs She Doesn't Like You
The woman you like is giving you confusing vibes? Read this to be sure about the signs she doesn't like you - ouch, but better to know than be in the dark.
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