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Top 12 Things Women Say That Annoy Men No End. Arrgh!!!

‘Words cut deeper than knives. A knife can be pulled out; words are embedded into our souls.’ – William Chapman

Men are from Mars, and women from Venus. This couldn’t be more appropriate when it comes to their individual behavior. While women find what men do and say to be annoying, the opposite is true as well.

Here is the list of things women say that annoy men no end; some of the listed words/phrases are so annoying that you are almost guaranteed to need a drink after reading this list!

1. “Forget it… you will not understand.”

Don’t we men deserve an explanation for all the wrong doings? Most women try to escape an argument by simply using this phrase which drives men nuts.

2. “Fine!”

fine-gifImage source

Trust me, when women say “It’s fine,” it is not even close to FINE! It is exactly the opposite of fine, and we men know this. So please stop saying that and show us your real feelings. If we’ve done something wrong, let us know and we’ll accept it.

3. “I’ve got nothing to wear.”

nothing-to-wearImage source

We can see huge piles of clothes in your closet and how hard can it be to pick one dress from the collection of thousands? Men will never understand this, because there is no logic behind these words. So it is better that women stop complaining that they don’t have anything to wear because we know that that’s not true.

4. “Order anything… no, I don’t to want eat that…”

If you are so choosy, then why did you ask us to make the choice for you on the first place? Men literally hate when they put in efforts and it goes to waste.

5. “Is your ex <insert name> coming?”

Being jealous is okay, but when it crosses over to being possessiveness, then it sucks. How are we men supposed to know that the girl we dated long before committing to you is supposed to be at someplace or not? We are no longer in touch!

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6. “Why don’t you go have sex with <random name>.”

When another woman tries to be flirtatious with us or is just being nice, some women use this phrase. This literally burns us from the inside because if we wanted to have sex with <random name> we won’t be with you!

7. “It was on sale, so I thought…”

confessions-of-a-shopaholicImage source

Women waste a lot of money, time and energy buying things, that too in bulk, that they will never use in their life! This annoys men because they know that this is going to end in their garbage bag sooner or later.

8. “Can I ride your bike?”

If you are an expert, we have no problem with it. But if you’re not, then please stop asking. We are not letting any amateur touch our baby.

9. “Give me 10 more minutes.”

annoyed man

Image source

Unlike most women, we men are punctual. There is a reason we tell you beforehand about plans so that we can be there on time. Your 10 minutes will extend to another 45 minutes, and we will be late for whatever we’ve planned.

10. “What about that time when you said…”

Women love to bring up old stuff in the new argument. It not only annoys us but also makes us realize that you can hold grudges for years.

11. “You never did anything like this for me.”

Romantic novels and movies have made life really tough for men. It is so hard to impress girls because of the elevated expectations of some modern women. But instead of comparing us real men to heroes of books and movies, why can’t you simply realize that novels and movies ain’t real?

12. “What are you thinking?”

thinking-gifImage source

Women’s curiosity knows no bounds. They wish to know each and everything that comes to our mind. It is so annoying, that every time we have to answer “nothing,” and even after that, the immediate argument is, “you don’t share anything with me!” Hope science develops a successful method to transplant brains soon, so that we men can simply avoid these questions.

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12 Things Women Say That Annoy Men No End
Are you driving your man crazy? Here are a few things women say that annoy men no end.
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