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15 Sure Signs That Tell You’re Meant To Be Together

You already know that you are mad about this guy, but even if one’s deeply in love, they still have doubts in their mind about whether the two of them are actually soul mates, and therefore, meant to be together. At this moment, everything seems picture-perfect, but are you sure that it is going to feel the same way a year from now, let alone your entire life?! How can one say that this is, genuinely, the real thing?

For every couple, it is essential to notice the positive things in their relationship, and as time goes by, nurture it into something more beautiful, such that one fine day you just look back and realize what the two of you have created! But before that, one has to find out if they, in point of fact, are made for one another.

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So are you meant to be together? The following 15 signs will answer that. :)

1. You are yourself with him by your side!

couple in love_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

One is the happiest while they can be themselves, without being judged, when with someone. If this someone for you is him, it is loud and clear that you both are meant to be together! You don’t have to edit your thoughts and add filters to them before presenting it to him. You are anything but unsure of yourself or apprehensive when he is around. Yes, he is the one!

2. You aren’t discomfited about telling him things that you’d otherwise not tell anyone!

Ladies, by saying ‘telling him anything,’ in no way do I mean blurting out something after you were too inebriated to care! That’s when the beer does the talking and not you! I am referring to the desire of filling him on intimate particulars about what’s happening (or even what has happened before) in your life. This signifies the amount of trust that you have placed in this person. Now, that’s a vital ingredient of a successful love story! :)

3. You allow him to see you cry; to see you weak

man comforting a woman_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You will find a lot of people that you can be happy with when you are feeling all jazzy about life. But what happens when you are having them blues? It’s not unfair. That’s the way life is, that’s the way people are. In such moments of despair, do you feel like seeing him? When you have a bad day, when your boss yells at you for something that you didn’t do, your pet dies, you have a fight with your best friend because of a misunderstanding. In situations like these, is his the first number you want to dial? If he is your comfort in times of trouble, you are meant for each other!

4. You love him but respect him more

You have no intentions of changing the core of who he is. There will always be things about him that will annoy you a little at times; things like, him wanting to wear that awful red pair of converse; him eating a bar of snickers after dinner; him spending the afternoons with his game station! But on the whole, you like him and respect the things that he stands for. As simple as that!

5. You are positive about him meeting your parents!

You are proud of this man that you have chosen for yourself and you are dying to show him off to your parents. There is no question of you making excuses for him and giving him a list of things to say and do, and more particularly, not say and not do, when with the parents. You want him to be himself because you know that will work just fine.

6. It’s not difficult for you to imagine a future with him

common life goals_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

It’s not the junior high ‘scribbling his last name, slyly placing your first name in front and scratching it off before someone saw you do something like that’ that I am talking of! You know what I mean. You periodically see yourself growing old with him and it feels so right! It feels good and right at the same time, and that happens once in a blue moon.

7. You are not scared of getting into arguments with him

Arguments and disagreements are, believe it or not, signs of a healthy relationship. It is thus a green signal for your relationship if you are not afraid of disagreeing with him. You have had fights and they have all ended with both of you trying to sort it out by listening to what the other has to say. No one’s brushing anyone off. Even when he is of the opinion that you are mistaken about something, he takes you seriously.

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8. Both of you want to work on improving the relationship

If there is anything that can be done to enhance this bond, you both are willing to give it a shot. This could be about settling the crucial differences that might impact the relationship in the future. This could be about your opinions on religion, having a family, money, lifestyle, all the essential issues. You want to discuss these with him because you think that you can always have a work around that will suit the both of you.

9. All your funny moments happen with him

couple laughing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Basically, you laugh most when with this guy of yours! We don’t realize this but laughter is undoubtedly the most pleasurable thing that life offers us humans. If he can crack you up, I can assure you, you guys are meant to be together.

10. You are incurably attracted to him!

Yes, the obvious! Fatal attraction is unquestionably an essential element of a relationship that is in fine fettle. And if you think he is not your usual “type” or that you don’t fit in the conventional way, doesn’t that make it way more appealing? Don’t worry, that spark is never going to wear off because there are a number of other things that will rekindle the fire than mere looks!

11. Even silences are comfortable!

Yes, it does not hurt to be quiet when with him. You don’t find it necessary to stuff in pointless chatter and prattle to fill in the space between the two of you. You are not scared that the peace might eventually create a void between the two of you. You know you can always crossover and talk to him once the noiseless spell concludes.

12. He is a necessity but not an addiction

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

To put it in other words, you need him but in the right amount! Yes, you do long for him, but you don’t dwell in extremities. There are times when you ache for him too; however, it doesn’t cross the line of desperation. Remember, indigence is a good thing but if there is too much of it, it only breeds contempt and dissatisfaction.

13. You strangely aren’t too possessive about him!

You are protective but not possessive! Since the two are used interchangeably (and wrongly so) all the time, people have actually forgotten the difference between the two. Let me remind you. Possession stands for things like jealousy, domination, and control. Protection, on the other hand, is all about care, love, and the art of shielding your loved one. So now that you can contrast the two, you get a better picture of what I am trying to say here.

If you find yourself comfortable with your guy having friends of the other sex or you don’t question him when he’s out having a guys’ night, you are definitely going to make it till the end with this dude!

14. He makes you want to be a better person!

He not only makes you feel great about yourself, he also ushers you with enthusiasm to become an improved version of yourself with each passing day. You feel smart, beautiful, creative, and all the things that you are, when you are with him. You have also been told by your friends that you guys bring out the best in each other and that you both complement your best parts!

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15. To put it in a line, he just gets you!

couple hugging_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Yes, it is that simple. Matters of the heart have always been easy, but we just love muddling and twisting them up! May be it is human of us to look for drama in relationships and the bonds we share! But trust me, if you think he understands that essential part of you, the core of you, which can’t be put into words, but is a tender yet passionate feeling, he is the one for you. Period!

Knowing that someone is indeed your soul mate is not easy to decide. However, let me tell you this. If for the first time, you feel home is not a place but a person and that happy feeling when you are with them, he is definitely your one and only! :)

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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15 Signs That Tell You're Meant To Be Together
How do you know if you and your bae are meant to be together? Be sure with these 15 sure signs.
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