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Switch Off: How Your Smartphone Is Eroding Your Marriage

Tears kept flowing out with no sign of abating; the floodgates had opened! It was kinda bad what happened to her and she was telling him all about it between her sobs. She just wanted to feel loved; he was holding on to her and nodding between her gasps for air. But he couldn’t really sympathize much that her favorite jeans were no longer fitting and she was getting fat! He had been holding her for the last five minutes and the discussion was heading nowhere.

He just decided to pick up his phone with his free left hand to check a ping and that tipped the whole thing over!

“I am crying here and you are with your phone again! Do you even love me anymore?” Her depression soon turned to anger and was short of turning violent.

Smartphones have been playing the Ruepid (Cupid’s evil twin) a lot these days and the ensuing scene plays out often like a badly written script of Shakespeare’s tragic love sagas. Yes, before you begin to say that even women are addicted to their phones, let us turn that around- we agree. Smartphones are playing the ‘other man/woman’ effortlessly. Today, you don’t need a handsome hunk or seductive babe to lure your partner away from you; a Smartphone with a decent internet connection does the job.

If you find your partner constantly complaining about how your smartphone is whisking you away from her, here are 12 signs to know  –

1. Big “O” getting interrupted


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You are on to getting some action and things are going really well. But just as you are hoping to lean in coz you are near, your phone on the table goes *ping* *ping* *bzzzz* not the sounds you want to reach to ecstasy! If only people were told that switching off your notifications is as important as using protection!

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2. Socializing all the time 

woman texting_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You are really popular everywhere you go and everybody wants you in on their whatsapp group. It ends up that you have ten different groups and you want to be belle of the on all of them. So, even when you are at home spending time with your partner, you fritter it on socializing online. Just don’t.

3. Selfies are not photography 

couple taking a selfie

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Taking one selfie for the sake of memory? Great! Taking 50 selfies to get it right? Not so much! Posing and smiling for retakes can get annoying, don’t do that to your partner.

4. Not funny

You love to forward every goddamn joke and meme, you love tagging your partner on Instagram and Twitter and worse, you expect at least a LOL on them! It can fast spiral into a dark humor laced ‘living-with-you-is-funnily-not-fun-anymore’ story! Stop the madness while there’s still time!

5. It was to be wine and roses

You are married now and you rarely go out on a date anymore but even when you do on some rare occasions, you find yourself holding the phone instead of a wine glass or your partner’s hand! You are doing it all wrong. Be present in the moment and get over the FOMO.

6. All work and no play 


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

It seems like all the bosses in the world were granted their wishes of reaching out to their employees 24*7 with the invention of the smartphone. Now we know, it is necessary to reply to that email, send out that reminder or add the final touches to the presentation else your job could be on the line, but a little more organization could help not steal more precious moments from your time with your partner.

7. Blue light is a pain 

It is a scientific fact that blue light from your smartphone hampers your sleep and in a marital bed your partner’s too! So- why hit your nuptial bed with this blue when some other blue could really rev up the raunchy? 😉

8. Listen to each other, not music

woman listening to music_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Earphones are cool, they allow you to tune out and get into the zone. But if you are always plugged in, then you are definitely missing out on those sweet nothings from your partner! It’s not sexy to repeat dirty talk!

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9. Last seen option 

We all agree this is the worst innovation ever. Almost every communication app has a ‘last seen’ or ‘read’ format which is ruining relationships. Best way is to communicate better to your partner or ensure you drop a note when you are busy and can’t reply.

10. Google your way out

Proving your partner wrong was never easier, all you need is to google for the right answer out of an argument. Well, if Google could be as emotionally intelligent to understand why your partner is hurt, you could be having a relationship with it, wouldn’t you? In any case, you are spending more time with it. I hope you are getting the drift.

11. The excuses 

woman texting_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

We have all given those beaten-to-death excuses about having left our phones behind or simply forgotten to check them. Don’t use those- really! Nobody buys them!

12. An app for your attention 


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Multiple apps on your phone not only slow down your phone but your relationship too. When you were single all you had was your phone to keep your lonely self company! But now that you have some real company, you choose your phone for companionship! Cut the crap!

Take the right step before it is too late- SWITCH OFF to switch on the romance!

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12 Ways Your Smartphone Is Ruining Your Marriage
You didn't realize when your smartphone turned into the one you were cheating with!
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