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15 Simple Tips On How To Respect Yourself In A Relationship

A relationship can sometimes be a heavy weight to have on your back and can cause a lot of pressure in your life. It is easy to forget your own likes, dislikes, interests, and sometimes even your self-respect. It may be had to recognize in the beginning, since you want to compromise and keep the relationship going. However, there is going to come a breaking point where you are going to realize that you have compromised too much on your self-respect.

How to respect yourself in a relationship   

You will surely start to resent your partner and the relationship because it did not allow you to be who you really are.

You definitely need to respect yourself to prevent this from happening. Here are a few ways to ensure that you do not lose yourself and your self-respect in a relationship:

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1. Your alone time is sacred

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No, we do not mean that you need to lock yourself up in a room if you do not want to, but you need some time and space away from your partner every once in a while. It could be you spending time with your friends or just with family. Ensure that you are not spending all your time with your partner. It is going to really preserve your respect in your relationship.

2. Do not dumb yourself down for the sake of your partner

You need to respect yourself to the fullest. If you are a little more intelligent than your partner, you really do not need to dumb yourself down. When you start to do that, you are going to be insulting your intelligence. While respecting yourself, you will also have to give the same respect to your partner as well. Do not mock them, just be yourself and let them be themselves in the relationship.

3. Do not let your voice go unheard

In the initial stages of a relationship, you will probably make a few adjustments to accommodate the relationship. But make sure the relationship still stays balanced. Your partner shouldn’t have too much control over you, and vice-versa.

4. Pay attention to your looks

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Yes, you have a partner, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop paying attention to how you look. When you look good, you feel good. This feeling is essential for the respect you give to yourself in a relationship. Develop confidence in your looks, whether you are dressed up or dressed down. Do not let your partner dictate how you look.

5. Do not take mistakes to another level

There is going to be no relationship without a fight, and when you do fight – it is important that you know how to respect yourself afterward. Forgive yourself and your partner. If you think that you have made a mistake, admit to it and apologize – but do not beat yourself up for it because it is only going to deteriorate your self-respect within the relationship.

6. Comparing it to your past will put you down

Well, your ex-partner might have been really good or really bad. When you compare your current relationship to your past one, you will never feel satisfied with what you have. Your partner is not likely to appreciate the constant comparisons and it will threaten the integrity of your relationship.

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7. Do not depend on your partner too much

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Seeking support and being dependent are two different things. You can seek support or help if you need it – but if they are unable to provide it, you cannot be lost. You have lived many years without your partner and you obviously know how to go about your life. Use that ability of yours and stay independent within the relationship as well.

8. Make yourself clear

Everyone has a few trigger points and sensitive spots that are meant to be left alone; it is also possible that you have certain things you aren’t willing to compromise on. Your partner is not going to magically know about these things, and neither are you. To maintain that respect for yourself and for your partner, you need to ensure that you are communicating honestly about these points.

9. Keep improving

Disrespect in relationships takes many forms; you can do it to yourself as well. When you do not improve in your relationship, and are stuck at the same place, it will likely lose value to you. You need to keep improving and moving forward in the relationship.

10. Understand your importance

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Your relationship would not be a relationship without you. You need to know and understand that. When you know what you are worth in the relationship, you are also going to be able to respect yourself in that relationship. While you are in love with your partner, you are also going to love yourself. This is not only an important part of the relationship, but also an important part of life and self-growth. This is just one of the ways on how to respect yourself.

11. Communicate with each other

Some of the biggest problems arise in relationships because the two of you do not communicate with each other at all. There could be a fight, or anything else that you need to make clear to one another and things can escalate quickly if not properly addressed. When you make an effort to communicate respectfully, and the other person is also reciprocating, it is going to be easier for you to attain respect in the relationship.

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12. As the childhood rule goes – give respect to gain respect

The best way to ensure that you get the respect you are looking for is to give respect to your partner. Treat your partner like you would treat anyone who commands respect. This includes being truthful, transparent, cordial, and trustworthy. When you are all of those things, you know that you are in a position to expect the same treatment in return. Understand that no fight can get in the middle of the respect the both of you give to each other.

Giving yourself to your partner and your relationship is only acceptable to the extent that you do not lose yourself. If you compromise too much in the relationship, it could lead to self-pity and resentment. This resentment is not something that can sustain a relationship.

Your relationship could have potential to be amazing, but if you two cross the line of respect and start to disrespect each other or yourself, you either need to work through these issues or end the relationship.

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