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14 TOUGH Lessons I Learnt By Dating An Emotionally Unavailable Woman

Dating an emotionally unavailable woman can be a journey in itself. You would have your fair share of ups and downs. Sometimes, it would feel like the best thing in this world to be with your significant other, while there would be times when their unpredictable response or detachment might leave you sleepless for nights. I once dated an emotionally unavailable woman, and it certainly didn’t go so well. Nevertheless, it taught me some of the best lessons on dating!

1. It would start with a high

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The first few days would be the best phase of your relationship. The feeling of experiencing something new and unique would keep the two of you pretty excited.

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2. You will feel insecure

Gradually, you will realize that you need to maintain an emotional connect with your partner, which would just not happen – even after your dedicated efforts.

3. There won’t be any passion

Because there is an invisible wall in-between that no matter how much you try isn’t going to crumble easy!

4. You would never be enough

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This will make you question yourself, often. It will hurt your sense of self-esteem and you might start underestimating your worth.

5. They would seem impossible to change

You would try to walk an extra mile to save your relationship. You would ask them to participate in your ideas or would come up with new ideas, but all your efforts would go in vain. Your partner would never let down their guard easy and you will constantly bump up against the wall around their heart.

6. You will find it TOUGH to gain insider access

Whenever you will try to discuss something, they would find a reason to dodge the budget, which will make you feel restless. Their fear of vulnerability shall leave you feeling as though you’d never get a glimpse into their heart and soul, thereby, giving you no window to touch their scars or heal their wounds.

7. They would shudder at the mention of other aspects of your life

The idea of meeting your friends or family would scare them. There would be a significant space between the two of you, which they won’t allow you to fill. Even after all your efforts, they would never completely be a part of your life.

8. You will feel anxious – all the time!

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All of this will make you anxious and you will start overanalyzing everything. From the words they say to your own actions, everything will be a calculated move.

9. Their presence won’t be enough

This would hurt the most. Sadly, their physical presence won’t be enough to make you happy. They would be emotionally unavailable and their mind and heart would always be somewhere else.

10. You have to set the boundaries

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Chances are that your partner might start taking you for granted. You won’t say a word in the beginning, but after a while, you will have to establish the threshold for saturation.

11. They will come up with a reason to escape

The moment they would realize that you won’t let them make their own rules, they will pick a fight on the most irrelevant issues and will end the relationship in the most unexpected way. Their fear of being abandoned makes them take the escape route before they can be hurt further.

12. Your relationship will come to an end

Because stubbornness comes easy with that kind of visceral FEAR!

13. It is nobody’s fault

Without getting a closure, you would start blaming yourself. You might start believing that it was your fault. Sooner or later, you would able to see beyond the obvious to realize that it was never your fault. Nor your partner’s. That’s the thing with an emotionally unavailable person. You dabble in greys and nothing is black or white!

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14. You have to be brave enough

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Even though you’d be a little disappointed, you would have to pick up the broken piece of you to make you whole again. You have to walk away from them, knowing they need to fight their own battles because they have rejected you as an ally. You can choose to silently wait in the sidelines or simply walk away knowing to have loved and lost is better than not having loved at all. Each is an act of courage and fortitude.

If you are dating an emotionally unavailable person too, please tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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14 Lessons I Learnt By Dating An Emotionally Unavailable Woman
Dating an emotionally unavailable woman can be a journey in itself.
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