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14 Things That Will Inevitably Happen When You Are Dating A Woman Who Loves Romance Fiction

If you are dating someone who breathes romance novels, you go through a series of things. It can be bliss to date someone who smells of love all the friggin’ time and has lived too many romantic tales to pre-guess all your surprise mushy ideas or an uphill battle- because she has read it all! Either way, if you’re in it and dating someone who lives for romantic fiction, it’s too late to do anything save go all in.

Here are 14 things you’ll be nodding a vigorous ‘YES’ to, if you are dating a woman who loves romantic fiction:

1. High bar, higher expectations

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If she has her eyes literally dug in the umpteen romance fiction repositories at her place, she is sure to set the bar very high  –dude, Mr. Darcy and Jon Snow ruined your life!

2. She puts the R in romance

Trust her to weave magic each time she flicks her romantic novel. No matter how romantic you get, she will talk about something from one of her books that will make you wonder if you could ever top that!

3. She is always cheating on you

romance fiction_New_Love_Times

Image source: weheartit

Before you lose your cool, let us get this clear. She is cheating on you with her book boyfriends, of course. We told ya- Gus and Edward and Heathcliff are too tempting to not fall for!

4. No dilemma when it comes to gifts

You don’t have to tire yourself thinking of a gift. Grab a book and be all set to be buried in kisses.

5. Alone = books

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When she says she is alone, she is sitting with three books, a cup of coffee, a fat slice of cake and reading each word like ‘twere magic.

6. Weird ideas

Trust her to have the weirdest notions about what constitutes ‘romance’ because too many romantic plots equals love mish-mash.

7. You become addicted too

romance fiction_New_Love_Times

Image source: collegecandy

Now, it is but obvious that her affliction lathes on. And if you think you’d better keep away, then, ssshhh, pretend- coz if you promise to take her in sickness and in health, well, you already know what the sickness is! Quite a healthy one, if you ask me! 😉

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8. Every funny date is an upcoming plot

Don’t worry about a terrible date fail! She will surely turn it into a plot for an upcoming rom-com or she might just have staged it to live what she had actually read earlier!

9. She always nails it with the right quote

romance fiction_New_Love_Times

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When it comes to love, she slays you with some of the most romantic quotes and yes, she will tell you where it’s coming from!

10. Benchmark aye!

She has set the benchmark quite high and you need to perch at the top to win that coveted heart.

11. Spoilers = breakup

romance fiction_New_Love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Now, we know this is a bit too harsh. But try throwing a spoiler her way and be on your way to update your relationship status to single on Facebook. #NoToleranceForSpoilers

12. Bookstores add to her beauty

If you want to fall in love with her again, take her to a bookstore and just watch the way her eyes shall jazz up and smile. Heart flipping already, eh? 😉

13. You become a reader too

The best thing about dating a romance fiction reader is you start reading all the books too. Isn’t love REALLY in the air now?

14. Be ready to be eternalized

romance fiction_New_Love_Times

Image source: musingsandalike

All readers write a line or two and when you are in love with a romance reader, your love story is bound to be eternalized. You will wear too many shades of the best book boyfriends and she will pen your very own tale which you can’t stop reading over and over- again and again.

Smiling? Go buy a book and snuggle in bed with her and read! :)

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Dating A Woman Who Loves Romance Fiction? Be Prepared For These 14 Things To Happen
So, she loves romance fiction? It simply means she'll love you in countless ways! ;)
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