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14 Vital Things Women Wish Men Knew About Them

The belief that nobody knows what goes on in a woman’s mind at any point in time, has been peddled since time immemorial. Most men assume that woman are mysterious, and that they like to keep their true natures hidden, thereby toying with a man’s emotions and feelings. That women are mostly manipulative and play hard to get all the time.

But how much truth is there to these allegations?

Yes, we women like it when a man makes the effort to show us that he’s worthy of our attention, and eventual affection. But that doesn’t mean we take men’s feelings lightly or that we toy with their emotions!

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One thing men need to understand is that women almost always take their time falling in love. But when they do fall in love with who they consider a great guy, they fall pretty hard. If she tends to take her time to get to the actual dating part, that’s because she’s evaluating all the pros and cons of dating you. And this is just one of the things women wish men knew.

Now let’s get to our list of other things women wish men knew, quite desperately!

Men and women are wired differently, but that doesn’t mean women are complicated. It’s just that it takes a bit of patience and fortitude to understand a woman better. If you have these, you’ll find our list most helpful!

1. Staring

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Women don’t like being stared at, unless that stare is reciprocated by them. If you’re trying to catch a woman’s eye, look at her a few times. If she doesn’t see it, or is ignoring it, then you have your answer. Do not make yourself a nuisance by trying to drill through her skull with the power of your sight! Another thing you need to be aware of is that women have this power to know when they’re being stared at. If she doesn’t look up at you even after your several attempts, then you need to back off.

2. Staring at other women

For all that’s holy, don’t stare at other women when you’re on a date with your girlfriend. I know that it’s human tendency to check out women when they pass you by, but it gets annoying when you do that when you’re with your girlfriend. Not only is that disrespectful to your date, it’s also insulting.

When you’re with your girlfriend, don’t flirt with another women or ogle at them. It’s bound to be upsetting, because she will assume that you’re more intrigued by other women and not her. And if your girlfriend gives you the cold shoulder after such an incident, don’t scratch your head and brand her as complicated, because she’s not. You got the cold shoulder for what you did.

3. The important dates


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Women usually tend to keep track of the “important” dates in their relationship timeline – the first time you met, the first time you kissed, the day you took her to see her favorite band, the first time you did it. You name it, and she remembers the exact date, what she wore, what you wore – every last detail of that particular life event. So it’s only natural that she expects the same from you – if not that detail-oriented, she at least expects you to not forget anniversaries and birthdays. If you forget, that’ll hurt her a lot more than you think.

4. Talking about how she feels

Most women love to talk about their feelings and emotions. They believe in the power of unburdening themselves by talking about it. They seldom think that it does anybody any good by repressing their how they feel. So if your girlfriend wants to talk about her feelings and wants you to do the same, you could at least try doing so. It will definitely bring you both closer.

5. Chivalry

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Women today are strong, independent, and able to take care of themselves. So that confuses men trying to figure out whether or not to be chivalrous. What to do then? Well, I say be chivalrous to every woman you come in contact with. If she appreciates it, she will let you know, and if she doesn’t, she’ll let you know too. That way, you won’t have to scratch your head trying to decide whether or not you should be chivalrous. Another thing to keep in mind is that women find it very disconcerting to be with a man who doesn’t understand basic courtesy and the most rudimentary of manners.

6. Shopping therapy

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Many women swear by retail therapy as the cure for anhedonia to a breakup. If your girlfriend is one of them, then you have to bear with her when she drags you out on a shopping jaunt. She’ll appreciate you more if you join her once in a while and make it a memorable outing as a couple. What’s more, she’ll be over the moon if you help her choose the best outfit that suits her.

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7. Her girlfriends

A woman and the bond she shares with her gal pals is one of utmost importance to her. She takes their opinions and ideas into serious consideration. So if you’re trying to impress a woman, then you’d do well to pay attention to how she interacts with her friends, and try to win them over too. If her girlfriends have a good opinion about you, then they will help you win her over.

8. Women fake it

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Don’t be so shocked. It’s true; women fake it to make you feel better, so as not to bruise your fragile male ego. However, that doesn’t mean you should get complacent and stop trying new things altogether in bed. When she gives you signs – subtle and non-subtle ones – take them to heart and improve upon your … um… technique and performance. She’s not trying to hurt your ego, she’s just trying to enjoy sex as much as you did.

9. Same rules

You both are partners in your relationship. That means having equal say and equal responsibilities. If one set of rules apply to you, the same should apply to her as well. If you don’t like her going out with her gal pals once in a while, then you shouldn’t go with your buddies either. Don’t try to control her, while trying to do whatever you want. Not only is it unfair, it would make her unhappy too, eventually making her resent you.

10. Sense of humor

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Women love humor, and men who have a sense of humor become attractive instantly. However, your humor needs to be witty and funny, and not hurtful to her or to anybody else for that matter. If you have a wry, dry sense of humor, then it’s a plus!

11. Withholding sex

Yes, women do withhold sex, but only because they know that it’s one of the few things that hurt you. It’s a non-violent way of getting back at you for something you’ve done. While women tend to want to clear the air by laying it all out in the open, men are not so keen on doing so. If you walk away when your girlfriend wants to discuss what happened, or you’re not paying attention to her when she wants to clear the air, that’s when she resorts to withholding sex. It’s a low blow, but it’s a sure way of getting your attention.

12. Be dependable

A woman wants to be able to depend and rely on her man. She wants him to be there for her when she needs him the most. Whether or not she asks for your help, let her know that you’re around should she need you. It’s bound to make her feel more secure and protected, and that she has a man who has her back, always.

13. Raking up old issues

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Sigh! Yes, women are guilty of bringing up old, seemingly forgotten issues during a fight. It’s not because they want to hurt you, but because they seldom forget anything. They just can’t seem to forget issues that have happened in the past. When they’re angry with you, they can’t help but pour out all their frustrations at once, and you’re the nearest target that they can find.

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14. Love compliments

Women like compliments, in whatever form. But when it comes from the man in her life, she’ll absolutely love them. They may act coy and shy when you do pay her a compliment, but secretly, she loves them. So never be stingy with your compliments. If you like something about your girlfriend, let her know.

Understanding these things women wish men knew can make you a smarter man, who will catch and hold a woman’s attention in the long run. And it’ll definitely make women like you a lot more too.

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14 Vital Things Women Wish Men Knew About Them
Understanding these things women wish men knew about them will give you a dating edge!
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