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Technologically Challenged: 15 Annoying Struggles Of People In This Age Stuck With Technology

Let’s just say it out loud – technology can get really painful and annoying at times! It demands you to be updated all the time with everything that is going around, or else you would be tagged as “outdated.” But what about people like us, who are old souls? We are just the unsung heroes in an age where everything revolves around technology!

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If you are like me and think that technology is just the spawn of the devil that brings your world crashing down, you will relate to these things – coz you’re my brother (or sister) from another mother who is technologically challenged, just like me:

  1. You are almost instantaneously drawn to befriend anyone working in IT. You KNOW you’ll need them.
  2. And when you do, you have no qualms flipping out your phone or laptop and asking them to fix about a dozen problems or bloody upgrades that you’ve delayed for as long as you could, before the damn thing threatened you that it’d stop working!


Image source: youthconnect

  1. While they are at it, they try to explain the troubleshooting aspects to you and your mind is thinking pizza, burgers and ‘thanks, but just get the damn thing working and stop speaking in Hebrew.’
  2. Facebook, Instagram and maybe Snapchat. That’s the end of your social media territory. Even that’d be stretching your patience and competence limits and people think of you as ‘behind the times!’ They must be superhuman or you underhuman- you think! :/
  3. It is always a Herculean task to understand the meaning of all that technological jargon. Firmware, software, hardware – it all sounds the same to you!


Image source: theregis

  1. You don’t get why every time a new cutting-edge phone is launching (which happens every month), people start creating a fuss about it. Like for no reason! I mean storage, gigabytes, The Cloud, hotspot are just random words for you- and induce some weird phobia.
  2. Just because you like to use your old phone or laptop, you are often called as “old” or “boring”, even when you are running in your twenties.

Yes, you can go ahead and cry in a corner now.

  1. “I don’t have that app!” – you, about a hundred times a day or more. You’ve lost count. You are scared to see people using them to control their air conditioners and unlocking their cars even! What kind of sorcery is that? :/


Image source: Tumblr

  1. Autocorrect is your perpetual enemy. You just can’t get autocorrect and always keeps fighting against it. This is a battle you will always lose because you don’t even know how to disable it!

Yes, you can disable autocorrect. You’re welcome!

  1. Cloud is not a technology. The only clouds you know are the one that rains. Yay! The joke’s on them! Or so, you happily think!
  2. You don’t charge your phone every day! Admit it! You charge your phone only when it turns off. C’mon the damn thing is for making calls and texting.


Image source: hourdose

  1. “Where is my phone?” You say this like a thousand times a day because you always keep losing your phone. Keeping a phone can be a nightmare for you sometimes.
  2. Every time an elderly colleague or someone from your family asks for your help regarding technology (say, connecting their phone to the Wifi, or fixing their Netflix), it won’t take you more than a second to realize that you are completely worthless.
  3. You will discover more people who are also terrible at technology. The good news is that you are not alone and that you have inbuilt radar that can help you find more people like you. Go explore!


Image source: youthconnect

  1. Technology is winning – and you are losing. So, you give in and start learning it because you are getting older and technology is getting younger!

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As you take baby steps in this seemingly impossible mission, you realize you are no use which means you can pack your bags and relocate to Pluto! Or you could make peace with technology as long as everything’s working! 😛

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15 Struggles Of People Who Are Technologically Challenged
Are you technologically challenged like me? Then read this!
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