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All The COOL Things You Can Do When You Start Missing Your Ex

Relationships are not always sunshine and rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes they’re ugly and painful and scarring and feel like the end of the world. When relationships fail to last and come to an end, we’re left slightly broken and mangled; in dire need of repair. Time might heal all sore wounds, but well, it takes time. It should come as no surprise that there will be days when you’ll be terribly missing your ex. You’ll be dying for their touch, to hear their sweet loving voice once again, to bask in the shimmer of their smiles. This is but a basic human tendency; and there’s very little we can do to relieve ourselves of this strange desire to have them back if only for a moment.

However, contacting an ex, in most cases, is never a good idea, and should be avoided at all costs. No matter how hopeless and colorless life seems at the moment, going back to something that ended on a sour note is definitely not the way to deal with it. Instead, try looking for other activities to invest your mind in. And since we really do care about you and your well-being, we’ve compiled a list of what to do when you miss your ex, to make your life a tad bit easier.

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What to do when you miss your ex

Here are 15 cool things you can do when you start missing your ex:

1. Read

woman reading_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Books are our best friends; our lighthouse when the seas get rough and the skies turn a murky grey. Books will never leave you alone and aching, quite unlike that ex of yours. So the moment you start missing your ex, take those dusty old friends out and breathe in the comforting, familiar scent of the pages. The books we read define the individuals we turn out to be; they allow us to embark on journeys we wouldn’t have dared to in our real lives. Not only are books great distractions, they’ll help you widen your mental horizons as well. So start reading, instead of spending hours wallowing in misery and sadness!

2. Gardening

In order to uproot those terrible pangs of sadness you get whenever you miss your ex, try your hand at some gardening! Put all your energies into taking care of your plant babies, and watch them grow as all your terrible memories related to your ex get washed out. Gardening is therapeutic for the mind and soul; you’ll be investing your mind in doing something productive and making your immediate surroundings slightly better and infinitely prettier. What could possibly be better than this?

3. Have a house party

What’s the best way of ridding yourself from unpleasant thoughts about your ex lover? Party! Invite all your friends over for a chilled out house party at your place. This will give you an excuse to deck your house up nicely and show off your impeccable hosting skills to everyone. Arrange for some good music, a scrumptious spread of food, and some drinks; you could even prepare some interesting games that you and your friends can play. Stop being the friend who won’t stop whining about their ex, and take out the wine and cheese and have yourself a good time!

4. Yoga

yoga pose_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

Purge all the unpleasant thoughts and negative vibes out of your body and soul by practicing yoga. You could enroll yourself in a yoga class or get some DVDs just for yourself and get going. Yoga does wonders not just for your body but for your mind as well. Your body will be more flexible and agile than it previously was, and your mind will be relaxed and happy. Bye-bye detestable thoughts about ex, hello Zen state of mind!

5. Write

Woman Writing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

You don’t have to be a published bestselling author to write about your feelings. Here’s what to do when you miss your ex: take a piece of paper and a pen/pencil, and get writing. Write whatever comes to your mind. Write about how you miss them so much; write a poem about how much you hate your ex; use your ex as inspiration and write a novel about a detestable monster that ultimately gets killed in a horrifying manner. Let your inner Edgar Allan Poe, Bukowski, or Rumi flow through your words onto the paper. This might just be the start of a new hobby.

6. Get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex

This one is slightly drastic, I know, but this might just be what you need. When you start missing your ex and everything in your world feels empty and hopeless and just very, very sad, it’s time you went on a cleaning spree. Collect all those objects that remind you of your ex – photographs, borrowed books which never got the chance to be returned to their rightful owner, gifts, letters, a sock, that ratty old t-shirt – anything that could possibly remind you of them; put all of them in a box and do away with them. This might turn out to be catharsis for you, after all. If you don’t wish to throw them away completely, you can always keep them away in a loft or hide them at the back of your closet away from your general line of vision.

7. Compose a song

woman playing a guitar_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Remember how most of the greatest love songs come from broken hearts? When you start missing your ex too much, pour all your emotions out into a song and let the music do all the talking. Who knows, you could end up being the next Sam Smith or Taylor Swift!

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8. Go on a blind date

You need to be reminded of how truly wonderful it is to be single and to not have someone tied to you all the time. Ask your friends to set you up on blind dates and have a good time. There is a possibility of chancing across a few creeps, but there is also the prospect of finding someone really interesting, someone you can connect with. Either way, going on blind dates will help you revive your socialization skills and get you back in the game.

9. Treat yourself

woman shopping_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You’ve spent enough of your time wallowing in misery and self-pity. It’s time you indulged yourself in some tender loving care and did things for no one but you. Spend an entire day at the spa, shop till your wallet goes empty, get a new, stylish haircut, eat whatever you fancy, dress up for yourself, or just sit at a bar and get drunk. Do what makes you happy and helps you forget about that ex of yours.

10. Go on a vacation

woman traveling_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Take some time off your work and daily life and go on a trip. Convince your friends to tag along or fly solo. Going to a new place will help you change perspectives and give you some time off all the negativity hovering back home. Take a break from life and rediscover yourself as you explore the different corners of the world. You’ll be refreshed and rejuvenated when you come back home, with a zest to start things anew.

11. Learn a new language

This will come in handy when you wish to curse your ex without them having the slightest clue about it. Jokes apart, being freed from your ex who took up most of your time, now you have the time to pursue new interests and passions, to learn something new and to indulge in productive activities. Why not channelize all that angst and emotion by learning a new language to express your sorrows in? You can finally go to that posh French restaurant and order the fancy dishes on the menu without having all your teeth fall off trying to pronounce them. I mean, that’s the sole purpose of language, right?

12. Volunteer

Instead of swimming in your mossy pool of self-pity, why not get out there and do some volunteer work to help the lesser privileged sections of the society? Witnessing their miseries will help you gain perspective and make you realize how some people have it so much worse than we do. Missing your ex then becomes something that you can tackle and live with, if not get over completely. You’re also doing the noble job of giving back to the needy factions of society and serving those who truly need your help.

13. Take a day off work

woman watching tv_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

If it’s one of those days when you just cannot seem to get your mind to stop missing your ex, here’s what you should do: Call in sick at work. Put on those comfy pajamas with the Winnie The Pooh print on it and just don’t make any effort to get out of bed. Put on a sappy chick flick and sit with a massive tub of ice cream all by yourself. This sounds absolutely pathetic, but we all know how good it actually feels to have the whole bed to yourself; not to have to share your ice cream with another person; not bothering to look like a presentable, hygienic human being; having the freedom to choose which movie you’d like to watch, and to be able to be your sloppy self. All these little things will just reinforce how wonderful singlehood truly is and how you don’t need another person by your side to help you have a relaxing day.

14. Organize

Now that you’re longer with your ex, instead of missing them and holding on to the past, why not get some organizing done? Organize your bookshelf; the feeling you get when you look back at your bookshelf – the books neatly organized according to their height in descending order – well, that feeling is better than sex. Arrange your wardrobe according to different occasions; throw out those old clothes you’ve been too attached to let go of. Categorize your music library according the different genres. The human mind loves patterns, and organizing things will help you get your mind off of your ex and at the same time, help everything look cleaner, prettier, and more easily accessible.

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15. Spend time with your family

Our families and loved ones often help us restore our faith back in the concept of love and relationships. Of course, there are times when they completely demolish all our trust from relationships as well. Either way, our families bring us back to our roots, help us stay grounded and remind us how far we’ve come along in life. When you’re missing an ex after a breakup, spend some time with your family and let them know how much they mean to you. Meet your cousins and relatives and reconnect with them. They’re not judgmental and horrid all the time, trust me.

Sometimes life gets difficult; we long for people who weren’t really ours to begin with; we do things we end up regretting later on. What we must remember is to never lose that spark of hope, which is what keeps us going ahead. We might have had some not-so-good experiences with our exes, but that, in no way, means that the world as we know it is done for. We have to be our own knights in shining armor and save ourselves from distress. We need to find love within us, before we’re ready to look for love in someone else.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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