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10 Valid Reasons You Should Unfollow Your Ex, After The Breakup

There is only one thing worse than being heartbroken in love and that is the urge to get back to your ex. Well, I think I got that wrong. Accidentally liking their new bae’s photo is way more embarrassing! This is exactly why you should unfollow your ex right after the breakup. Not only it will help you move on, but this is one such move that would be supported by your friends as well. We have always been told to focus on what’s important and liberate ourselves from our pessimism. It will help you diminish all the negativity from your life and will give you a chance to discover yourself in a whole new way.

We all fall in and out of love and there is nothing wrong with it. Though, cyber stalking someone and not letting go of them even after a long time is definitely not a healthy move. If you are still trying to be “friends” with your ex or hoping to win them back, it is high-time you reach a conclusion and do what’s best for you. You can’t be someone’s almost lover your whole life. You can’t be a safe choice or your ex’s second best option. You deserve better than that. If you are finding it hard to move on from your past relationship, unfollow your ex right away. You will surprise yourself and see a staggering difference in your life.

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1. You won’t have an urge to contact them


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It is really as simple as that! You would be able to put an end to your relationship in the most feasible way. We all get curious at times. If you haven’t unfollowed them on social media, chances are that you would keep checking their profile over and over again. It would become your new obsession. You would need to know every single detail about their life.

Nobody likes to have an obsession with their ex after the breakup. You deserve to close that book and start a new chapter. Social media can often bring out the worst in us. The less you see them, the better it would be for you. You won’t keep calling or texting them and would avoid an awkward situation.

2. You can be miserable without getting judged

A lot of us take the assistance of social media to convey our feelings. Your Instagram or Facebook profile is your way of conveying your emotions – the good and the bad. You might get judged by posting certain things, but it should not matter at all. Do whatever makes you happy. If posting cat pictures and quotes make you happy, gladly upload them. For some of us, posting selfies and pictures of our food can be our way of feeling good.

Though, too often, we don’t express our feelings with the fear of getting judged by our ex. You might want to post a quote that explains your current state of mind. But the fear of showing your vulnerability to your ex can stop you. You should do whatever is right for you after the breakup. If being miserable on social media is your thing – then do it. This is a journey that only you can take. You don’t have to be apologetic about it.

3. There won’t be a competition


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“Who has a more interesting life?”

This is the common game ex-couples play on social media. They hit the gym and go on a vacation. They post some of the most outrageous pictures on their Instagram to let their ex know how happy they can be without them. It can ignite a cold war between you and your ex on social media.

Needless to say, it would never end well. You would feel miserable while making your ex feel jealous. There would be a part of you that would regret doing all those things. You don’t have to win this fight. In fact, there is no need to let your ex know how happy (or miserable) you feel after the breakup. Focus on you, rather than someone else.

4. You would recover quickly

Sometimes, it can take a very long time to move on from a failed relationship. If you keep following your ex and would track every tweet they make, chances are that you are never going to fall in love with someone else. You would keep looking for their reflection in every person you meet. It will never let you move on at your natural pace. Give yourself some time and take a break from social media. Unfollow your ex and take a step back. You are going to have a tough road ahead of you and you certainly don’t need your ex to be a distraction.

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5. You won’t stalk them anymore!


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As much as you try to avoid it, chances are that you will keep checking your ex’s profile every now and then.

“Who is he dating now?”

“Where is he going?”

“Who is the new girl in his pictures?”

Your curiosity will make you stalk their profiles for hours. You should understand that there would always be a few questions that will remain unanswered. The more you stalk, the harder it would be for you to move on.

6. You won’t miss them so often

If you have ended things on a bad note, you would keep thinking of a reason to go back to your ex. Imagine checking your feed and stumbling on a good-looking picture of your ex. If you still have feelings for them, chances are that a single picture of them will haunt you for days. It will bring back all those emotions and you would find it hard to let go of your past. Don’t give them a reason to hold you. You deserve to be free.

7. Because out of sight is out of mind

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There is a reason why this age-old phrase is still so popular. We find it hard to stay in touch with our friends after moving away. It is applicable in almost every relationship of ours. Your friends would love your choice of unfollowing your ex and will be there for you at every step of the way. Don’t think about those past memories after hitting the “unfollow” button. Surround yourself with your friends and family and do the right thing. The less you see their random photos, the better you would feel. There will come a time when you would see them and the sense of passion that you once had for them would be gone.

8. You won’t be answerable to them

You can do almost anything without being answerable to anyone. If you want to remove or make all those past pictures private, you can do that without getting judged by them. You will follow your own course of action and will do what’s right for you.

What will happen if you accidentally like an old picture of them? What if they post an inappropriate comment? You can certainly avoid these situations by simply pressing that unfollow button.

9. It will reduce the drama and post-breakup stress

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Too often, even after taking our separate ways, we try to stay in touch with our ex. Most of the times, it ends disastrously. You would either end up commenting on one of their pictures after getting drunk or might commence a dreadful comment war. If your ex is able to move on and find someone else when you still have feelings for them, then it would hurt you in an unspeakable way. It would let you question your self-esteem and you might end up doing something wrong.

By stalking their profile and seeing them happy, there would be a part of you that will hate them. It would be followed by irrelevant fights and sarcastic replies. Avoid a post-relationship drama as much as you can. It will never let you find peace.

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10. You will start focusing on what’s more important

Instead of obsessing over your ex, you will start giving more time to your family and friends. You would surround yourself with your loved ones, which will let you heal in an effortless way. You won’t channel your energy into stalking them. You would wish nothing but the best for them and will commence a whole new journey by yourself. You won’t let their dating life affect you. Chances are that you would meet someone special as well and might fall in love, but you would do that in your own way. You won’t start dating just because your ex has found someone new.

The moment you unfollow your ex, you would feel liberated. You will start focusing on your own life and will think of your future, instead of being bothered by your past. You will move on in your own way and won’t let your ex cross your mind. Social media can sometimes make us fall into the same pattern over and over again. After you press that unfollow button, try to stay away from it. You don’t have to prove anything to your ex. Just be on your own. Give yourself some time and do what’s right for you. You would definitely come out of it by being stronger than ever.

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