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15 Illustrators On Instagram Whose Illustrations Will Make You *Feel* Things

10. Robin Eisenberg (@robineisenberg)

Robin Eisenberg has admitted to being a die-hard Star Trek fan since her childhood, which explains her fascination with the extraterrestrial and other-worldly, a theme that becomes evident the moment you visit her profile. She is also obsessed with pizzas, and despite the use of pop colors and color inversion and alien features and spaces, her drawings are often about trying to find oneself and be unapologetic about who you are. This is another profile you are likely to get lost in.

11. Mike Mitchell (@sirmitchell)

Mike Mitchell’s drawings are hilariously violent, and you are likely to feel a sense of disruption, even though it is a picture of a cute animal with googly eyes. His technique is on-point when he is creating his figures, and while you can get quite obsessed with his Instagram, you should also check out his website, which reflects the same dark sense of humor that his profile on Instagram does.

12. Loryn Brantz (@lorynbrantz)

If you have been on the internet, and you know your way around it, then chances are that you have seen one of Loryn Brantz’s illustrations. She has some of the most familiar characters ever, who are also super relatable, and she is a feminist. She is also responsible for the viral “real Disney princesses” series, which took the world by storm because people were getting really tired of the unreal, white-washed princesses. Every single one of her posts is going to make you feel things, which is what a good illustration is all about.

13. Ping Zhu (@pingszoo)

Ping Zhu is one of the most happening illustrators of our times, and one look at her profile will make you understand why I am so insistent that you follow her. Her work is subtle, smart and art in the true sense of the term. She is fun and playful with her illustrations, but also serious and technical, which makes her one of the most sought after illustrations. She has worked for massive publications like The New York Times and Playboy and is set to do even greater things. If you want your feed to become enriched with some great art, this is the person you should definitely be following.

14. Tom Haugomat (@tomhaugomat)

If you are into pop culture and pop art, then you have to check out Tom Haugomat’s profile, which will give you major contemporary Edward Hopper feels, with a little Wes Anderson aesthetics thrown into the equation. His drawings are clean, simple, beautiful and breathtaking and you won’t be able to take your eyes of the simple details that he incorporates to make his works true pieces of art. It is possibly the most comfortable place on Instagram, if you are the kind who appreciates minimalistic art.

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15. Hallie Bateman (@hallithbates)

When asked what Hallie’s favorite thing to draw about was, here is what she had to say to

I like to capture a single moment. Over the summer, I was eating peaches with my family in our yard, the last peaches of the season. And my brother bit into this super ripe peach, and the juice spilled down his face, and he snarled like an animal. I was so obsessed with how funny and beautiful that moment was and I made a huge drawing of it in my sketchbook.

If you don’t think that is beautiful and speaks volumes about the kind of beauty she can create with her art, then there is no point staying here.

The moral of the story here is, there are lots and lots of artists on Instagram, some of whom have managed to gain recognition, some who work freelance and some who are doing it just because they are passionate about it. We as consumers and readers and appreciators of all things beautiful should support independent artists, encourage them to hold on to their art and absorb everything they have to offer to make our own lives even more beautiful and colorful. Also it makes the whole Instagram experience much better.

Featured image source: Instagram

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15 Illustrators On Instagram You Should Be Following
Bored of a generic Instagram feed? Check out these illustrators on Instagram, who will not only make your feed look great, but tap right into your emotions.
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