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15 Things You Will Only Understand If You Take The Metro Every Day

Keeping pace with our fast-paced routine, the metro has become an integral part of our lives.


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And here are fifteen of the many little things you’ll understand only if you take the metro every day:

1. You love and hate the stations where the lines cross with equal measures

While they are the very spots where the jam packed crowd of your compartment will get down leaving a hope of an empty seat for you, they are also the same place from where more heads will flood in claiming the space!

2. A TVM displaying ‘out of service’ is the metro version of a cat crossing your way

First the mood gets spoiled when your card is low on recharge and then the TVM machine is out of order. Just take a deep breath and maybe the queue for the tickets will actually move.

3. The staircases are a conspiracy to mislead you

The lifts are always too full for you and the staircases are designed with perfection to lead you straight towards the ladies compartment or the last one!

4. When you’re running late, metro decides it’s about time to run early

And the mockery starts – just as you are only one flight of stairs away from the platform, the door signal starts, but are you going to leave hope?

5. The epic door slam on your face!

No, the doors are just about to close and you keep on charging ahead taking that leap of faith (and visualizing yourself as superman, of course) and there it is – the door mercilessly slams shut on your face (good morning!)

6. The fight for the seats till the last breath

I know this one needs no explanation, but you keep on hunting for a seat with your hawk-eye (as If it’s ever going to work!)

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7. And the sad realization of bagging the wrong seat

When (if) it does, you’ll realize that you’ve either grabbed a seat for the physically challenged people/ senior citizens or the one specially reserved for ladies (bravo!)

8. The quality of your earphones can make all the difference in the world

After the mortal humiliation, your only hope of escaping the giggles and chuckles from around is the ear blasting quality of your plugs – invest!

9. You can even beat the shower meditation

And what a self enlightening meditation the unsettling loneliness of the journey leads you to…

10. There’s always someone truly in need of sharing your seat

(with puppy dog eyes and a smile out of breath that you just can’t say NO to!)
If after scrapping the last of your luck, you somehow manage to steal a seat for yourself, right in front of you would be an auntie with a baby or even worse – a pretty girl with her mascara on and you’re done for!

11. The ‘devil may care’ snack temptation

With all that exhaustion of a long day, you even buy the bottle of water taking two extra bucks and the sandwich coming at the double the price.

12. The no exit – exit time

When it’s your time to exit, that’s exactly when your card and tokens decide to play hide and seek in your bag pack (play on!)

13. Finding your way back to the door in time is the biggest quest you signed up for

Again, it’s elbows up and the quote on repeat – ‘excuse me, are you going to get down on the next station as well?’

14. And…it’s the wrong door!

(Oh no maybe you should try losing the headphones next time)
And now you’ll have to come back down to your station (congrats!)

15. Stepping out of the metro needs courage

Say what you want, but you know you can’t have enough of that cool strange ‘metro-exclusive’ game as well.

Enjoy these when you take the metro tomorrow!

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15 Things You'll Only Understand If You Take The Metro Every Day
Because if you take the metro, you'll know that it's no child's play!
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