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#BongGirlSpeak: What She Says vs What She Means

Yes, we already know women are perpetually confusing complex creatures. No, I am not generalizing, it is quite the truth about women. And Bong women aren’t off the hook. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at what they say and what they actually mean:  

1. Mota laagchhi na???

Literal translation: Am I looking fat?

deepika piku

Image source: Tumblr

What it means: I have been cheating on my diet and exercise. Yet I want you to compliment my looks.

Guys, this is a tricky question. Never ever try to answer this question in a ‘yes.’

2. Bhalo, kintu…

Literal translation: He’s good, but…

What it means: I have higher expectations and deserve better. What made you think he would be good enough for me?

If you are the aforementioned ‘he,’ beware. She does not like you at all. The pause at the end says it all. Better luck next time.

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3. Dhur, oke to aami dekhioni.

Literal translation: What! I didn’t even notice him.

vidya balan

Image source: Indiatimes

What it means: I have absolutely noticed this handsome hunk and am dying to speak to him, but I’ll play it cool.

If you are the ‘he’ hereand fancy her, go on, ask her out. You will get a date.

4. Darao, Ashchhi…

Literal translation: Wait, coming.

konkona sen

Image source: Fanpop

What it means: This one means I am not going to be there until the hour hand of the watch goes two full-circles. And even after, that there’s the shoes to decide on.

So, don’t push her to do it fast because she won’t. Play Candy Crush instead!

5. Kichhui to porar nei…

Literal translation: I have nothing to wear…

What it means: I absolutely need to go shopping right now. I have not been shopping this fortnight and now all my dresses have been seen by my friends.

So, father or boyfriend or husband, beware, money drain ahead!

6. Ja ichha koro…

Literal translation: Do whatever you like…

aishwarya paro

Image source: Giphy

What it means: Do not even dare to do what YOU like. Under NO circumstances you can ‘do whatever you like.’

Just forget what you wanted to do!

7. Iktu bhaabte hobe…

Literal translation: Need to think over…

What it means: (If this is said in a context about marriage) There is absolutely nothing to think over. This matter is closed here. She doesn’t like you.

Sorry guys, just get over her.

8. Je kono jaygay khelei hobe…

Literal translation: We can pretty much eat anywhere.


Image source: Tumblr

What it means: I have preferred list of eateries in the city. You just need to guess one of them right now.

Just keep a list of her favorite restaurants and eating joints in the city in advance; you might land in this situation any day.

9. R Bhalo laage na…

Literal translation: Nothing seems good nowadays…

What it means: I am bored of the routine humdrum. Plan something FUN.

Just in case you don’t know what she likes as entertainment, you are in real big soup.

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10. Oke dekhte bhalo laagchhe??

Literal translation: Is she looking pretty?

deepika piku

Image source: Tumblr

What it means: Even if she is looking pretty, don’t dare say it. In fact, you just need to come up with a fresh compliment on my looks right now.

This is another trick question. Don’t answer in ‘yes’ ever. Just draw her attention towards something pretty she has worn, prettier than the one in comparison.

11. Tumi shunle aami ki bollam?

Literal meaning: Did you hear what I just said?

What it means: It’s too late for any conversation. You just proved that you never listen to me. You are dead!

Come on, guys! At least listen to the sweet language!

12. Bhule Jao…

Literal translation: Just forget it…

deepika piku

Image source: Tumblr

What it means: You better figure out what you did wrong and apologize. There is absolutely no question of forgetting it.

Guys, this is a no-way-out situation. Best of luck! Hope you find your fault, coz even if you apologize, the next question will be “So you know what you did wrong?” Better figure out your fault here!

13. Ghum peye gechhe naaki?

Literal translation: Are you feeling sleepy?

What it means: You better don’t sleep now because I have so much to talk until I feel sleepy.

So never say sleep is seducing you. Just go grab two cups of coffee instead!

14. Jah! Amake motei dekhte bhalo na.

Literal translation: Gosh! I am ugly

aishwarya paro

Image source: Giphy

What it means: I am fishing for compliment. Say I am pretty.

Just say those magic words: “You are the beauty with a beast (like me).”

15. Tomar haather coffee ta darun chhilo.

Literal translation: The coffee you made was GOOD!

What it means: Make coffee for me. I am too tired to get up and do anything at all.

It’s time to get up and face the kitchen. Just pray that she feels good after the coffee. Or else she may remember the fish curry you made last Sunday!

Featured image source: Tumblr

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#BongGirlSpeak What She Says Vs What She Means
Women are complex. Ditto for Bong girls, but we can help you figure it out!
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